Dewan Farhana; The Woman Behind FemPix

Dewan Farhana has started a campaign to level the playing field for women in tech.

After Dewan — a physician-turned-entrepreneur — started her own startup, she learned the great disparity in venture capital funding between male and female tech entrepreneurs. Only 9% of tech entrepreneurs are women, and an even smaller percentage — only 2% of annual venture capital dollars — go to women. On the other hand, men receive 86% of all venture capital funding.

Dewan decided to do something about this injustice and launched the “Female Founder Pixels.” This campaign was started to raise awareness of the inequality women startup founders face and work towards a solution in this unfairness.

What’s so different about the “Female Founder Pixels” project?

The Female Founder Pixels’ site has put a million pixels on sale for any brand, company or person to buy. The pixels are available for only a $1/pixel and once you buy pixels, they will be replaced by the logo of your brand on the Female Founder Pixels’ website. Once the logo is uploaded, it will propel that brand to get social media exposure, sales, and greater SEO ranking. This is possible with the back-link the website will provide to your products or services which help your brand get a larger reach and exposure.

Silicon Valley Bank, Palo Alto Consulting group and many others have already supported this campaign to raise awareness of the funding disparity between men and women entrepreneurs, and pixels are selling fast.

This campaign has already become prominent on social media with the hashtag #Fempix. #Fempix represents so much more than just a trend – it represents the incoming wave of change for female founders and a road to equality.

How did Dewan get the motivation to start this campaign?

Dewan’s motivation came from researching the stories of female startup founders who have faced sexual harassment and discrimination while struggling to fund their company. She wanted to take some action and do something different to raise awareness and set an example for other women to join her and other women leaders to fight against the unfairness and sexism. Dewan sincerely believes that in unity, there is strength.

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