Here’s the Flipkart Customer Care Number You’ve Been Looking So Long For


Flipkart customer care number isn’t easy to find and that’s majorly because they aren’t available in many places. We’ve decided to list all of these numbers for you, to get the numbers just scroll down:

Have you ever been to a supermarket like Spencer or Walmart to make a smart buy?

There you may see goods displayed from so many brands and you choose and purchase one or more out of them. is basically the same marketplace in World Wide Web i.e. on the internet. It’s a huge website where people register their brands and products and then sell their produce.

In short, Flipkart offers a supermarket on the internet; that is the entire concept of Flipkart. But many people have reported taht they can’t find the Flipkart customer care number. is an Indian electronic commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (senior-junior at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & colleagues at Amazon) in 2007.

Getting to facts, Flipkart seller is the leader of e-commerce in the fast-growing Indian market, its the place for anyone to make a smart buy. offers to include electronics, books, music, movies and other lifestyle products. The site can be accessed online or through an app on mobile phones by consumers.

Main competitors of Flipkart seller are Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and the domestic rival Snapdeal. In respect to all of that still holds 39.5% of India’s e-commerce industry. The website is dominant in apparel sales and electronics & mobile phones sales.

Flipkart’s seller revenue (increase) is about ₹ 2,846 crores making it the perfect place to make a smart buy. It operates with a good number of 33,000 employees calculated in 2015. The slogan of this website is ‘Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori’ which means ‘Every Wish Gets Fulfilled Now’! To sum up, seller is an interesting and rapidly growing company that will most likely become even more prominent in the future.

History Achievments
Awards and recognition Flipkart Customer Care number
Why there no online chat for complaints. Flipkart replacment and return policies

Flipkart Customer Care:

Flipkart customer care number – Flipkart 24/7 Phone Line Contacts

Flipkart Service Their Numbers
Flipkart Store Customer Care Number 1800 208 9898
Flipkart Toll-Free Number 1800-208-9898
Flipkart Helpline Number (Not Toll-Free) 0124-615-0000
Flipkart Customer Care Suggestion 1800-1080-1800
Flipkart Customer Care Phone Number 1800-102-3547

Flipkart Customer Support Email

Flipkart Departments Email ID's
Customer Care Department [email protected]
Vendors [email protected]
Marketing ID of Flipkart [email protected]
Affiliate ID [email protected]
business ID of Flipkart [email protected]

Flipkart India Registered Office Address

  • Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034, India. (Telephone number: 1800 208 9898)
  • Flipkart Official Mail Address: Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Ozone Manay Tech Park, #56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor, Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560068, Karnataka, India.
  • Official Help Centre: ‘’ is the link where you can visit the Help Centre of Flipkart. FAQs related to orders, shopping, payment, wallet, cancellations, returns and etc. will be addressed here along with some other general questions about Flipcart.

P.s Keep in mind that all of these offices are available to be contacted any time with the Flipkart customer care number.

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the Website

Step 1- Open your web browser on your device.
Step 2- Go to ‘‘ to access Flipkart Customer care at the Flipkart Help Centre Store Online. (We strongly advise going for Flipkart customer care number)
Step 3- Log into your account once the link opens by entering your details and then clicking on ‘Login‘.
Step 4- Select the order that you need to inquire about that has been bothering your Flipkart online shopping
Step 5- Once you select the order, three different options will be available on your screen: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us,’ and ‘Email us.’ Select the option that suits you best. Once done, you will soon be in contact with Flipkart Customer Care.
Step 6- Let Flipkart Customer Care know your problem and enjoy flipcart online shopping

Why is there no online chat?

Flipkart customer care number

Almost all e-commerce websites now offer online chat options to its users. flipkart online shopping does not do that at Flipkart Customer care has all the answers.

This feature allows you to chat with a representative of the company who will help you in any way possible (majorly by clearing any doubts you may have or providing you help in case of any difficulties).

However, Flipkart from Flipkart customer care number, India doesn’t offer this option. However, Flipkart offers several other things.

The options that are available here are: you can call Flipkart India provided numbers or email them or you can request a callback. If you select the callback option, you can expect a call within the next 10 minutes, but if you decide to email them, you’ll be replied within 24 hours.
However, it’s obvious that a vast majority of people prefer the online chat option as it is easier, because it helps maintain a valid record, and gets everything done in time without chances of any possible delay.

flipkart big billion day fast approaches.

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the App?

Flipkart India has its own app version that you can download and use on your smartphone. The app allows you to contact Flipkart Customer Care.

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to do that:

Step 1- Download Flipkart India app.
Step 2- On your smartphone launch the Flipkart India app.
Step 3- Log into your account.
Step 4- Now, on the top left of your screen, you’ll see three horizontal lines. Tap them. A window will slide out from the left end of your screen.
Step 5- Scroll down and click on ‘Help Centre’. You will be redirected to a new page.
Step 6- You will see all your orders here. Tap on the order that you want to inquire about.
Step 7- Select the issue that you are facing regarding your selected order.
Step 8- Once you select the issue, a short explanation depending on your issue will appear on your screen. However, in case this explanation does not solve your query, look towards the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Contact Us’.
Step 9- Next; select how you wish to contact Flipcart Customer Care from the available options. The options available are: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us’ and ‘Email us’.
Step 10- Proceed according to your chosen option.

How Flipkart Customer Service can be Useful:

  • Flipkart India can help you track your order once you’ve placed it. Your package’s location would be constantly updated until it finally lands at your doorstep. This can help you know the estimated delivery time and date of your order too.
  • You can easily return your order if you wish to do so in case of dissatisfaction.
  • You can easily cancel your order if you wish to do so for some reason. In case you’ve already paid for your order and you want to cancel it after, the Customer Care can help you initiate a refund immediately.

Flipkart India; Replacement and Return Policies

Flipkart customer care number

It is advised to always go through seller.flipkart replacement policy and warranty of the product you are ordering so that afterward you don’t have to face adverse consequences.

Sometimes products have a 10-day return policy, sometimes products have a 30-day return policy and sometimes products don’t have a return policy at all.

Along with that, you need to cover all the factors listed in the return policy as they’re very important in case you want to replace the product later as Flipkart India can’t go against its policies – no details are ordinary.

Open your seller.flipkart login if you’re returning something in bulk.

