School Counselors Explain 5 Signs A Teen Is Under Peer Pressure


Peer pressure is commonplace today, especially among teenagers. The pressure can come from verbal or nonverbal influences. Additionally, a little bit of external force can be a good impact, or it can have a detrimental effect.

Since this is such a powerful influence in your child’s life, it’s something that you need to understand to help them. Under the control of this pressure, your child can make bad decisions that can cost them dearly. How does peer pressure affect your teenager, and how do you, as a parent, know when to step in and help?

Let’s assume your child suddenly takes an interest in working out at the local gym to bulk their muscles. This once couch laden teen has joined a group of kids at school who want to better their health. In this scenario, the influence of others is positive because your child is making changes to better their body.

Now, what if your child is caught smoking cigarettes or vaping behind the school with her friends? She felt the pressure from others to do something that can have a detrimental effect on her health.

Yet, she willingly did it because she succumbed to the urgings from others to try something new and dangerous. It’s easy to see that peer pressure can have different effects on your teen, but why is it such a powerful influence?

The Power of Suggestion

Your child goes through various developmental phases as they grow. As a baby, your son or daughter learned that you would take care of all their needs, and they trust you. However, when children reach their teenage years, they try to break away from your influence to form a sense of self.

Your child no longer holds your values in the same light as they did before, as now, they are more inclined to listen to their peers. Your kid needs to fit in at school. Teenagers are at a developmental stage where friends are of the utmost importance, making them more influential than you.

Why is Peer Pressure so Nerve-Wracking?

Let’s assume that your daughter is very wasteful and likes to litter. If she starts hanging with a group of earth-conscious friends, they will pressure her to change her ways. She may change and begin to recycle, picking up any trash she sees lying on the ground, and stop her wasteful habits.

In this instance, the social pressure she feels has influenced her to make positive changes. However, when you find a vape kit in your son’s backpack, you are sure that peer pressure is the invisible enemy you fight. He’s making a very destructive choice.

He knows that smoking and vaping can be harmful to his system. While his brain can register the danger, he can’t comprehend the risks he puts his body in at this point. As your children are growing, their brain is still incredibly young, and you should think of it as a work in progress.

Your teen is going to seek new experiences as they grow and develop, but their brain can’t rationalize what they’re doing. Young people have a higher need for stimulation more so as they age. Inadvertently, new, exhilarating, and powerful encounters many times, transform into high-risk actions.

It’s difficult for a parent to deal with a child who is continuously seeking new stimulation. You won’t always be there to prevent them from doing crazy things or stop their friend’s suggestions to do something dangerous, just so they can “have fun.”

While painting graffiti on the local restaurant wall may seem like a bad idea, the gratification and temptation to “live a little” causes them to ignore the consequences.

5 Signs Your Teen is Dealing with Negative Peer Pressure

Regardless of all the people around your son or daughter, you’re still a powerful influence. While it appears that they are rebellious and not listening to what you have to say, they hear you. Now, whether they listen or not is another story.

It’s essential to stay involved in their lives so that you can help them make better choices. How do you know if your child is under peer pressure and may need help? Well, here are five warning signs to indicate an issue.

1. Sleep Habits Change

Sleep habits naturally change as your child ages. They will sleep more than ever when they hit those puberty years. However, when your child feels pressure from those around them, they can either sleep too much or too little.

You may notice signs like dark circles or bags under their eyes if they aren’t getting enough sleep. You may see their social media time increase as they are on it all night. If they are sleeping too much, you may have problems getting them out of bed or doing things they once loved.

These alterations in behavior can develop into depression if it goes on for too long. You must be careful because of peer pressure and bullying walk a fine line in some instances.

2. Loss of Appetite

Have you noticed a change in their weight? Are they eating too much or too little? A loss of appetite is not uncommon with someone who is under pressure or strain. If their weight plummets or takes a dramatic increase, then it could be a sign that there is emotional upset going on.

3. Moodiness

What teenager isn’t moody? However, you know your child better than anyone else. Hormonal fluctuations can cause Their moodiness, or it can be caused by being unhappy, not eating right, and not getting sufficient sleep. If you can’t even say “good morning” without them biting off your head, then you should investigate further.

4. Withdrawn

Social isolation is a big thing for teens as they develop and change. They may be socially withdrawn from the family and prefer to eat their dinner in their bedroom alone.

However, when you only see them for a few minutes each day, even though they don’t leave home, it’s a warning sign. It would be best if you interact with your child on some level each day.

5. They Have New Friends

Is your teen running with a new crowd? Usually, if there are significant changes in behavior or they become risk-takers, then new friends may be at the crux of the issue. If you’ve noticed that the friends they’ve had since elementary school don’t come around much anymore, you should question their absence.

A new crowd can bring about either a positive or bad influence. Consequently, if you see any of these signs that something is amiss, you can assume that the new friends aren’t the best of characters.

self harm
Here is what teenagers who inflict self-harm are trying to tell you.

Common Peer-Pressured Activities

Your child may be a level-headed person that uses common sense to make decisions. Sadly, when hormones begin to rage during puberty, they can be an emotional wreck and make questionable choices. They will push the limits as they try out new personas. Never assume that your teenager is immune from the influence of peers; they just need your positive influence to be stronger.

You know your child better than anyone, and you know if he or she is a leader or a follower. Some teens won’t be swayed by temptation, while others will follow their friends to say and do just about anything. It would help if you were on guard, and here are the five most common things your teen will feel pressured to do.

1. Shoplifting

Remember, teens need to feel an adrenaline rush. They may not need to steal that candy bar at the store, but it gives them the “rush” to do something dangerous. If your child has developed “sticky fingers,” then it could be a sign of pressure from peers.

2. Sexual Encounters

Since their hormones are raging and they are going through puberty anyway, it’s not uncommon for them to have sexual encounters. Sadly, they can use sex as an outlet for their frustration, which can lead to teen pregnancy. Parents need to be observant of abnormal sexual promiscuity as it can get teens in trouble.

3. Smoke, Vaping, Trying Drugs

You may remember smoking in the bathroom when you were in high school. Times change, but some problems remain the same. Smoking, vaping, and trying drugs is the number one temptation that your child will feel pressure to do.

4. Engaging in Risky Behaviors

Life is all about taking chances, but it may cause them to take more significant risks when it comes to the uncertainty of the teenage years. If you’ve noticed that your child is engaging in downright dangerous activities, outside influence could be blamed.

5. Bullying

If one teen starts picking on a peer, then others will jump on the bandwagon. Bullying is never okay, but your child may feel outside influences to torment or taunt another student.

bully a plant
IKEA’s Bully a Plant project proves the power of positivity can alter an outcome.

Final Thoughts: Prepare Your Teens for Peer Pressure Before It Happens

It’s essential to keep the communication lines open with your teenager. If you see any changes in behavior such as inappropriate language, clothing style alterations, social isolation, or disrespectfulness, then you need to keep an eye on them and their friends.

The truth is that if you keep a close relationship with your child that you can usually quickly spot problems and help steer them back in the right direction.

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12 Daily Positive Thoughts to Motivate You to Do Your Best


There is power in using positive thoughts throughout the day. Research has proven that there are both mental and physical benefits of an optimistic mindset. People who tend to keep on the sunny side have better self-esteem, more confidence, and they are usually motivated and in a good mood.

Did you know that having at least one positive thought each day can dramatically impact you? You care about your health. What if your ideas could affect your heart, blood pressure, and other conditions caused by stress? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s factual.

You can help keep conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes at bay by merely altering your mindset. Some folks think that you must get rid of your problem or have a perfect life to find an inner smile. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

You can learn to find joy and peace, no matter what’s going on outside. When you tend to be positive, then you see things in life to keep you focused on the good things around you.

Sure, it’s easy for you to focus on your problems, negative experiences, or wrong things. However, when you switch to positive thinking, you commit to using your challenges as fuel to drive you to be a better person.

You will notice that it is hard because when you are trying to have positive thoughts, there will always be someone around you trying to be negative. It’s easy to have setbacks and try to switch back to the old mindset. Thankfully, here are some tips that you help you to start having positive thoughts every day.

