6 Reasons Why Getting Fired Is Another Opportunity


Our brains are wired to crave praise and appreciation from our society and loved ones. We exist together as a single being and gain strength and wisdom from our sense of community and by learning from the failure of those that have come before us. This very thinking is what makes us so scared of standing out and being different. And while this mindset allows us to move forward and learn, it also holds us back and keeps us from being genuine and innovative. To our brains, failing publicly at something is just like suicide. And so it embeds these fears inside us and keeps us from reaching our full potential. Getting fired and having to go through the stages of reestablishing yourself is an excellent example of an irrational fear that your brain has written its mainframe to keep you from committing what it sees as “Suicide.”

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It is important to understand that you can grow and mature by failing. And that it isn’t the end of your career or your life if you’ve lost your job. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to begin anew and commit better. It may even be the boost you need to get your life back on track, or maybe it’ll give you the time you need to find peace of mind. To help you better understand why getting fired is not suicide as your senses may be suggesting we’ve penned down a list of reasons that’ll help you see this event for what it is really is; an opportunity.

6. It helps you rethink your career and your choices:

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If you’ve been working a simple means to end job, or if you’re working in a field that you think your heart isn’t in. Getting fired is basically the best thing that can happen to you. This is an opportunity for you to figure out where your real talents lie and what you really love or believe in, and if you really like the field your working in, it’ll give you an opportunity to read up better on your particular job or enhance your skills, it’ll also give you a wake up call and will teach you not to take things for granted.

5. It helps you figure out who your real friends are:

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You can only really know who your real friends are once you’ve hit rock bottom. People will flock towards you when your successful and when it’s beneficial for them as well, but only those who actually care about you will be around you when they have nothing to gain.

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So, when you get fired the only people actually assisting you will be your real friends, but keep in mind that if you’ve made a mistake or an error that’s gotten you removed from your position, the people sticking around and telling you your wrong are your actual friends too.

4. It gives you peace of mind:

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You’ll get a case of after-fired-shocks for a small while and you’ll believe that the sun won’t come up in the morning but once that’s over and you’ve come to terms with reality you’ll finally find peace because you’ll realize that you no longer have to see your awful boss, or you no longer have to go back to the negative environment in the workplace you hated. You’ll be a new person with so much to gain and it’ll give you the sense of being a beginner again.

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Steve Jobs had something very inspiring to say about getting fired and having to start over,

“I didn’t see it then but it turns out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”

3. It helps you commit better:

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Once you’ve been fired from a job you’ll get a chance to clearly look at your mistakes and it’ll help you evaluate your choices better. And once you’ve decided if you want to stay in your particular field or not, you will commit better the next time you apply for a job. It’ll help you make sense of everything that went wrong with your job in the past and it’ll change you for the better.

2. It will help you come to terms with your faults:

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Sometimes we ignore our faults because everyone else continues to ignore them as well, but when you get fired for doing something or lacking a certain skill you will be forced to face your issues. This situation will force you to evaluate yourself on a critical level. If you’ve been slacking off and that’s what got you fired the situation will help you commit better and will force you to take your work more seriously the next time.

1. It’ll help you finally go after your dreams:

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If you’ve had to work a means to an end job to financially stabilize yourself and you’ve been let go, this is an opportunity to finally go after your dream job and make your dreams come true. Getting some time off will give you time to focus on your goals and yourself and will enable you to read up on the career you are now hoping to pursue or will help you start a project that you’ve been wanting to do so for a while.


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If you’ve gotten fired you have nothing to worry about it’s just another opportunity for you to move forward and better yourself. If you don’t like your career this will give you the chance to change it, if you’ve been slacking off and that’s what got you fired it will help you commit better, if you’ve been wanted to pursue your own business for a while now this is the chance! The simple truth is that nothing is ever final, no failure and no success. You always have the opportunity to start living a new life.

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