There have been quite a few cases where the customers have received a defective or incorrect order.
Basically, customers have seldom received a defective or incorrect order from seller.flipkart. Moreover, if that happened, they could not replace it or ask for a refund since they didn’t go through the replacement policy and warranty of the product prior to order, they couldn’t return the product or get it replaced or even ask for a refund as none of those policies were applicable for the product in discussion.

Thus, you must check the return policy and warranty of your order before placing your order, so you can perform smart buy. Make sure you check out the policies and warranties every time you’re placing an order on Flipkart.

For more info, check out Flipkart’s Social Media

Websites Links
Flipkart’s Official website:
Flipkart’s Twitter:
Flipkart’s Facebook page:
Instagram account:
Flipkart’s Google Plus page:


Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart, were alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

They started their career in e-commerce by working for Later they left Amazon to create their own new company as Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd and Flipkart toll free.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart customer care number is also commenced its service in the industry by selling books. It just started as an online site for selling books with countrywide shipping.

That’s where the name comes from: ‘Flip’ because that’s what you do with a book – flip pages. And then there’s ‘kart’ because a cart just gets so much cooler with a k. And that is how the name Flipkart came into being.
Since then Flipkart slowly grew in prominence.

By 2008, the website because of Flipkart customer care number was receiving an estimated number of 100 orders per day. By 2014, Flipkart announced its Big Billion Sale; however, to its dismay, the sale failed badly. Even the second installment didn’t work and Flipkart saw a business turnover of around 300 million in gross merchandise volume.


Flipkart customer care

Let’s start with a timeline of acquisitions Flipkart online shopping has gotten hold of over time:

2010: WeRead, a Bangalore social book discovery service from was acquired by Flipkart.

2011: A Digital Content Platform Company, Mime360, was acquired by Flipkart. Moreover,’s digital catalog rights were acquired by Flipkart. This Bollywood news site’s catalog included 40,000 filmographies and 10,000 movies with an approximate number of 50,000 ratings.

However, Flipkart decided that it won’t be in association with the original site and won’t even use the site’s brand name.

2012: In February 2012, Flyte, the DRM-free online music store was unveiled by Flipkart. However, there was a lot of competition from free streaming sites, which led to the failure of Flyte and eventually the online music store was shut down in June 2013. Along with that, an Indian e-retailer in electronics,, was acquired by Flipkart (Flipkart customer care number) at an estimated US$25 million.

However, the electronics retailer was eventually closed and all of its traffic was diverted to Flipkart.

2014: Flipkart acquired, an online fashion retailer, at an estimated ₹ 20 billion (2,000 crores, about US$319 million) deal.

Myntra is still in associative operation as a standalone subsidiary alongside Flipkart. It focuses on upscale and mainstream, a ‘fashion-conscious’ market segment and deals with major international brands.

Now let’s talk about the investments Flipkart has made along the course:

2014: $1 million was invested by Flipkart in a Chennai-based electric vehicle (which included electric scooter and electric motorcycle) known as Ather Energy. Flipkart also partnered with Motorola Mobility and became the exclusive Indian retailer of the Moto G smartphone.

Flipkart and Motorola also partnered on Moto E. The latter primarily targeted towards the emerging Indian markets. This explains the phone’s high demand which made the website crash after the phone’s launch at midnight on 14 May.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi3 in July 2014, the Redmi 1S, Redmi Note in late 2014 and Micromax’s Yu Yunique 2 in 2017 were subsequently launched by Flipkart.

The Flipkart mobiles proved to be an amazing decision as almost all accelerated sellouts with one phone’s 10,000 devices being sold out in around 5 seconds following its initial release. Furthermore, near to the end of 2014, Flipkart invested in a major sale across the service in honor of the company’s anniversary and the Diwali season with the name ‘Big Billion Day’.

A surge of traffic was generated through that and the idea succeeded in carrying out sales of US$100 million worth of goods in 10 hours.

However, the technical issues that the website experience around that time led the website to receive a huge amount of criticism over social media. That and stock shortages didn’t make the idea much of a satisfying decision.

2015: Appiterate, a mobile marketing start-up, was acquired by Flipkart to strengthen its mobile platform further by using its technology to enhance mobile services. Alongside, MapmyIndia, navigation and route optimization startup’s minority stake were bought by Flipkart, so that it could improve its delivery using the startup’s assets by licensing its date to improve delivery logistics.

This year Flipkart after investing in Flipkart customer care number also invested in the site’s official mobile app. To make this work, Flipkart blocked access to the website through mobile devices and began to set the condition that you have to download the app and access it from there.

However, this ‘app-only’ model wasn’t much of a success when it came to Myntra, as its sales dropped a good 10%, so the main website was reinstated soon to avoid further loss.

However, out of nowhere, even after this experience, Flipkart offers a new mobile website with the name ‘Flipkart Lite’. This website provided an app inspired experience within the smartphone’s web browsers. Also, the supply chain was bolstered by Flipkart to introduce more fulfillment centers in order to meet customer demands on time.

This boosted Flipkart’s gross merchandise volume with the addition of US$300 million crediting to fashion sales and mobiles. Moreover,, an online fashion retailer, was acquired by Flipkart from Rocket Internet for US$70 million along with UPI mobile payments startup named as PhonePe. An investment of US$2 million in Tinystep, a parenting information startup, was also made by Flipkart offers.

2017: Overtaking Amazon India led Flipkart India to acquire a 51% share of all Indian smartphone shipments. At one point, Flipkart sold 1.3 million phones in 20 hours and sold 2.5 million phones in 5 days.

Download Flipkart app and www.flipkart mobiles version is out as well!

Awards and Recognition:

Flipkart customer care number

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal were recognized in the Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in April 2016.

Today, Flipkart big billion day looms closely.

The two founders succeeded on to the 86th position in the Forbes India Rich List with a net worth of $1.3 billion each debuted in September 2015.
Entrepreneur of the Year award was received by Sachin Bansal in 2012 – 2013. was honored as the Young Turk of the Year at CNBC TV 18’s “India Business Leader Awards 2012”.

This is Flipkart Customer Care Website. Anything related to the contact details of Flipkart customer care is available for your ease. From Toll-Free Numbers, Email IDs to Address of Flipkart’s Customer Support Team – everything’s right here.

Bookmark this website if you’re a constant Flipkart customer number user, so that the website can help you in the future, whenever needed. Through the details provided on this website, you can contact Flipkart 24/7 365 days.