1. Always Make Time for Humor

There are plenty of funny things that happen around you each day, but you might miss them if you’re caught up in a negative mindset. Try to see the humorous side in things even when they look bad.

Remind yourself that even though it was so embarrassing that you fell down the stairs today and could have got hurt, it made for a great story around the dinner table as you can look at the event and laugh rather than cry.

2. Control Your Mornings

Are your mornings chaotic and a jumbled mess? Did you know if you start your day in chaos, then it’s likely to continue that way? It would help if you had plenty of time to prepare and be up early enough to make sure it’s a good day.

It’s hard for some people to have positive thoughts when they would rather sleep a couple more hours. Start by using positive affirmations and say things like, “Today, I will have a good day.” You will be amazed at how different your life will be when you start each day on the right foot.

3. Don’t Judge

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of judging other people. However, you can’t let yourself get sucked into this malicious trap. It would be best if you learned that everyone is human and infallible.

Don’t be so eager to point fingers at others because it not only is a negative mindset, but it also sets yourself up as superior, which you are not. Remember that everyone is fallible, and you just saw a moment of weakness from someone else.

4. Never Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to look at your neighbor’s new car and be a bit jealous because it’s better than yours. You’re human, and you can’t help but be a bit envious. You work just as hard as her, and why shouldn’t you have a vehicle like that?

However, when you compare yourself to others, you are setting yourself up for failure. Be thankful for the blessings you have and have a grateful heart. Gratitude will go a long way in life and keep your positive thoughts on track.

5. Tune Out the Haters

There are always going to be grumbling people in your path. They are mad when it’s too hot, mad when it’s too cold, and they never seem to have anything nice to say. You don’t have to feed into this negativity. You have the power to tune them out and never join in on the conversation.

6. Take Chances in Life

Carpe Diem! If you don’t take chances in life, then you will live with regrets. The “what if” questions can drive your mind crazy. Don’t be afraid to try that new job or go on a date with a new love interest.

You are holding yourself back for fear of failure. You may ask yourself if you will stumble and fall. However, what if you fly? Sometimes you must take the chance and jump.

7. Know that All Things End

Just as all good things come to an end, so will the storms you face in your life. There are a starting and ending point for everything. You may be in a season of financial demise, but remember that this too shall pass.

While there are rainy days with plenty of thunder and lightning, there are always those sunny days that make everything seem better.

pop quote

8. Don’t Do Things to Satisfy Others

Are you a people pleaser and go out of your way to make others happy? Well, stop it right now! You will get nowhere in life by putting yourself out in the hope of pleasing someone else.

You are feeding negativity into your spirit when you take on more than what you can handle. How can you have positive thoughts when you’re doing something you hate. Learn how to say “no” and take control of your life.

9. Get Rid of Things That Bring You Down

If you don’t like your job, then you should quit. Other jobs will be more exciting, pay better, and bring you some sense of happiness. Life is too short to be caught up in things that make you miserable.

Does your marriage uplift you or bring you down? It would help if you were with a partner who makes you happy, not sad. True love should awaken the soul and set afire down inside. It doesn’t make you see red with anger and feel horrible bout yourself. Fix the things that bring you down, and it will change your whole outlook.

10. Stay Focused on the Good

You will have many things that will come against you during the day to tear you down. There are always obstacles and roadblocks that you must endure. No matter how hard life tries to get at you, keep, those positive thoughts coming.

When you stay focused and make a commitment to remain optimistic, then you won’t let the pessimistic things that come along detour you.

11. Count Your Blessings

Maybe you feel down on yourself because you haven’t counted your blessings. It’s easy to get in the mindset of failure when you are constantly comparing your wealth with someone else. Stop ruminating about all the wrong things and the material possessions that you don’t have in life.

Instead, it would help if you focused on the things that you do have. When you are grateful, the universe will entrust you with more. Count your blessings, no matter how small, and you will see how it will change your entire day.

12. Help Others

To keep those positive thoughts flowing, look around every day, and find someone to help or bless that day. Maybe you buy coffee for the people in line at the donut shop, or perhaps you let someone go ahead of you in line at the BMV.

These little acts of kindness put positive things out into the universe. Karma will come back to you, though that shouldn’t be the motivation for doing good. You have an opportunity every day to make an impact on yourself and others, so you need to utilize the chances you’ve been given.

positive thoughtsFinal Thoughts on Keeping the Positive Thoughts Going

Listen, there are plenty of things that go wrong in a day or your life that you can ruminate about. If you start making lists of all the wrong things in your life, you won’t even think about all the right things.

When you have thoughts that try to tear you down and make you feel less than others, you need to counteract that negativity with positive thoughts. Sure, you may not have the perfect body, the most excellent car, or the most prominent home. Thankfully, you have a healthy body, a nice vehicle to drive, and a place to lay your head at night.

By merely altering your mindset a bit, you can help keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure in check, and ensure you stay mentally strong. What can you do to make a difference in your life and those around you? Grasp that philosophy, and it will change your life.

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Family Therapist Explains 10 Ways to Win Over Your In-Laws


Getting married is an exciting adventure filled with love and plenty of planning. One thing that the happy couple doesn’t prepare for is what it’s like to meet the in-laws. There have been movies made about the dreaded encounters when you meet your mother and father-in-law, and they learn that you will take the hand of their son or daughter. The good news is it makes for great movies and videos, but you can have a beautiful relationship with your family, and everyone can live in harmony. Now, it all comes down to the personality of each party and their views on things. Some people are easier to win over than others.

Not only can an awkward relationship with your love’s family cause you anxiety, but it also puts your partner in the middle of any disputes. Over the long-term, your partner will also suffer stress from this predicament.

10 Tips to Build an Excellent Relationship With Your In-Laws

If you want to have a good relationship with your in-laws and win them over from the start, here are some tips that can help you accomplish this task.

1. Respect Their Religious Beliefs

Whenever you join two families together, you are bringing different backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs. You must respect their family and their views, even if they don’t align with yours.
In some faiths, women wear caps over their heads as a covering. Here are some examples. In the Mormon faith, they don’t believe in drinking caffeine of any kind. In the Muslim faith, alcohol is a no-go.

It’s easy to see how just these three examples could bring about major conflict with some people. However, while you don’t have to live by their rules and regulations, you should follow them while you’re in their home. So if the family is against drinking, you shouldn’t bring a flask in for dinner.

These little gestures of kindness can have a significant impact on your relationship with your in-laws. Additionally, you want your husband or wife to feel that you have respect for their family, or it can cause a significant rift. Being positive about religious diversity will go a long way, according to studies.

2. Always Show Kindness

It would help if you treated your partner’s parents how you want your parents to be treated. Even if they step across the line or say inappropriate things, you want to make sure that you treat them with respect. It’s perfectly acceptable to say something like, “I respect and value your opinion, but we will have to agree to disagree.”

There’s no need to argue and fight when you can state your feelings and move on. This world would sure be a boring place if everyone had the same opinions.

3. Include The In-Laws When Appropriate

One of the things that cause rifts with the in-laws is they feel excluded. When a son or daughter starts spending time with a love interest, the family often feels left out. They may not be present at Sunday dinners anymore, or they may not be as readily available to help with household needs.

You will probably encounter a lot of ill feelings because you take him or her away from them. The vital thing to counteract these feelings is including them. If Sunday dinner is a big thing at their house, then make sure that you attend also.

Though it’s difficult, you need to make sure that you don’t cut off people that were so special just because you’re busy being in love. You will need those relatives one day, so it’s best to start on the right foot.

4. Be Up Front and Honest

Honesty will go a long way with your future relatives. It’s easy to want to embellish your accomplishments to put yourself in a brighter light. Frankly, who doesn’t want the family of their future husband or wife to think they are going places?

It would help if you remembered that the things you say could and will impact your relationship at some time. If you exaggerate your salary or social standing, eventually, they will know the truth. Dishonesty can cause you plenty of problems when it comes to your in-laws, so it’s best to stick to the facts and be truthful from the start.

5. Defend Them When They Feel Slighted

One way to get on your mother or father in-law’s right side is to come to their defense. According to research, family members care if others in the unit feel they receive justice. Even if it’s just in family arguments or disagreements with the cell phone company, you need to play their defender.

