8 Reasons To Marry An Intelligent Woman


We look for many traits when trying to find ourselves a significant other, and while we are usually looking for a complete package, (that’s usually why people are found taking a should I marry her quiz) there is always that one trait that we place above all others;

Some people look for looks, others are looking for money and some people like to have a funny gal around. But the truth is, the most important that you should be looking for in a potential husband or wife is intelligence. An intelligent woman is definitely the best woman to marry!

Now, here are the 8 reasons to marry her;

8. An intelligent woman will always help you solve problems:

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Having a hard working and intelligent woman with you, living under the same roof will change your life in ways that you can’t even imagine;

Having her hardworking personality around will make you more productive, you’ll end up developing the “get and go” personality everyone should have.

You’ll find yourself aiming higher and becoming a better person every day by having her intelligent and keen presence.

She will help you become more motivated and your energy will also influence her to feel better about her work and life as well.

7. She’ll open your eyes:

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An intelligent woman will help you see the world from a different and more genuine perspective than you would have been seeing it before and here’s how;

Her manner and her intellect will guide you towards becoming more intelligent yourself. She will also serve as a source of information and understanding for you and will always be able to provide important and intelligent advice that will help you solve your problems.

6. An intelligent woman always keeps your secrets:

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An intelligent woman knows that her house’s secrets are hers!

And this is just one of the various reasons to marry her;

She’ll make sure she has your back and keeps you in confidence before taking an important decision. She will also protect you in front of others and will restrain from bad-mouthing you behind your back for no reason.

5. She knows how to handle herself in an argument:

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The biggest problems couples face are always the arguments they have.

An intelligent woman is bound to keep petty arguments at bay:

Sometimes in a couple that isn’t intellectually mature, arguments can result in hurt feelings and broken hearts and even separation.

Marrying an intelligent woman will help you avoid all of the bloodsheds and shouting and through her intellect, you can both have mature arguments that don’t result in shouting matches. A mature woman will know when she’s right and when you aren’t and vice versa as well.

4. She will help you become financially stable:

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Intelligent women have productive jobs and are anchors. This is just one of the reasons to marry her;

If you marry an intelligent woman it is more likely that by working together, the both of you can secure a future that otherwise would not have been possible with only you working.

3. An intelligent woman wants you to succeed:

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If you marry an intelligent woman she will want what’s best for you always. So, that means she will assist you in your career-related endeavors and will motivate you to push forward in life as well.

2. Your children will be educated and intelligent as well:

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Having two intelligent and stable parents will enable your children to be highly educated and it will make them better individuals as well.

It’s been scientifically proven!

Having an intelligent mother has been scientifically proven to influence her children’s intelligence as well. She will be smart and highly educated and will help put your children’s education and their upbringing first. She will be able to provide them with the guidance that a woman who hasn’t seen the world and isn’t as mature as she can’t.

1. She will keep you on your toes:

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Her intelligence will influence you and will help you become smarter and significantly better read. Her expansive knowledge will allow you to grow and you will always have more to learn and more to achieve.


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Marrying a woman with more looks than brains is always a tempting idea! She can be lied to easily and will give you temporary happiness, but the honest truth is;

She will cause you several problems in the long run!

On the other hand, an intelligent woman can help solve all the problems that you two will face on the journey your married life will take you on.

It is better to have an equal partner in every relationship, they stimulate you to become better versions of yourself and give you a happiness that you can’t experience without having their intellect in your life.

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