There is a chance that you might need to replace your purchased item or ask for a refund if it is has a warranty. There might also be many other reasons due to which you might feel the need to contact Flipkart helpline customer service. For that, you need to know details like phone numbers, the address of the head office, email IDs and etc, which you will find exactly here.

Flipkart return policy is well praised. Go over these Flipkart contact and use Flipkart customer care number toll-free if you have any problems. Join the Flipkart seller hub today if you want to move forward with mobiles version which is available as well!

You can also get flipkart customer care delhi, pune, nagpur, maharashtra, mumbai, vijayawada and even kolkata.

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10 Ways to Deal With A Breakup, According to Psychology


Dealing with a breakup can turn your world upside down and disrupt your comfortable life. It can leave you feeling confused, rejected, and apprehensive about the future. However, you can always get through this challenging phase. While you might not see it clearly now, as people say, there’s still sunshine after the rain. Here are some ways to deal with a breakup, based on experts’ advice:

Here Are 10 Ways to Deal with A Breakup, According to Psychology

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

1. Cry it all out

Go ahead and cry your eyes out. You’re in grief and you need to release this emotion in your system. A good cry can be self-soothing and makes you feel better, according to a study in Frontiers of Psychology, so don’t deny yourself this natural reaction. However, don’t make a habit of it either, as wallowing in sadness can temporarily disable you emotionally. Dwelling on negative emotions might make it so that you cannot function or concentrate in your daily routines.

2. Reconnect with your friends

While you might want to close off and be alone after a breakup, it might actually help to reach out and reconnect with your friends. You need a support system to get through this phase. According to psychologists in an interview on Inside Edition, talking about your feelings and emotions with your closest friends can be a self-reflective process. You might learn new things about yourself, figure out any mistakes you’ve made, and find a way not to repeat the same actions in your life.

3. Take a breather

Some people deal with a breakup by becoming workaholics or by drowning themselves in activities to help take their mind off a painful episode. However, you might easily tire yourself out if, in your heart, you’re not ready to take on new things in your life. The best thing to do is take a breather before you head back into the pond. By assessing your feelings and situation, you’ll make your recovery easier.

4. Get back to the gym

A breakup is a stressful experience, but exercise can do wonders for your body and mind. It’s a stress reliever, according to Psychology Today. Working out releases endorphins – in other words, chemicals that trigger the happy hormones. You’re likely to feel more positive about yourself if you exercise regularly. Another study in the journal Psychological Science showed that a breakup could impact your heart rate so you might feel more tired and exhausted. Doing exercises, however, can give your body more energy.

5. Eat right

Some people lose a lot of weight due to the emotional stress; however, others try to go on a breakup diet as revenge on their ex. The thing is, you’ll only end up punishing yourself if you don’t eat right. You would only be denying your body the nutrition it needs. Additionally, if your main goal for the diet is revenge, you would just be reinforcing that you got rejected. Don’t use food as a means to cope with a breakup.

6. Do the things you love

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience revealed that people can get over a breakup better if they do the things they love to do. This will often help them manage their feelings. The study highlighted that when people embraced the positive aspects of the things they experience, they can heal from a breakup faster. It doesn’t matter what this activity is. If a person believes it is a remedy, then there’s a big chance that it will really help him.

7. Channel bad thoughts and feelings into productive pursuits

If bad memories crop up, write them in a journal. If you’re getting the urge to call your ex, take a walk or go to the gym to exercise. If you get the triggers, acknowledge your pain and try meditating. Use your energy to do something productive instead of beating yourself up for the breakup.

8. Take charge of your life

The agony of a breakup is truly painful and can lead to depression, loss of appetite, and stress, according to research from experts at Virginia Commonwealth University. You’ll likely be in deep grief for two weeks and have bouts of sadness for at least the next three months. But if you used to rely on your partner for certain things, you need to start doing these yourself to get your life back on track. When you begin taking charge of your life, you’ll realize you can be okay on your own.

9. Seek a therapist

You might need to seek professional help. If the depression becomes crippling, it’s a sign that you’re not handling the breakup in a healthy manner. In such a case, you need some expert intervention that can help you process your grief better. Although a stigma may exist about seeking help from a therapist, it’s not a sign of weakness. In fact, you’re actually lot stronger for acknowledging that you can’t deal with the breakup alone.

10. Believe it will be okay

By practicing positive thinking and having a grateful attitude, you will be okay after a breakup. Keep reminding yourself that when you’re down, there’s nowhere else to go but up. The pain of a breakup isn’t permanent, and you can still find love again.

Final thoughts

You might feel that your world has crumbled when a relationship ends. But when the dust settles, you’ll realize that you can start rebuilding yourself and your new life. It might be different, but you can look forward to having new experiences that will hopefully change your life for the better.

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What is Risk Management in Forex Trading?


What is Risk Management in Forex Trading?

The importance of managing risk in forex is probably fairly obvious, just like in any type of trading or investing. In forex, however, there are specific factors affecting trades that you might not run into elsewhere. Knowing what to look for, what to be aware of and how to avoid fast-moving hurdles thrown at you can help preserve your account. Because what is the bottom line for those trading Forex? It’s making money. And the more money you can earn from your forex trades, the longer you can keep on trading. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up “in the moment” when trading. So before you even start with your first trade, create a list of guidelines for yourself. When you’re unsure of yourself or which way you should go, refer back to your notes for guidance that will keep you on the trading path.

Looking for the Forex Jackpot

A huge mistake that many new traders make is to be careless in order to win big or to go for the jackpot. They don’t think far enough ahead to realize that if they throw all of the money in their account at one specific trade they could lose everything. Losing all your trading money means the end of the road for you as a forex trader. But it does not have to be like that if you use some of the basic rules to manage your risk. Any trader who has been in the business very long understands the importance of controlling losses. Determining how much you can possibly lose on one trade will protect you from the “jackpot” or “winner takes all” styles of trading. Think about those television movies wherein a tense, smoke-filled, dark room late at night there’s a card game going on. At some point, maybe the star of the show will take a risk and dangerously make an all-or-nothing type of move. The tension builds but then since he is the star of the show, of course, he will win. But that’s not real life. If you realize that one person won, then it means everyone else lost. And this is how forex can be. No trader comes out a winner every time.