When you rush to their defense during times of adversity, it shows that you are rooting for them and on the same team. They will appreciate that you stand up for them, especially when it seems like they’re on the losing end.

pop meme

6. Laugh at Their Jokes

Some new family members may try to win you over with levity. Even if they tell the dumbest jokes you’ve ever heard, and they are not remotely funny, you still need to laugh.

When you give them the pleasure of thinking they’re funny, it’s a form of bonding. They want someone who is not only going to treat their son or daughter properly but will also listen to what they have to say.

7. Keep Conversations Light

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your future relatives is to delve into in-depth topics too soon. Never discuss politics or religion unless you have no choice. These two subjects have caused war and many violent encounters across the country, and the last thing you want to do is talk about such matters with the family.

Try to keep things neutral and positive. Please talk about the weather, sports, and your partner when they were a child. If you want to make a good impression, then don’t get into anything controversial.

8. Offer a Helping Hand to the In-Laws

If you want to butter up the in-laws, then you can offer to lend a helping hand. A mother loves nothing more than their soon to be daughter in law to help peel potatoes or do other mundane tasks.

Perhaps, they need a new light hung in the Livingroom as the old one is on the fritz. If you have electrical skills and can hang that light for them, they will bond instantly with you. Helping them doesn’t mean making them feel like they can’t do something for themselves.

You want to tread lightly because some people may find it offensive if you try to take over their home, and this is especially true about a woman in her kitchen. Make sure it’s known that you want to help and not take charge.

9. Become Interested in Family History

Every family has a story. They may be relatives of a famous person, or they may have some well-to-do millionaires that they are close too. When you are going to marry someone, you must know about their family.

Additionally, family members will like the fact that you seem interested in their clan. Therapists advise that there are always destructive dynamics that you want to steer clear of in every family. So you should learn as much as you can about their history.

10. At Least Consider Taking Their Last Name

The older generation is a bit more old-fashioned. It was always commonplace for the women to take the man’s name in marriage. However, millennials have changed things dramatically. These days, you can hyphenate your name, keep it the same, or the husband can take the wife’s name.

If you want to impress them and let them know that you love their family, you can at least consider changing your name to match theirs. They will respect the fact that you at least considered the possibility.

in-lawsFinal Thoughts: What Not to Say or Do to The In-Laws?

Now that you’ve learned all the things you should do to get in your new family’s good graces, there are a few things that you should avoid. Here are the top things to avoid when dealing with your in-laws.

1. Don’t talk about religion or politics.
2. Avoid Subjects about alcohol or your consumption.
3. Don’t criticize their parenting skills or offer suggestions.
4. Never put down their son/daughter’s ways to them.
5. Don’t call them mom or dad right away without being told it’s okay.
6. Never tell them they have a standing invitation to your home.
7. Avoid making them feel inferior to your family.
8. Don’t talk about your family’s finances or yours either.
9. Avoid discussion holiday schedules in advance.
10. Don’t let the relationship turn into a power struggle.
11. Keep your not-so-nice opinions to yourself.
12. Never discuss the not-so-savory circumstances you’ve faced.

Dealing with in-laws can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to put your best foot forward and hope they like you. Remember, these are the people that you’re going to see on every holiday, birthday party, or other special occasions. You want to forge a good relationship with them even if you don’t like them.

No one says that you must be good friends with your relatives, but you must find ways to get along even if it’s just for your spouse’s sake. If you want to win these people over, then you must be cautious during your first few encounters.

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15 Reasons Why People With Kind Hearts Live Happier Lives


People with kind hearts lead happier, more rewarding lives.

Think about it.

Does it seem like people have forgotten the “Golden Rule” these days? Wouldn’t it be nice if one of the soft drink companies could come up with a kindness cocktail or a niceness nectar for people who need a boost of humanity? A Harris Poll found that only one-third of the population considers themselves happy.

The study gave a survey to 2,345 U.S. adults. It was shocking to see that two-thirds of the population isn’t content with their lives, jobs, or overall well-being. These numbers are awful, and something must change. A happy person is usually someone who is kind and looks out for others.

Why Kind Hearts Are Happier?

While the number of joy-filled people may be lacking, those who are kind tend to live longer lives. It’s a novel concept to think that showing kindness to your fellow humans could make you live longer.

Why would being happy affect your longevity on the earth? Here are 15 reasons why kind hearts tend to stick around longer than those who tend to be melancholy.

1. Being Kind Boosts Happiness

When you’re doing something for others, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Everyone is busy and has a hectic schedule, but when you take a few minutes to be kind even when you don’t have to, it gives you a whole different outlook.

Imagine how different the world would be if people automatically loaded groceries for senior citizens, opened doors for mothers with infants, and just did random acts of kindness for no other reason than the feeling of warmth and happiness it brings. It feels good to help others, and it puts a bounce in your joy-filled bounce in your step.

2. Luckier in Love

Have you ever seen a couple that is so in love that they ooze with mushiness? Then there are those people who tend to be so unlucky that they find every narcissist and toxic person along life’s highway. Why are some people so blessed with good relationships while others struggle?

The key to being lucky in life may be having a kind heart. There are all kinds of people that you date when you’re playing the field. However, the one you choose to marry or commit too is always the one that completes you.

It’s the person that makes you want to do better and work harder. Perhaps, it’s the person who is kind to others, and you see their heart before anything else. Generous people tend to be happier in love because they attract people with like minds.

Being kind and having a big heart are attractive features that everyone wants in a spouse.

3. Engage in Philanthropic Activities

Some many charities and organizations reach out to those in need. Doing philanthropy work tends to get your mind off your troubles and focus on what matters most.

It’s hard to complain about your sore knees when you see someone who lost their legs due to a disease. Benevolence helps you to view the world through a different pair of lenses.

When you have a joyous existence, you count your blessings instead of pinning for your wants.

4. Don’t Suffer from many Health Problems

Harvard Medical School recently did a study regarding the health link to happiness. Happy hearts generally don’t have as many health problems as those who tend to be negative and pessimistic.

True happiness is learning how to free yourself from stress. When you are under constant duress, your cortisol and adrenaline levels are too high. Having these hormone levels at accelerated heights causes your heart to work overtime.

Lowering your stress levels decreases your risk of heart attacks and strokes, not to mention other muscle tension issues. A joy-filled heart is like good medicine to the soul.

5. See the Good in all Around Them

How many times do you look at the good around you? You might look at your home and see a dripping faucet, carpets that are worn, and lights that need to be replaced. However, kind hearts and happy people will be thankful they have a place to lay their heads.

You can extend kindness to others when you see the blessings you have and think of those who are less fortunate.

happiness quotes

6. Tend to Have Many Friends

When you’re in the market for a friend, you want the kind, loving, and eager person who is willing to help you. No one wants a needy friend who keeps the relationship one-sided.

Kind hearts attract the masses because everyone wants to be their pal. They’re the ones that you can count on when you need to vent, and they will be there at a moment’s notice when you call anytime day or night.

7. Take Time to Enjoy the Simple Things

Kind hearts love to enjoy the simple things. They find grounding in the beautiful aroma of a rose or the splendor of rainbow after a storm. They have an infectious manner that brings everyone into their simple life.

These people tend to be laid back and don’t allow the simplest of life’s pleasures to pass them by.

8. Never too Busy to Help Someone in Need

Martin Seligman wrote a book about how to have a meaningful life. For this story, he conducted a study. He wanted to see who was happier the people who chased after their pleasures or found pleasure in helping others.

He dubbed the study “Philanthropy versus Fun.” The first group sought happiness by self-pleasure, and the second group found contentment by doing charitable acts. The results were remarkable. The group that helped their fellow man was happier for longer than the group that sought to please themselves.

Happy hearts are never too busy to read to the blind, work in a soup kitchen, or run errands for the elderly.

9. Would Give the Shirt off Their Back to Someone

Happy people would gladly give you the shirt off their back. They are not stingy with their possessions, and they will gladly share. They’re the person that always has a small gift or token to give you whenever they see you.

They may make crafts or baked goods for a new neighbor moving in. Sometimes, they are often a doormat because people take advantage of their generosity, but they don’t let these negative experiences stop them from being kind.

10. Forgiveness Comes Easily

Their forgiving heart is apparent in life’s troubles. These people usually don’t hold grudges or stay mad too long. They are easy to forgive and forget about the past because they don’t want to let it affect their future.

11. Believe Life Comes with Purpose

Someone who has joy chooses to live their life with purpose. They are not content with getting up in the morning, going to work, and returning home. They want to live each day to the fullest. Therefore, they look for opportunities to give back and to make an impact every day.

12. Never Stop Chasing Their Dreams

Just because kind hearts want to help others doesn’t mean that they ever stop chasing their dreams. These people are often goal-driven. They can set goals and make sure they accomplish them. Their tenacity and drive are attractive to others.

13. Always Put Their Family First

Family is an integral part of life. A kind person makes sure to see their mom on Mother’s Day. They send cards to everyone on their birthdays, and they would never miss a family function. They put family first and try to be actively involved with their close and extended relatives.

14. Are Accountable for Words and Actions

Being accountable for your words and actions is a big job. Kind hearts would never want to hurt you for anything. If they feel they have hurt you, then they would be the first to apologize. Though they try to do right, they will admit that they’re not perfect, but their ability to quickly resolve wrongdoings makes them a joy to be around.

15. Prioritize Relationships over Possessions

Worldly possessions don’t mean that much to someone who puts their investments in relationships and experiences. They don’t find joy in new cars or bigger homes. Rather, they make connections and people a priority.

It’s a blessing to be around someone who has their priorities straight and doesn’t spend time trying to keep up with neighbors and family members who seem to have more money. It’s refreshing to find someone that can find contentment in the things they have.

kind heartsFinal Thoughts on How People with Kind Hearts Always Seem to Be Happy

Every day when you get out of bed, you make choices. You select the clothes you will wear, decide what cologne or perfume to put on, and pick out your food for breakfast. Additionally, you choose whether you will be happy or sad.

You decide whether you will help the lady struggling to load her groceries at the supermarket, and you choose whether you will blow up at your spouse for leaving their dirty clothes on the floor. Make a conscious choice to take joy over sadness and happiness over sorrow.

You have the power to change your entire life by simply altering your mindset. Be the person that everyone wants to be around and the one that is considered one of the kind hearts.

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September’s Super New Moon and Your Zodiac Sign


The New Moon peaks on September 17th, at 25 degrees of Virgo, and will be the first of three upcoming Super New Moons.

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings and this Super New Moon brings extremely potent energy that blesses us with an opportunity to set new intentions and helps us make changes we have been contemplating for a while.

The energy of this New Moon will impact all of us, however, each zodiac sign will experience this New Moon slightly differently. Below you will find your sign and you will learn what this upcoming Super New Moon means for you.

If you want to learn more about the overall energy this Super New Moon and other planetary alignments bring head over to our friends Moon Omens website. You will love their article!


The New Moon in Virgo begins a new cycle of growth in which you have the opportunity to reinvent your daily routines completely. Introduce healthier, better habits. Try new ways to organize your work that allow you to be more precise and productive. Efficiency and effectiveness will be keywords for you, dear Aries.

Strive to be more grounded, create something concrete and useful during this cycle. Look for practical ways to apply what you already know. It is time to make your knowledge and expertise relevant for yourself and other people. Ask others to tell you how you can serve them, what you can do for them, what they need to feel good, and don’t forget to ask the same questions to yourself, truly listening from an open heart and an open mind.

The New Moon in Virgo can allow you to discover a deeper sense of devotion to your health and wellbeing and to cultivate a more profound sense of self-respect and self-love.


Dear Taurus, the New Moon happening in fellow earth sign Virgo represents a wonderful influence on your creativity and your romantic life. During the upcoming lunar cycle, you will feel inspired and creative in everything you do. You’ll draw inspiration from your job, in the way you dress and do your hair, in the way you decorate and organize your home, in any sport or artistic activity you love. This is a great moment to channel your creative energy and manifest what you have always dreamed about.

Begin a course, learn something you are passionate about and you always wanted to explore more in-depth, get out of your comfort zone. Try new routines.

Romance and love life are going to be big themes for you throughout the next few weeks. You are likely to feel the need to be out and about, to meet new people, have exciting exchanges and conversations, and ultimately have fun. Enjoy these things without placing any expectations on yourself or others.


The New Moon in Virgo is going to affect your home and family life, dear Gemini, as well as your inner self and emotional body.

You may discover a new self-image, a completely different way to see yourself, as you become aware of old childhood patterns and of the deep conditioning you received from your family. You are now ready to liberate from it. Old emotions may resurface in order to be fully healed and understood.

Come into contact with your inner child and their needs Do not forget to be gentle with yourself, and respect your timing.

Trust this process fully. Be aware that whatever comes up during these days is something you are ready to deal with and confront. The New Moon in Virgo may bring interesting changes in your home environment, in your family, or in the lives of the people you love. Try to embrace the new with a sense of positivity and excitement, cultivating hope for a better and bright future.


Dear Cancer, the New Moon in Virgo is highlighting the area of your life related to communication, your thinking patterns, and your general mental activity. This cosmic event represents a new beginning in the way you perceive and interface with the world around you. It will affect the way you think, how you speak with others, and you can discover new ways to communicate your needs and desires to others.

You will have the opportunity to review how you express yourself and share your inner world with those around you. You can discover techniques and methods that allow other people to understand you more easily. During these days, there may be changes in your close environment, in your siblings’ lives, or your neighborhood. These transitions can offer you interesting chances and unexpected possibilities. Beware of being too self-critical. So don’t incessantly analyze your shortcomings and your flaws–try to relax. Finally, do your best to improve but without being too hard on yourself.


The New Moon in Virgo represents an invitation to develop a deeper relationship with your physical body, with pleasure, and with self-care. Take time to indulge in the five senses, try to make it a part of your daily routine, and see what happens. Dear Leo, this cosmic event invites you to value yourself and your capacities.

Discover talents and resources you weren’t aware of that allow you to improve the organization of your work and your life, to better navigate the material world of form, duty, obligations, and responsibilities. The New Moon is inviting you to reflect around your values and redefine your concept of abundance.

It supports those of you who are trying to manifest a new form of income or an additional one, that is more aligned with your inner world, your true goals, and aspirations. The current energies allow you to manifest what you dream of: know and believe that you are worthy of receiving all of it.


Dear Virgo, the New Moon in your sign represents a powerful new beginning, the start of a brand new cycle of evolution for your Soul. You now need to follow your conscious desires in order to understand and align with your Soul purpose and life path.

This time is for spontaneous action and experimentation. So follow your instincts and your natural wants and needs, go after what you are passionate about, what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, even if you think that it doesn’t make sense, that is not useful or practical. Trust your feelings and passions.

You don’t need to know the reason or the purpose behind them now. Just take action and believe in yourself. Eventually, you will understand everything–when the time is right. This New Moon invites you to discover new ways to assert yourself and to present yourself to the world: don’t be afraid to affirm your needs or to say no to what drains your energy.


The New Moon in Virgo represents the beginning of a cycle in which a lot of your focus will be on your relationship with Source and your spiritual journey. You will feel inspired to embrace and cultivate a spiritual view of life and to explore new ways to get into your subtle energetic body.

Dear Libra, you may naturally seek solitude, quiet, long moments of introspection. You are likely to feel the need to focus on your inner world. Karmic patterns related to past lives and experiences may emerge in order to be healed and released. You may become aware of the traits of your personality and parts of your psyche that have been suppressed and hidden. So reclaim and integrate them.

Your empathy and sensitivity will naturally increase during this time: the feeling that you have no control over what’s happening in the world may bother you more than usual. Establishing healthy boundaries is crucial for you right now, say no when needed, don’t be a perfectionist, embrace chaos, and surrender to life.

life lessons
Learn from your most epic failures.