Preparing for Potential Losses

Taking into consideration that not all of your trades will be profitable, the issue becomes how much are you willing to lose? It’s only natural to try to get the most out of each trade, but if the deal starts to go south, make sure you’ve put in an exit point. As traders know, there are many factors that can quickly change the direction a price is going, so don’t risk more than you can lose. Rather than hoping for wild wins, stay on the conservative side. Other factors to keep in mind when controlling risk are emotions. Don’t be stubborn and refuse to leave a trade when you should and don’t be over-zealous about grabbing that unreachable deal.

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11 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Secretly Overwhelmed


It’s easy to suffer from a burnout when you’re juggling too many things on your plate. But some people refuse to slow down and keep pressing on despite feeling overwhelmed. Let’s discuss a few behaviors that reveal you’ve got too much on your hands and are in need of a self-care.

Here Are 11 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Secretly Overwhelmed

1. Your sleeping patterns are erratic.

You find yourself having a hard time getting sleep one night. Then on a different night, you sleep through a buzzing alarm clock and have a hard time getting up. These erratic sleeping patterns may indicate that you have too much going on. This problem can lead to sleep deprivation, which could impact your mental health, according to Harvard.

To correct this, you have to make it a point to develop a nighttime routine. Give sleep a priority no matter how busy you are. Set a reasonable time to go to bed every night. Put away the gadgets and other tools you use for work so you won’t be prompted to check your phone or laptop for emails and messages.

Also, try to practice relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation. Drink a soothing tea hours before your bedtime to help your body wind down.

2. You’re not eating well.

When you’re overwhelmed, your eating patterns are erratic, like your sleeping patterns. You’re either overeating or indulging in junk food, or you’re not eating and skipping meals because you don’t have an appetite.

Try to have smaller portions of snacks every two hours if you’re not hungry for an actual meal. Additionally, make sure you snack on healthier foods instead of processed food so you’ll still get enough vitamins and minerals. Establish a routine eating time even if you’re not going to eat a full meal. Your brain has to be trained to follow a feeding schedule to help you eat well eventually.

3. You’re still tired even after a good rest.

Exhaustion and fatigue are classic signs of burnout. If the lethargy doesn’t go away even after you’ve had a few hours of rest or sleep, you’re clearly overwhelmed. You are likely taking in too much in your work and life overall. To gain more energy, try improving your diet by eating more energy-giving foods like bananas, fish, eggs, and apples. Increase your water intake as well.

Consider doing morning exercises rather than afternoon or evening exercises. A study in Clinical Obesity revealed that people who do morning workouts don’t get sleepy in the middle of the day. Their blood pressure levels are also usually lower and they don’t have a hard time going to bed at night.

4. You’re easily irritated.

When you’re easily ticked off and annoyed by what’s (or who’s) around you, then you’re likely emotionally and mentally drained. But don’t beat yourself up. Everyone goes through this cycle and has their bad days.

Instead, take this as a sign to get a break from work. File your leave and take a vacation so you can work on yourself. Some companies offer a Mental Health Day Off from work. Talk to your boss or HR if this can apply to you.

5. You’re not motivated.

Do you feel unproductive? Is it taking you a long time to complete your tasks for the day? A lack of motivation to tackle your goals can be an indication of being overwhelmed. But you shouldn’t push yourself too hard just to finish a half-baked task. Instead, take a break and find an inspiration.

Try to get out of town to see and experience new things. Treat yourself to an evening at a park. Read a book that others have recommended. An inspiration might strike when you least expect it.

6. You can’t seem to focus.

Your brain fails to function if you’re not sleeping or eating properly. Additionally, you’re going to feel restless or high-strung when you’re tackling one task after another. All these can hamper your ability to focus. You may be busy, but you won’t be able to give your 100-percent attention to each of the tasks. So, the quality of your output suffers.

You should start saying no when handed down additional things to do – at least until you can complete one or two goals. Break down your tasks into smaller but more actionable goals. Keep a checklist of what you have to accomplish so that you won’t forget or overlook these. Most of all, take short breaks in between what you’re doing to recharge yourself. According to the Harvard Business Review, you’ll boost your productivity if you take microbreaks.

7. Your job suffers.

Are you still not sure if you’re suffering from a burnout? Look at your job performance from six or 12 months ago and compare your productivity and results. The effects of a burnout manifest over an extended period. If there are no significant changes to your job performance, then it could be just a temporary slump. But if the difference in your work then and now is so obvious, you might be in a state of a chronic burnout.

8. Your immunity level is low.

If you find yourself frequently catching a cold, developing a cough, or contracting other illnesses, it might mean your immunity level is low. This is your body’s way of telling you to slow down, change your habits, and take a long break because you’re already overwhelmed. Take time to visit your doctor for a checkup. He might prescribe vitamins and supplements to boost your immunities.

9. You withdraw from people.

When was the last time you socialized with people? Apart from your workmates, when did you last spend time with friends? Even introverts have a small group of people they hang out with regularly. If you feel like it’s too much of an effort to meet up with your gang, you definitely need to take a time for yourself to rest and re-energize.

Self-care is vital to your well-being when you’re overwhelmed. You need to fill your needs first before you can spend time with others.

10. Your relationships suffer.

Are conflicts with your co-workers or loved ones becoming more frequent? When your interpersonal relationships suffer, take a step back and examine what you should prioritize – your work or your relationships.

11. Your outlook is less positive.

You grow increasingly pessimistic when you’re overwhelmed. It’s hard to get excited about life and think positive thoughts when you don’t have the energy. So, while optimism can protect you against a stress, it will be challenging to get out of a rut if you’re smack in the middle of burnout. The best thing you can do is to take a vacation and unplug. You cannot force feeling positive unless you take the negative energy out of your system.

Final thoughts

You may already know what’s causing your stress, given these behavioral markers. The solution, therefore, lies in your hands. With positive thinking, remember to take action when enough is enough and seek a professional if you need help to manage your stress.

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25 Questions That Prove If Your Partner Truly Knows You


While you may not ever truly know every single thing about your partner, you can always learn something new about them if you just ask the right questions! On the flip side, your partner may not know certain things about you, either, so getting them to ask you the following questions could help make the relationship seem new and exciting all over again. Let’s face it, if we’re not careful, relationships can grow stale and boring once the honeymoon phase is over. So to help spice things up, we’ve come up with a list of questions that both of you can ask each other!