Dear Scorpio, the New Moon in Virgo opens up new connections and friendships and the possibility of becoming part of groups and communities of like-minded individuals. You may feel the need for the support of your peers during this time. Indeed, you may realize that you need to be surrounded by those who uplift and support you and your vision. Gather information about different kinds of community, alternative lifestyles, sustainable living, and expand your network of contacts.

This New Moon inaugurates a period in which you are likely to make long term plans, focus on your goals and dreams, and maybe discover new ones. How can you make a positive impact on the world? You may think about your place on the planet with objectivity and detached awareness. Or you might discover how to be of service to the collective without sacrificing your individuality. Cultivate a sense of faith around where we are going as a species, and reflect around what you can do to support the evolution of humanity.


The New Moon in Virgo represents a new professional beginning: exciting opportunities may unfold during this cycle, dear Sagittarius. You have a role to play in the world. And you know that what you do has the potential to influence other people’s lives deeply. How to affect them in the most positive way possible? What social function and role reflects your authentic self? What does success represent to you?

These are some of the questions that may pop up in your mind during these days. The New Moon in Virgo is an invitation to mature. So take responsibility for yourself, for what you do and don’t do. Let go of what gives you security but doesn’t make you grow. Finally, allow yourself to have a powerful impact on others.

This is a great time to begin new projects, start a side hustle, make business plans, define a vision that inspires and motivates you, and commit to it. Beware of overworking and excessive ambition that may lead you to neglect other areas of your life.


Dear Capricorn, the New Moon in Virgo urges you to get out of your comfort zone and explore something new. So try something different from your usual activities that makes you feel alive and renews your sense of purpose. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. This is the moment to discover your true mission in life. Open up to new belief systems and philosophies that have practical applications and the potential to improve the way you live your daily life.

Get out of the city for a few days if you can. Spend time in nature to get the inspiration you need and get out of your rut. Experiment with different routines, diets, alternative medicine from other cultures that open you up to new perspectives of life that help you improve your health and expand your consciousness. Follow your intuition, embark on a long inner journey, expand your worldview, commit to finding and living your personal truth.


The New Moon in Virgo is a turning point for you, dear Aquarius. You may notice a sense of longing and a strong desire to have deeper conversations, deeper experiences, and to relate to people on a more profound level. This lunar cycle for you represents a moment to dive into the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth, rediscover your sexuality, and a real sense of intimacy. The New Moon in Virgo is an invitation to become more embodied. So learn to be vulnerable and feel safe in your physical body.

Confront the fears that don’t allow you to open up to the people closest to you. Power, self-mastery, and trust will be keywords for you. What does power represent to you? How can you get closer to self-mastery? What is blocking you from trusting yourself and others fully? You may need to make choices in the areas of intimacy, finances, and shared resources. This will lead you to reflect on your values and attachments and to confront your fixations and compulsions.

super new moonPisces

Dear Pisces, the New Moon in your opposite sign, Virgo, represents an invitation to reflect around partnerships, equality, projection, and polarization. You have a fantastic opportunity to discover your needs, your boundaries, and to find balance in your relationships. Plus, you will learn to work with others in conditions of fairness and harmony.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, different people are likely to enter your life. From these new relationships, you will gain a new understanding of relationships. Indeed, you’ll begin seeing them more than ever as a mirror for self-development.

Who do you want to connect with? Who do you feel good with, and what is the purpose of your connection? Don’t be afraid to explore your values, your needs, and your standards. Those you relate with can help you see and understand your blind spots. Plus, they can open you up to new perspectives of the world, new experiences, and learning processes.

See this as an experimental period and be mindful of honoring your needs and desires, beware of self-sacrificing, and people-pleasing tendencies.

The Power of Positivity team & Moon Omens wishes you the most beautiful Super New Moon experience. We hope this guide will help you harness this powerful energy. Blessings!

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10 Reasons Why No One Should Beg for Love from Their Partner


Nobody should need to beg for love from their partner. Ever. Period.

If you have to beg for love, you are in a bad relationship. This behavior isn’t something that should have to be done in any relationship. It’s a sign that your partner isn’t as dedicated as you are and that the feelings may not be equal.

A relationship is supposed to be a true partnership, and it requires two people to complete it. Both partners should work together to show affection or overcome issues. If only one partner is doing this, there is going to be a never-ending cycle of negativity.

If you find yourself in a relationship in which you have to ask for attention and affection, it’s a bad relationship. Your partner should be putting in as much energy as you are. Otherwise, you’ll be forcing the relationship along by yourself.

Aside from making you feel empty and lonely, there are many other reasons you should never beg for love. If you have to beg, it’s a sign that you aren’t their priority and likely never will be. You must think first about yourself and your well-being and decide that it’s time to move on.

Ten Reasons Why Nobody Should Beg for Love

Learning to appreciate yourself will help to boost your self-confidence. Know what you are worth!

1. Someone Else Will do The Things They Won’t

If your partner isn’t doing the things you need from them, it’s not your fault. Don’t beg for them to do something they aren’t interested in. You can find someone else who will be full engaged in the relationship.

Someone who is fully dedicated to the relationship will be able to connect emotionally. Your significant other will be supportive and interested in what is going on in your life. Plus, they will want to spend as much time with you as they can.

The person who wants to be with you won’t leave you feeling like your self-worth is diminished. You will feel happy and fulfilled after spending time with them. Remember, if you have to beg, it’s a bad relationship.

2. They May Not Be Ready

If your partner isn’t showing love, it could be a sign they aren’t ready for the relationship you need. No matter what you do or say, you can’t force them to be prepared.

Don’t waste your time trying to change someone who can’t be changed. Wait for a partner to come along who is ready when you are and who won’t hurt you in the process. Your well-being is more important than their lack of being willing.

3. They Don’t Appreciate You

If you have to beg, it’s a clear sign they don’t appreciate you, which means they don’t deserve you. You shouldn’t waste time praying for the love of someone who doesn’t deserve it. Eventually, someone who does appreciate you will come along and treat you the way you deserve to be.

Since your happiness is essential, you should never have to beg someone to treat you well. Instead, save your energy for someone who will never have to be asked twice to show you affection.

4. Begging Won’t Make Your Partner Love You

You cannot force someone to love you, and no amount of begging will change their mind. Just like with you, you can’t force an emotion to be happy. So, if this person doesn’t care to give you love, attention, or affection now, they’ll likely never care to.

5. It Extends Your Recovery Time

If your partner isn’t all-in, you’re going to feel sad and lonely often throughout the relationship. Eventually, the relationship will end one way or another. So, you shouldn’t spend your time being upset about the way you feel in your relationship.

You already feel bad that they aren’t giving you love and affection, so you might as well end it instead. The pain will occur in both instances, but do not force this relationship to work. Instead, move on. You will get through the hurt more quickly. By dragging the connection on any longer, you’ll only be pushing back your healing timeline.

6. It Can Stop You from Meeting the Right Person

When you are putting your energy into someone who doesn’t love you, you could be missing out on something better. There is, indeed, someone special out there who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. Do not let the right one pass you by because you are trying to gain the affection of someone who doesn’t want it.

If you stay in a poor relationship with someone you have to beg, the right person won’t be an option. Don’t put yourself in this position because you deserve true happiness and love someday.

7. It Can Cause Your Self-Worth to Diminish

Your self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence will all take a massive hit if you beg for love from your partner. It’s demeaning to you, as well, and will make you feel like you are unworthy. You have to remember that you are worthy and that it is your partner’s loss.

A relationship should only make you want to be better, and it should make you happy more often than sad. It should boost your feelings of confidence and make you feel secure about who you are. It should never cause your self-worth to be diminished.

Here are twelve signs that your significant other is ruining your self-esteem.

8. You are Perfect for Someone Else

Even though no one is perfect, you are perfect for someone. Remember this and remind yourself that if you have to beg your partner for love, you aren’t ideal for them. Don’t waste the fantastic things you have to offer on someone who doesn’t see how special you are.

Someone will want to be there for all you have to offer and for your flaws. They will love your imperfections just as much as they love everything else about you. Wait for that person who will accept everything about you and love you just the same, it’s worth it.

9. It Gives Your Partner the Upper Hand

When you beg for love, it makes the other person feel like they are above you. If the relationship continues after you beg, their treatment of you will only be worse because of it. The connection will never be equal, and you will always feel like something is missing.