Here are 25 questions that prove if your partner truly knows you:

1. What’s my favorite season?

This might seem like a generic question, but it’s one you should definitely ask to see if your partner has been paying attention. This usually comes up when a couple is getting to know each other, so if you’ve been with your partner for a while, cut them some slack if they don’t get it right the first time. Generally, this falls under the “basic questions” category, and some people tend to forget small details. However, if your partner gets it right, extra brownie points for them!

2. What’s my favorite restaurant?

Pretty much everyone loves food, and it’s a common thing to bond over. After a couple months, your partner should know what your favorite grub is and where you like to get it. Enough said!

3. Where’s my favorite place to relax?

Whether it’s a park, your bedroom, or on a rooftop somewhere, your partner should know where you like to chill out. Chances are, they probably like to wind down with you in the same place, so they should definitely know the answer to this question.

4. Where do I like to go on vacation?

Maybe they haven’t been on a vacay with you yet, but you’ve probably mentioned where you like to vacation. If you have the means and the time, surprise your partner with a trip there if they get the question right; it’ll make for a fun way to bond and relax together.

5. Where would I move to if I could?

This is another one of those questions that your partner probably should know the answer to. After all, most people would move if given the chance, so it’s usually a common topic of conversation among couples.

6. What’s my favorite car?

Maybe it’s the one you own or it’s just a dream car at the moment, but either way, most people have a favorite set of wheels. This is one of those light, fun questions you can ask your partner to see if they really know you!

7. What is one thing I would change about my life if I could?

Let’s face it; most of us like to play the “what if” game from time to time. Most people would want to change at least one thing about their lives, whether it’s having more money, more time, less stress, etc. If your partner knows this answer, they are definitely a keeper.

8. What’s my favorite TV show/movie?

If your partner doesn’t get this answer right, do they really know you at all? We’re not trying to be harsh here, but honestly, it’s a pretty easy question for the most part!

9. What’s a language that I’d like to learn?

When the topic of travel comes up, you will probably discuss languages that each of you wants to learn at some point. If you end up planning a trip to a country that speaks the language you want to learn, take the opportunity to enroll in classes together if you get a chance.

10. What country do I want to visit more than anywhere else?

Questions about travel always come up in a relationship, so your partner should definitely know your travel dreams by now.

11. What comforts me more than anything?

This is very useful information in a relationship, because your partner will know how to help you when you get depressed, scared, or just feel down. If they know this about you, they’ve definitely been paying attention.

12. What helps me cheer up when I’m sad?

This might be similar to the answer above, or it could be totally different; it just depends on you as an individual. Knowing the answer to this question can help your partner comfort you and put a smile back on your face when you have a bad day.

13. What is my favorite type of nature?

Whether it’s lakes, mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, or deserts, your partner should know this important fact about your personality.

14. What’s my favorite book(s)?

Questions about “favorites” help two people get to know one another, so this should’ve come up at some point in the relationship. If your partner knows your favorite book, he or she might be inclined to read it so you can discuss it together.

15. What are my favorite foods?

Your partner should know what makes your tummy and taste buds happy, and if they do, they’ve probably taken you on many dates to indulge in your favorite cuisine. Or, maybe they like to be the chef and cook homemade meals for you (if this is the case, you’re one lucky guy/gal!)

16. What’s my favorite dessert?

This goes right along with your favorite food (even though dessert is a food, but you get the idea!)

17. What helps me relax?

As crazy as this world is, everyone does something that helps them decompress and recharge. Maybe you like yoga or meditation, or maybe going on hikes helps you de-stress. No matter what it is, your partner will know this fact about you if they truly care.

18. What are some of my hobbies?

What you like to do in your spare time is an important aspect of you and shouldn’t be forgotten by your partner.

19. What’s my favorite holiday?

Besides your birthday, of course. Knowing your favorite holiday can help your partner bond with you and immerse themselves in the spirit of the holiday with you. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or some other special day, there are endless activities to do together to celebrate.

20. What are my favorite pets?

This is another question your partner should know the answer to right off the bat. You might even own one of your favorite pets, which would make this question even easier to answer!

21. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

While part of this question might be hard for your partner to answer, it proves if they truly know you or not. Keep in mind that you should only ask this question if you’re fully prepared for the answer.

22. Who inspires me?

Most people have someone they look up to, whether it’s a family member or a superhero in their favorite movie. Knowing who inspires you helps your partner know an important part of your character.

23. What’s my favorite childhood memory?

Most people have a few memories from the good old days that they like to replay from time to time. If your partner and you have discussed your past in any detail, then they will be able to answer this question with no trouble.

24. What are some of my goals?

Partners should know each others’ motivations and dreams, because that makes up such a big part of what drives you in this life. It shows what path you want to take, which is important to know about someone in a relationship.

25. Where do I see myself in the future?

This answer may change throughout your life, but you’ve probably shared a little bit about your future desires with your partner. They should know things like where you want to live, what career you see yourself in, and if you want kids or not.

Final thoughts

This is not an exhaustive list of questions by any means, but it makes for a fun, lighthearted way to see if your partner really knows you, and if you know your partner. Their answers might actually surprise you, because people do change throughout their lives, and it helps you to stay connected to your partner. Asking your partner these questions every so often can keep things exciting and help you stay in the loop as your partner evolves and grows.

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10 Behaviors of A Mature Person


Many people assume that maturity comes with age, but that is far from the case. Contrary to that popular belief, maturity isn’t all about getting older. It’s about the way one behaves, carries themselves, and interacts with the world around them. If you’re someone who strives to be an individual of maturity, then we just might be able to help. Here is a list of some behaviors of a mature person.

Here Are 10 Behaviors Of A Mature Person

“One of the blessings of maturity is that it sometimes brings one greater courage to be truthful, regardless of what those who do not understand, may think or say.” – Napoleon Hill

1. Strength

Being strong is one of the key markers of any mature individual. They keep their heads held high and bravely work through their problems by logically seeking solutions. They don’t back down from a challenge and know how to stand up for themselves and others.

This doesn’t mean that a mature person doesn’t go through trials or have moments where they aren’t their best. It means they get back up again and never give up, knowing that these hardships, too, will pass. They never demand sympathy from those around them and instead take pride in paving their own way through life.

2. Patience

Mature individuals are aware that they rarely receive instant results. They understand that good things take time. As such, they are happy to wait patiently to receive positive outcomes from their efforts. They are also willing to take their time to perfect something rather than rush to the finish line as fast as they can.

This means that a mature person is patient with others. They understand that everyone has their own lives, thoughts, and feelings, and therefore will not always act the way they expect. As such, mature individuals forgive of those around them, within reason.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful and humbling traits a mature person can have. Instead of being angry at the world for what they lack, someone with maturity is always thankful for the blessings and good things in life, whether big or small.

Someone who is mature is able to see the best things in their life and remember them when the going gets tough. They are grateful that they have a better life than many others in the world and do what they can to help those less fortunate.

4. Tolerance and an open mind

Someone who is mature does not have mental walls that prevent them from seeing the world through the eyes of those with different experiences. They have a degree of liberalism that allows them to be tolerant of others.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a mature person always agrees with what everyone else thinks or believes. It just means they have the capacity to respect differences in opinion. They know that it is not their place to judge others and thus they keep an open mind. This results in respectful and intellectual discussions or peaceful side-by-side living.

5. Compassion and care towards others

One of the most important parts of being mature is not being self-centered. Mature people care about the experiences of those around them and are compassionate towards others. They seek to help humanity or better the lives of others in whatever way they are able.

A mature individual is not troubled by the necessity to put others before themselves. They understand that the world does not and should not revolve around them. Instead, they treasure moments when they can help other people and do not harbor resentment for it.

6. Balanced optimism

A mature person practices positive thinking in a realistic way. They are able to stay optimistic and positive without floating off the ground. While they know things do not always go according to plan and good things cannot be constantly happening in life, they keep their minds positive and see the possibilities that the future holds. These mature people refuse to be pessimistic and negative, for this is a quick track to sadness and despair. They do not have the time to waste on feeding negativity.

7. Honesty

Someone who is mature does not see the need for lies or deceit. Instead, they believe that being sincere and honest is always the best bet. Additionally, they find it pointless to hide the truth from those around them. These mature individuals are therefore honest about who they are. They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to mask their true identities or personalities. They enjoy being genuine, open people, and know that those in their lives who truly matter will like it when they are themselves.

8. Humility

You cannot be mature without being humble. Someone with these traits will not be interested in groveling for attention or praise when they do excellent work. The knowledge that they have done a good job is more than enough for them.

This doesn’t mean these people are not proud of themselves, of course! They appreciate their hard work and are confident in their abilities, but they know that they are not above those around them. They simply do their best in everyday life because they are intrinsically motivated to do so.

9. Self-awareness and accountability

Someone who is mature is always aware of the effects of their actions. They know that everything has a consequence – whether positive or negative – and realize that their actions are no exception. They view themselves from an unbiased perspective and see how others might perceive their behavior or actions.

This also means that a mature person is able to hold themselves accountable when they make mistakes that affect those around them. They are ready to take responsibility and own up for errors and do what they can to make it right.

10. A strong desire to learn and improve

Although mature individuals practice all these behaviors, they also know that they have a lot left to learn in life. They realize that the wisdom and knowledge they do possess is limited and that they don’t know the answers to everything in the world. Thus, they are eager to learn new things every day and seek to expand their horizons regularly. They are also happy to take pointers from those with more knowledge and enjoy gathering new information and wisdom from those around them.

Final thoughts

Maturity is a trait many desire, but few know how to earn. By studying these common behaviors of mature individuals, you will be able to incorporate them into your everyday life and become that mature, graceful, and good person you have always wanted to be!

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Science Explains What Happens to Your Body From Toxic Shock Syndrome


Toxic Shock Syndrome is a medical condition with a scary name. But what exactly is it? This syndrome entered public consciousness with the popularity of tampons in the 1980s, as it affected 90% of menstruating women when they swapped over to using these hygiene products for the convenience they offer. Read on to see how science explains what happens to your body from Toxic Shock Syndrome and what you can do to prevent it!

“The two things that should alert patients and physicians are a very high fever and a sudden drop in blood pressure, which could cause fainting spells…” – Dr. Anthony Chow

Here’s How Science Explains What Happens to Your Body From TSS

What is it?

Let’s get this out of the way – the reason Toxic Shock Syndrome gained the notoriety it did is because of how potentially fatal it is. It made headlines during the 1970s and 1980s after tampon makers experimented with super-absorbent materials. Unfortunately, these tampons turn out to be perfect breeding grounds for staph bacteria and resulted in the deaths of several young women and the products being pulled off the market.

Also known as the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, group A Streptococcus (GAS), Streptococcus pyogenes, or just plain staph bacteria, Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused when the toxic substances produced by these bacteria permeate the body membranes and enters the bloodstream in large amounts.

Where does it come from?

Here’s the thing though – staph bacteria is already naturally present in the vagina. Your body is covered in tons of microorganisms at any given time. The vagina is host to a microflora of harmless bacteria that are normally kept in check by your vagina’s natural pH levels and discharge. This is why washing the vulva with anything aside from water is usually a bad idea. It will upset the natural microflora balance.

When your natural balance gets upset, then the bodily defenses your vagina has can no longer keep the bacteria in check. Staph bacteria, which is otherwise perfectly harmless, gets to grow out of control. But the thing is, it is still bacteria.

To be clear, TSS isn’t limited to feminine hygiene product users – just about everyone is vulnerable to the bacteria as well. Many people have become victims of staph bacteria entering surgery wounds, open wounds, and burns. If the bacteria can breed rapidly and enter the bloodstream, it can still cause TSS, regardless of its cause. Of course, this means sex can’t cause TSS. Intercourse does nothing to promote the growth of the bacteria in the first place.

How did it come to this?

You don’t see Toxic Shock Syndrome being a thing of worry among pad users and for a good reason. Although pad users aren’t invulnerable to getting TSS, the placement of the pad outside the body makes it harder for bacteria to truly get inside the vagina.

Tampons gained their bad reputation as a result of holding blood inside the vagina. This made tampons the perfect breeding environment for staph bacteria, due to the tampon being warm and moist. On top of that, the material of the tampon likely causes plenty of micro-scratches against the inside lining of the vagina. Nothing too worrying for the body in the long run, but these scratches, unfortunately, make the perfect opening for the bacteria.

This doesn’t mean tampons are the only things that can cause TSS, however. Just about any medical device or bandage that holds blood against the body is capable of becoming a breeding ground for staph bacteria. As a result, you will see this disease frequently in hospitals, where bandages and dressings grow host to an explosion of staph bacteria.

So what happens, exactly?