They may use the begging against you and make it sound like they did you a favor. Or, the person could even use your plea as a tool to hurt you further by creating a joke out of it. Don’t make it even easier on your partner to hurt you.

Even worse, they may use it as an opportunity to use you. They would see that you are willing to do anything to gain their love. This scenario could lead to them, making you do things you aren’t comfortable with or that make you unhappy.

10. You Shouldn’t Have to Prove Your Worth

If your partner doesn’t see your worth, they don’t deserve your time or energy. You are worthy of someone who wants to spend time with you and who loves you. When that special someone wants to be with you and values who you are, they will make every effort to be there.

Instead of feeling so badly in your relationship, it’s better to wait it out until someone amazing comes along. This will help your self-esteem and confidence, and it will give you the chance to meet new people.

What to Do to Avoid Feeling You Must Beg for Your Partner’s Love

If your partner doesn’t answer your phone calls, stop calling them. Plus, if they are never the ones to call first, stop being the one to connect.

Either they will notice that your presence is missing, or you will realize that you deserve better. As your calls go unanswered, you will only feel worse, so avoid it, and it will help you move on.

Don’t wait for your partner, either. If you’re not positive, they’ll come through for plans or to talk. Please do what you want to do and make plans as you feel like it. If they wanted to spend time with you, they would have set up schedules or let you know they wanted to.

Take this time to realize that you will find someone who values you and cherishes your time spent together. You shouldn’t beg for love, because then you’ll never know what real love is like. Someone else will cherish you the way you are looking for.

Finally, learn to love yourself. If you can truly love yourself, you won’t feel like you have to beg for love from anyone. You will know your value and know that you deserve more than you are receiving. Loving yourself will help you wait for the right person to come along, and you’ll be available when they do.

beg for loveFinal Thoughts on Reasons Why Nobody Should Beg for Love from Their Partner

If you feel like you must beg for love for your partner, you have to do what is best for you. Remember to value yourself and give your time to those who willingly give their time, too. Instead, fill your life with people who love you and make you feel happy.

You deserve to be happy and to have everything you ever wanted in a relationship. If you beg for love, you aren’t getting what you wanted and what you deserve.

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Therapist Reveals 15 Ways Nagging Harms Relationships


In a relationship, nagging usually doesn’t accomplish anything except making both partners distance themselves from each other. Therapists agree that it is something that can tear a relationship apart.

Sally Connolly, LCSW, LMFT, a therapist with over 30 years of experience, says the following about this behavior:

“Nagging, or making the same request over and over again, usually does not get the desired result. Instead, it generally leads to a downward spiral with negative thoughts and feelings about each other and withdrawing, feeling discounted, misunderstood, controlled or unimportant.”

If you find yourself in a continuous cycle of pestering your partner about the same things, you can be doing more harm than good. You may not even realize the damage it’s doing until it’s too late.

15 Ways That Nagging Can Cause Hard Feelings in a Relationship

Here are 15 ways that, according to therapists, nagging can harm your relationship.

1. Your partner feels like you aren’t listening to them.

At some point and time, your partner may have revealed to you why they won’t do whatever it is you keep bugging them about. Maybe you didn’t agree, or perhaps you forgot. Either way, your partner will feel like you just aren’t listening to how they think about a particular situation. When a person feels like they aren’t being heard, they stop trying to talk to you. They may feel like the situation is hopeless.

2. There is a breakdown in communication.

This goes hand in hand with the first tip. Because your partner feels like you aren’t listening, they may stop trying to communicate with you altogether. There will be no more feedback on what you’re saying. They may begin to ignore you entirely, which will probably make your nagging worse. Eventually, you’ll start to feel just like your partner does – that they aren’t listening – and communication will break down between the two of you.

3. Arguments become more passive-aggressive.

After a breakdown in communication, the only thing that’s left is taking jabs at each other. Talking is getting you nowhere. Arguing is getting you nowhere. Now you’re left with resentment, which can manifest itself in the form of passive-aggressive behavior. This can further alienate your partner, as well as yourself. You’ll find yourself in a hostile relationship, which isn’t healthy for either one of you. It won’t last long with things being that way.

4. It can make your partner feel like you’re trying to his or her mother.

People love their mothers, and they may even seek out partners that have the same traits as their mother. This is especially true for men. However, that doesn’t mean they want to date their mother. You don’t want to be your partner’s mother any more than they want you to, but when you constantly nag your partner, it can remind them of how their mother used to get on them.

5. It just makes life dull and annoying.

No one wants to be around someone that gets on their nerves all the time. Just imagine if you must be around someone who is always pestering you, bothering you, telling you what you’re doing wrong, or getting on you about something. Yes, it’s frustrating being around or living with someone who won’t listen, but being a nag is never the answer. You need to find common ground on the situation.

6. It can make your partner tune you out.

The silent treatment. That would probably get on your nerves more than arguing would. Your partner may decide that they aren’t going to deal with your nagging. They are just going to ignore you and tune you out when your lips start moving. This can get irritating because they may begin tuning you out even during times that you aren’t a nag. They ignore you all the time now.

7. It can put your partner under a lot of stress.

Your partner may not know what to expect from you when you continuously nag them, and this can put them under a lot of stress. They don’t know how to act in front of you, what to say to you, or how to react to you. They may feel like you resent them or that they can’t please you. Not knowing what to do or say in front of someone you care about can create so much stress that you don’t want to be around that person. This is what can happen to your partner.

bad communication
Here are five signs of poor communication in a marriage (and why this spells trouble!)

8. Your partner may begin to dread seeing you.

From the last tip, where your partner is stressed out, they’ll begin to dread seeing you because being around you isn’t a pleasant experience. They’ll start to expect drama from you, and no one likes to deal with drama. You can be sure that once you get to a point where your partner dreads seeing you, your relationship will be close to coming to an end.

9. Your partner may begin to confide in someone else.

You can probably think back to when you and your partner could talk about anything. That may not be the case anymore. You may begin to notice that you don’t speak as much or at all. This means your partner is probably confiding in someone else. It could be a friend or family member. You should hope that it’s not another romantic partner. Just keep in mind that your partner is human. If you make it difficult for them to talk to you, they’ll end up talking to someone else.

10. Your partner may begin to speak ill of you to others.

When your partner begins to confide in others, it might not be all pleasant talk. It’s going to hurt if you find out that your partner is saying bad things about you behind your back. Your partner probably needs an outlet to express how they’re feeling. Unfortunately, if you constantly nag them, they probably aren’t feeling good, so they’re probably not saying good things.

11. Your partner might lose their self-esteem.

When someone is continuously told that they’re doing something wrong, they may begin to feel like they can’t do anything right. It will start to weigh on their confidence and self-esteem. The last thing you want to do is to make your partner feel bad. You nag because they aren’t listening to you, and it can be frustrating. However, it would be best if you found a better way to communicate because you’re only making your partner feel bad about themselves.

12. It can make your partner react in a way they’ll regret later.

All that passive-aggressive behavior and the hit to their self-esteem can make your partner react in a way that they don’t intend to. Remember, your partner is human. People can only take so much before they snap. Don’t let things get to that point. Cut out the nagging before things escalate to the point of no return.

13. Your partner might stop coming home.

If you live with your partner, you probably expect them to come home each night. You may begin to notice that your partner has to “work late” all the time. It may get to a point where your partner stops coming home altogether. That’s going to cause a lot of additional problems in your relationship.

14. It can lead to depression.

When you constantly nag your partner, everything starts to break down, as discussed in the previous tips. This can lead to both of you being extremely unhappy with each other. You may love each other, but you can’t stand to be around each other. Now you’re both depressed, and your relationship is in jeopardy.

15. It can lead to substance abuse.

When all other methods of coping fail, substance abuse could be next on the list. This can happen to you, as well as your partner. This is probably the worst thing that could come from constant nagging. Substance abuse will introduce a whole host of new problems to the relationship. Old issues won’t even stand a chance of being solved. You should stop being a nag before things get to this point.

naggingFinal Thoughts on How Nagging Can Cause Breakdown of Love and Trust in Your Relationship

Understandably, you nag your partner because they aren’t doing something right, no matter how many times you bring it up. You’re irritated and frustrated, and you probably don’t know how else to get through to your partner. However, nagging is never the answer. It only makes things worse.

You need to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with your partner. Get their feedback on what’s happening between the two of you and make sure you listen and consider their side of things. This should help to clear up the situation, but if it doesn’t, then you need to consider the fact that the issue may never be resolved. You need to decide if it’s a relationship dealbreaker or a quirky habit that you can live with.

Whatever you decide to do, stop nagging your partner all the time.

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Doctors Reveal an Embarrassing Health Problem Affects 25% of Women


As a woman, there are certain things that you don’t want to discuss with anyone, not even your doctor. If you have an embarrassing health problem, you will suffer in silence. When you’ve had children, it can do strange things to the pelvic floor and cause urinary incontinence. However, you don’t need to give birth to have issues with bladder control.

Alarming Statistics of An Embarrassing Health Problem

Did you know that there are more than 25 million people in this country that suffer from a form of urinary incontinence, and of those people, 75 percent are females? It’s an extremely uncomfortable subject to talk about, let alone buy products to prevent a humiliating accident.

It takes about 6.5 years for a woman to seek help for this embarrassing health problem. Yet, the trouble is so common that it affects millions of people worldwide. Over 20 percent of women between the ages of 18-44 will struggle with the loss of control from UI, which is about one in four. However, after 60 years of age, the number dips to 23 percent.

Did you know that women are twice as likely to have problems with UI than men? The chief cause of these issues is childbirth, but it’s not the only reason. You must arm yourself with knowledge about the subject so that you can do something about it.

Common Causes of UI

Many things can cause the bladder area to misfunction. Some of the most common are as follows:

•Persistent Coughing
•Being Overweight or Obese
•Frequent Urinary Tract Infections
•Obstructions of the bladder
•Weak Muscles Loss of Sphincter Strength
•Nerve damage
•Neurological Disorders

Understanding the Different Types of Urinary Incontinence (an embarrassing health problem for many)

Yes, some people are cured of their incontinence, while others find methods to manage their difficulties. The first thing you should understand is the four different types that plague a woman.

Once you know the kind of incontinence you’re dealing with, you can take proactive steps to handle it. Here are the different varieties.

• Stress Incontinence

You may experience stress incontinence when you laugh, sneeze, or cough. A small amount of urine leaks out of the urethra and spills out of your body. Of all the varieties of incontinence, SI is the most common. Doctors typically see this problem in older women, though it can happen to you at any age.

The muscles in the pelvic floor have become weakened, or the sphincter muscle in the bladder is not functioning as it should. The risk for those with SI is obesity, smoking cigarettes, and those who chronically cough. Though this is an embarrassing problem, the amount of urine that leaks is usually not significant.

Most women can control SI by wearing a pad or disposable brief throughout the day. Thankfully, you can correct this by doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor as well as trying bladder training. In bladder training, you learn to hold your bladder longer by not giving in to those frequent urges to urinate. If these methods fail, then there are surgical remedies to consider.

yoga for lower back pain
Learn tips on strengthening your pelvic floor after having a baby.

• Urge Incontinence

Urge incontinence, unlike SI, is an indication that there is a problem within the bladder system. Women who experience this variety feel a sudden urge to urinate and may lose control of their bladder before getting to the bathroom. You may hear your doctor refer to this condition as an overactive bladder.

UI occurs when the bladder contracts abnormally. In a healthy bladder, the sphincter muscles effectively control the flow of urine. However, when these muscles become damaged, they contract more often than they should, which causes the bladder to be overactive. The force from the contraction is enough to override the muscles found in the urethra, so the urine inside your bladder leaks outside the body.

Why does the bladder experience these premature contractions in UI? The most common causes are from:

•Parkinson’s Disease
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Spinal Cord Damage
•An Irritated Bladder

Your bladder can become irritated by many things, including drinking too much soda and avoiding water. They can use many different treatment forms for UI, depending on the cause. If there is damage caused by a significant illness, electrical stimulation to the bladder may help.

They can also use behavioral treatments to try to minimize the damage and bring relief. Unlike stress incontinence, this one is a bit trickier to treat.

• Mixed Incontinence

Roughly 14 percent of women who have incontinence will face a mixed variety. The condition is diagnosed when you face two or more types of bladder control issues, like stress and urinary incontinence. Experts surmise that when the muscles become weak in the bladder area that it sets off a chain reaction in the region that causes two varieties.

When you have mixed incontinence, you can leak when you laugh, cough, or exercise at the gym. Additionally, you may also have urgency problems and feel like you can’t get to the bathroom quickly enough.

• Temporary Incontinence

Yet another type of incontinence is the temporary variety. Sometimes, things can irritate the bladder or cause temporary damage, but the body can soon heal and overcome them. For instance, a urinary tract infection irritates the bladder area, and the disease makes things out of whack.

With temporary incontinence, the symptoms go away as soon as the situation is resolved. So, when you treat the underlying condition, like the UTI, then the bladder leakage will go away.

• Overflow Incontinence

Overflow incontinence is leakage that comes about from a loss of strength from the bladder muscles. It can also be the cause of an obstruction in the bladder where the urine empties. The most common problem with this UI is that women cannot empty their bladder completely, so they retain urine.

You may find yourself having the urge to go to the bathroom frequently, but you may not be able to fully empty all the urine that’s in there, causing further issues.

• Functional Incontinence

Functional incontinence is an embarrassing health problem that is observed in people with psychological issues. It affects children and adults on the autism spectrum and those who suffer from social anxiety disorders and other mental disturbances.

A woman who is afraid to go into the public restroom may hold her bladder all day until the bladder leaks under pressure. She may only feel comfortable using the facilities at home. Another angle with FI is that a person cannot get to the bathroom in time.

For those with arthritis and reduced vision, it may make those trips to the bathroom difficult or nearly impossible. Having a portable potty-chair might be helpful when a person cannot get to the restroom in time.

• Complete Incontinence

No one likes to feel a loss of control from their bladder, especially when they’re not close to a bathroom. Sadly, when you have a CI, you cannot control your bladder functions at all. These are often people who have went years with an undiagnosed problem that never got treatment.

Additionally, CI is often seen in older people who have weak muscles, which affects the muscles in the bladder area. Some surgical maneuvers may be helpful, but it’s usually not something that can be treated. Many people live with this embarrassing health problem and never talk to anyone about it.

cranberry juice for uti
Make homemade cranberry juice to alleviate a urinary tract infection–here’s how.

Final Thoughts on Treating This Embarrassing Health Problem

Treating incontinence is not always straightforward, especially if you have a couple of varieties. The first step is to identify which type you have so that a treatment plan can be formulated. Even though this is an embarrassing health problem, you must reach out to your doctor for help.

When you have bladder leakage, you don’t know if it’s caused by childbirth or cancer until you are checked. One of the first things that a doctor will do is a cystoscopy. A cystoscopy is a non-invasive test that looks at the walls of the bladder.

During this test, your doctor will be able to see if you have a muscle problem or damage to the pelvic floor. Your medical history will also play a significant part in your diagnosis as conditions like Parkinson’s, and MS can affect your nerves in this area.

Once the problem has been identified, then the goal is to treat the issue. Sometimes, a simple fix is strengthening those muscles with Kegels, while other times, the bladder might need to be tucked. Additionally, any extra weight that you carry around can put pressure on your mid-section and affect the bladder. Losing weight may be the simplest way to end this embarrassing health problem.

The key is not to wait until the damage is severe. Don’t be like statistics, and let years pass with no answers. Call and make an appointment today so that you can live your life without fear of embarrassment. There are treatment options that can reduce or eliminate the difficulties you’re having.

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15 Misconceptions About Extroverts Never to Ignore


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? These two personality types are often used to describe people from all walks of life. Sadly, there are many misconceptions among these personalities as people like to classify an individual as one or the other.

Did you know that you can be a combination of both personality types? Extroverts are known for being cheerful, socially generous, and frank with their conversations. While the introvert is often quiet, reserved, and would prefer a quiet evening at home rather than spending it out on the town.