The initial symptoms of TSS are easily dismissible since they seem to be flu-like at a glance. Additionally, the symptoms aren’t highly worrying in and of themselves. The victim gets a sudden high fever and develops rashes resembling sunburns. These mostly appear on the palm of hands and the soles of feet. They may also experience vomiting and diarrhea, and their blood pressure will drop. This low blood pressure can be related to the other symptoms that can signal the initial onset of TSS – confusion, muscle aches, headaches, and seizures.

What happens is that in response to the sudden influx of poisonous substances, the body drops the blood pressure sharply. This sudden drop in blood pressure cuts off oxygen to various body organs. The organs then start shutting down as a result of the sudden lack of oxygen, which can lead to death. Victims can die due to sudden heart or lung failure as a result of staph bacteria; just about any organ is vulnerable to failure caused by the toxins. As a result, major organ damage is still possible even if an individual successfully recovers from the illness. This is especially if they don’t get treated fast enough.

How can you avoid this?

As much as we’d like it, positive thinking isn’t going to keep something like this at bay. Rather, the easiest way to avoid this is to change your tampon regularly. Also, if you are recovering from an injury, keep your wounds clean and your bandages fresh. As scary as staph bacteria’s fatality is, in the end, it is still bacteria. If you keep things sterile and don’t give it an environment to blossom, TSS becomes a non-issue. Do not use a tampon for more than eight hours. At the 8- to 12-hour mark, the risk of TSS kicks in.

Final thoughts

Despite how scary it sounds, toxic shock syndrome is still only caused by bacteria in the end. As long as you eliminate the conditions it needs to flourish, this is an illness you won’t have to worry about. Use your tampons correctly and healthily, and you’ll be fine. However, if you find yourself with a high fever after using tampons, please see a doctor as soon as possible. In addition to remaining positive, you also want to remain safe.

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10 Things That Make a Relationship Better (That Couples Often Ignore)


After a while, a relationship becomes more about a choice than a feeling, because the honeymoon phase of romance doesn’t last forever. Reality hits and responsibilities, work, kids, and chores become the norm. People get stuck in a routine, through no fault of their own, of course, but life can take a toll on relationships all the same. Just like most things in life, a relationship takes maintenance and care to keep it working. So, if your relationship seems a little stale or off-balance lately, here are a few positive ways to improve it.

Here are 10 things that make a relationship better:

1. Communication is key.

No matter what, communication will always remain a staple in a healthy relationship. You can’t have a lasting relationship without strong communication, because it helps two people stay connected to one another. After a while, couples start to become distant and forget that staying connected to one another takes effort. Eventually, you might start to come home from work and immediately turn on the TV instead of talking to your partner. After a long day, that’s totally understandable, but remember to take time to connect to your partner as well.

2. Remember to say “I love you.”

Just like communication, saying “I love you” to your partner might start to fall to the wayside after a while. We all need to know that we are loved. Even if you often show your partner how you feel, it helps to express your feelings verbally, too. Let your partner know you still love them after everything you’ve been through together, because those three words can really bring a couple closer together.

3. Have mutual goals or interests.

Of course, two people should have their own hobbies and interests outside of the relationship, but it’s also important to share goals and activities with one another. If you don’t already have common hobbies, why not try something new together that you’ve both been interested in? Are you both adrenaline junkies? Then maybe take up skydiving or scuba-diving lessons. If staying grounded is more your thing, try an exercise or cooking class together. Responsibilities can easily eat away at a relationship, so staying connected through common activities is vital.

4. Be able to say “I’m sorry.”

Unfortunately, many people still let their egos run the show in a relationship. However, remember that being right doesn’t matter nearly as much as keeping peace between you and your partner. There will be times when you’re right and times when your partner is right. In fact, that’s completely normal and healthy in a partnership. Being able to acknowledge that you’re wrong sometimes will help build trust between both of you.

5. Forgive one another.

Everyone will hurt you at some point; you just have to know who’s worth the pain. In a strong partnership, both people know how to work through their problems maturely and objectively, without adding fuel to the fire. Couples may argue from time to time, but the strongest couples always make amends and show each other forgiveness.

6. Know how to compromise.

Life can’t always happen the way you want it to, especially in a partnership. When it’s just you, you can do pretty much whatever you want without having to answer to anyone. However, in a relationship, it takes two people compromising and sacrificing to make things work. Let your partner choose a restaurant to eat at or a movie to watch, even if you don’t necessarily like it. Next time, you can pick something that suits you, but allow your partner to have a chance to explore their interests, too.

7. Be here now.

Basically, this means to stay in the present moment as much as possible. Don’t think too much about the future or the past, because that will only lead to discontent. Just bring as much joy to the here and now as possible. Also, be thankful you get to share the precious moments with someone you love.

8. Take time for self-care.

Life requires a lot from us humans, so any chance you get, make time for yourself. Take a hot bath, read a book you’ve been wanting to open for some time, watch a show you love, or go on a solo road trip. No matter your style, just make sure to look out for #1 every once in a while, because time alone will help strengthen your relationship.

9. Don’t get too comfortable.

After a while of being with your partner, you might neglect certain things, such as cleaning the kitchen or fixing yourself up for dinner. Of course, you naturally won’t put in the same effort as you did in the beginning of the relationship, but this doesn’t mean you should totally let things slide, either. Maybe have a set day each week to clean house or get your hair done. Also, go on a dinner date once in a while so you can keep that spark alive with your partner.

10. Support one another’s dreams.

This should be a given, but you might notice that things start to be more about “we” and less about “you.” In other words, a couple starts to merge their interests and desires until they have become one unit, and they forget that both of them have individuals dreams and goals. Even if your partner’s goals don’t match your own, remember to always support them as you would want them to support you.


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Here Is Why You Keep Attracting A Narcissist And What To Do About It


No one wants to deal with narcissistic behavior from others. However, there are ways that people subconsciously attract it. First, you have to stop allowing their behavior to be acceptable to you. When they do things that bother you, make sure that you set up a boundary. Clearly explain that the offensive behavior was not okay. Allow them the opportunity to rectify the situation. If you see that they don’t care to make a change or they justify the behavior, this is a sign that they will not stop. When you confront someone regarding hurtful behavior and they dismiss it, this is a form of emotional abuse. Do not allow it. Consider the reasons why you might continue to attract narcissists into your life.

Here’s why you keep attracting narcissist personalities into your life:

1. You’re used to it.

You might be used to narcissists because they were in your home. If one of your family members is a narcissist and you experienced their controlling behavior throughout your childhood, it might feel like second nature to you to adjust to anyone else who’s a narcissist. As a result, you’ve created space for narcissism to thrive in your personal or professional life. Because you can tolerate the traits of a narcissist, they will naturally cling to people like you who are used to their type of nature.

2. You’re overly concerned with pleasing others.

It’s good to be concerned with how you come across. You never want to come across in a way that doesn’t portray you accurately. However, if you’re overly concerned with pleasing others and making sure they like you, this is a breeding ground for someone who’s a narcissist to take over. Because a narcissist naturally is selfish, they’ll take from you. When they take from you, you’ll accommodate it (even if you don’t like it) because your desire to please is greater.

3. You think you can fix people.

A lot of women tend to date men based on their potential. They don’t look at the man who’s right in front of them. They look at who this man could become. The same concept applies to a person who is dealing with narcissists. When they see the narcissism, they feel sorry for the person. As a result, they strive to do all they can to help that person come out of that nature. Unfortunately, a narcissist has to learn on their own. There’s really nothing you can do to fix the situation. If you try, you’ll only end up hurting yourself in the long run.

4. You don’t think highly of yourself.

When you don’t think highly of yourself, you’ll allow others to define you. When you have low self-esteem, your standards will naturally be low as well. It’s so important to cultivate a healthy sense of self and self-worth because that will detract people who will take advantage of you. Narcissists thrive in spaces where they know a person doesn’t think highly of himself because they can manipulate them. When you love yourself and truly know your worth, it’s harder for anyone to convince you to do things you don’t want to do.

5. You don’t think you matter.

Narcissists know they matter. In fact, they’ll do their best to make sure the room understands how much they matter. However, narcissists do this at the expense of others. Because they need to be exalted, it’s easier to do that in a room with people who don’t think they matter. When you don’t believe your feelings, values or desires count for anything, you’ll put others ahead of yourself. It’s good to be noble and giving, but not to your detriment.

6. You need people to approve of you.

Validation isn’t bad. A lot of times, people will try to tell you that you don’t need to be validated by anyone and that you should just exist in your truth. It’s nice to be appreciated and validated by others. However, you can’t let it rule you. That’s where the danger is. If you need people to approve of you and your lifestyle, you’re going to run into issues. This will especially be true with people who are narcissists. The problem here is that narcissists will only approve of you when you’re doing things they want you to do. Oftentimes, the things they want you to do involve serving them. You were not put on the earth to only serve one person. Your job isn’t to solely assist another person to live their best life. You have a life to live too. It’s so important for you to honor your own calling. Additionally, you must understand and know that your calling doesn’t revolve around another person.

Take note of the passive-aggressive behavior that narcissists tend to spew out. Also, notice if they tend to be controlling in any way. Manipulative behavior is another weapon narcissists will use to get you. Understand that narcissists only care for you in relation to who they need you to be. It’s not about you and what you need to thrive. It’s always about you in relation to them. Understand that people who genuinely care for you will show it. They won’t be manipulative, passive-aggressive or controlling. They’re the ones who will celebrate you, encourage you and love you. Work on loving yourself, and you’ll attract more people who will want to love you as well.

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12 People Who Beat Addiction And Changed Their Life Completely


Addiction can affect anyone at any point in their life, regardless of their income, race, gender, or social status. It can start quite innocently at first, with a few drinks here and there. However, stressful life events coupled with mental illnesses can transform a casual habit into a full blown addiction. Other factors such as genetics and environment can affect one’s probability of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction affects millions of people worldwide, and not all of them overcome it, unfortunately. However, we want to show you some people who completely transformed their lives by beating their addiction, and the before and after photos prove just how drastically their lives have changed.

Here are 12 people who overcame their addiction and started a more positive life:

1. Wow! This doesn’t even look like the same person in the after pic, but congrats to this guy for beating his addiction!

Been a long road to recovery, in more ways than one. But! 4 years clean from meth. from pics

2. This woman overcame so much, including addiction. What a strong, brave soul she is for beating her demons.

This is me in Dec 1995. This is me in Dec 2017. I overcame addiction, homelessness, and a history of incarceration. Been sober 20 years next month. from pics

3. One year sober for this guy, and boy does it show!

One year sober! from pics

4. “Today I am three years sober. This is Day 1 after being assaulted and last week. It’s a huge relief to know I don’t have to drink anymore.”

View post on

5. This man beat his addiction and is one year sober in the after pic. Way to go!

© Meatteo / reddit

6. “January 6, 2016 I put down the vodka bottle and January 11 I checked myself into rehab. 8 1/2 months sober now and 35 pounds lighter. I feel like myself again.”

© brittsuzanne / reddit

7. Addiction is no joke, but this woman had the last laugh by leaving behind that chapter of her life and starting over with a smile!

Left is me in the ICU from an overdose. Decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and am 6 months clean and sober today from pics

8. Down 26 pounds after one month free of alcohol and drugs, and you can already see the difference in her face!

F/23/5’2” [165lbs > 139lbs = 26 lbs] One month sober from alcohol and drugs from progresspics

9. This man lost 70 pounds in one year and has been addiction free for three months!

M/26/5’8” [260>190=70lbs] 12 Months – 3 Months Drugs and Alcohol free!! from progresspics

10. “In October 2016, I had dropped down to 158 lbs due to drug and alcohol addiction. 4 months later I entered a rehab facility and gained roughly 30 lbs within 1-2 months.”

M/19/6’1 [158>191=33 gained]t


11. A lot can change in three years if you put your mind to it. Congrats to this young man!

The left was me in 2009,with a daily habit of almost any drug you can think of. The right is me last year, with over 3 years of complete abstinence from everything. Don’t do drugs. from pics

12. This woman has been completely reborn by choosing to give up an unhealthy lifestyle!

Here is what 826 days sober looks like. Left is me June 11th 2014, on the right is me today. Recovery is possible! from pics

We hope these photos inspired you to live a healthier lifestyle and give up whatever unhealthy habits you may have, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, etc. Everyone deserves to live a life free of addictions, and while it isn’t easy to change destructive habits, it can be done with the right support and mindset. If you or someone you know struggles with an addiction, make sure to seek out support, engage in positive thinking, and try to replace the bad habit or impulse with something constructive, such as exercise or meditation. Remember: you are not alone and there is always someone out there willing to help you.

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