Carrying a conversation with an extrovert comes easy as you don’t have to worry about awkward silence as they can talk to anyone about anything. Some think these folks are loud, insensitive, and often are attention-seeking folks. However, are these stereotypes true?

Fifteen Misconceptions About Extroverts That Are Not True

There’s always more than what meets the eye, and the same rings true for the extrovert. Here are 15 common misconceptions about extroverted people that you should know.

1. Extroverts Must Be the Center of Attention

Many people get lots of attention, but this club is not for extroverts only. Being outspoken and having the ability to voice your opinion means you have a strong personality, and introverts can have strong opinions.

2. They Enjoy Public Speaking

Is there anyone that enjoys speaking to a crowd? Even the most seasoned people still get butterflies and sweat a little bit when giving a presentation. Both the introvert and the extrovert may experience nervous issues when engaging in public speaking, or they may be excellent with it.

However, it’s not fair to lump everyone into a category because people are still individuals with unique characteristics outside of their typical personality type. Remember, these are individuals with their thoughts and feelings, and they don’t have to fit nice and neatly into a mold.

3. Jabber Incessantly

Some people love to talk, and others have little to say. Do you have a friend that likes to chatter always? It doesn’t mean that they have extroverted ways; it could be caused by nervous conditions like anxiety, ADHD, or bipolar disorder.

People assume that those who are extroverted love to jabber, but not everyone fits into these patterns. Some extroverts have strong opinions, but some don’t like to share their thoughts with just anyone.

4. They’re Superficial

It’s commonly believed that these people love to keep things on a superficial level. While they may be outgoing, they don’t want the topics of conversation to get too deep. The extrovert is usually a good listener because they ingest the information they learn and love to share it with the next person.

5. They’re Not Good at Listening

Wrong! It’s already been proven that these people may like to keep things on a surface level about themselves, but they will be more than happy to talk about your deepest and most sacred secrets. Since they love to chatter, they want to learn everything they can from you to make their next conversation worthwhile.

Extroverted people are eager to learn, so listening is usually not a problem. Consequently, they may love to gossip too.

6. They Have Limitless Energy

You may picture these people as the Energizer Bunny that keeps going and going. However, they are human beings with the same feelings and emotions as you. They get tired, their energy becomes depleted, and they must recharge their batteries.

If you see an extrovert with abundant energy, then it can be caused by an underlying medical condition like ADHD. There’re no secret energy reserves as they can run out of steam just like the next person.

7. Extroverts Don’t Like to Be Alone

Indeed, some people don’t like to be alone, even for five minutes. Individuals who crave the security of those around them can be both introverted and extroverted. Everyone needs time to decompress, but these people can do it with or without you.

When someone doesn’t like to be alone, there are almost always some issues of childhood neglect or other psychological problems that come into play.

8. They Don’t Need to Recharge

Each person has a limit of energy they can use for the day. When this energy level depletes, it’s time to decompress and recharge.

It has nothing to do with having an outgoing personality, but it has more to do with your body makeup and overall health. It’s another misconception that an extrovert has limitless energy.

9. They’re Self-Absorbed

Sure, some people are self-absorbed, but an extrovert loves to engage with people in social settings. They want to hear about your day, your life, and what’s happening around you. Don’t believe that they only care about their life because that’s not true.

10. They Tend to Be Happier People

Having an optimistic outlook in life tends to allow them to fare better in the face of controversy, but their personality also comes into play. Happiness isn’t always manifested the same in everyone, so don’t be so quick to judge that someone is happy just because they are loud and extroverted.

11. Extroverts Love Meeting New People and Don’t Get Nervous

Another common misconception about this personality is that they don’t get nervous when engaging with new folks. The thing is they may be better at hiding their nerves than the introvert.

They may talk more, talk louder, and be the first to jump in line to meet someone new, but that doesn’t mean that their nerves are not playing tricks. It just means they use different coping skills to deal with the situation.

12. They’re Not Shy

Their cheerful character and friendly personality may make you think that extroverts don’t have sensitivity. Nonetheless, they have periods of life when they are up and periods when they’re down. Just like anyone else, extroverts are sensitive to the feelings of others as well as being attentive to their struggles.

Everyone has moments in life that may cause them to feel shy. In the right situation, even the extrovert can have moments when their face turns red with embarrassment. Think of the last time you chased your office crush. The gift of gab doesn’t come so accessible to anyone during something like that.

13. They Don’t Care What You Think

Extroverts may put up a strong front that your opinion doesn’t matter, but deep down inside where it counts, what you say does affect them. The outgoing person draws their strength from those around them, and they’re happiest when they’re listening to other folks’ opinions and ideas.

Shockingly, they will be the last people you should suspect that don’t care about what you have to say or what you’re thinking.

14. They Don’t Have Close Friends

Their love of mingling and intermingling with folks doesn’t impinge on their capability of sustaining healthy relationships and closeness. Extroverts tend to keep a vast circle of acquaintances, but they also have close friends that they keep in proximity.

15. They’re Fake

Many people believe that someone who has an extrovert personality is often fake. Shockingly, their character is only one part of the puzzle that makes up the person. This individual can be fake, but it’s unfair to categorize them.

A study in 2011 found that an extroverted person’s brain is different from that of an introvert. Their need to have stimulation continually has to do with the way they process dopamine. They seek pleasure from others and continuously need to be stimulated.

Did you know that extroverted people have a higher risk of developing a chemical dependency? It has to do with the way their brains are wired and how they crave stimulation. To be successful in work and life, this person must learn how to maximize their strengths.

extrovertsFinal Thoughts on Understanding the Misconceptions About Extroverts

Do you fit more into the introverted category, or are you more extroverted? Perhaps you are a combination of the two personality types. Did you see some things on the list that surprise you?

It’s easy to form opinions based on the experience and views of a few people. Thankfully, each person is unique, and as an individual, some characteristics are solely theirs. Do you know any famous people that fit into the extroverted category type?

Did you know that there are more extroverted people in this world than introverted ones? Some famous individuals with an extrovert personality type include Oprah, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Jerry Seinfeld, and Matthew Perry.

When it comes to the introverts, you can group people like Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Brooke Shields, and Arnold Schwarzenegger into this category.

Do you see any of your personality in any of these actors? It’s possible you are a combination, and it’s okay to break the mold. Extroverts are often misunderstood, but many misconceptions can be quickly cleared with a little education about personalities.

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15 Benefits of Hiking With Friends


Camping is one of the most popular pastimes for people everywhere. It’s an excellent group activity that offers a lot of benefits for everyone. There are plenty of reasons why camping, exploring the trails and hiking are beneficial. These reasons amplify when you share the experience with your friends.

Below are 15 great benefits that you’ll get from camping and hiking with your friends.

1. You get to spend time together.

Spending time with friends is always a welcome experience. These days, it’s easy to get so busy that time with friends becomes scarce. A great camping trip is a perfect way to make up for all that missed quality time with those closest to you.

Camping is also great because you can fit it into your schedule for as little or as long as you’d like. You could make it a day trip, or you could camp out for a few days.

2. You’ll get a lot of exercise.

What better way to get fit than getting fit with your friends? You’ll get plenty of exercise on a hike. You’ll get a full-body workout.

A camping trip, especially if you plan to camp for a few days, is one of the best physical challenges you can do. It can be very motivational to share that fitness journey with some of your best friends. Plus, getting fit together helps to ensure that you’ll have a long life with your friends.

3. You’ll build stronger bones and muscles.

As previously stated, hiking is excellent exercise. However, your bone health will benefit tremendously. All the trekking and climbing over different terrain pushes your muscles and bones to the max. Plus, soaking up all that vitamin D from the sun helps also.

This push will help break down bone and muscle in a way that, when you rest, they heal and become stronger. Since you’re sharing the experience with friends, you probably won’t even think of it as a workout. You’ll have a lot of fun without thinking about “exercise”.

4. You can bond without everyday distractions.

Spending time with your friends during everyday life can be full of distractions. You have work, phones, social media, family, kids, and so much more. When you go camping, you get to put all of that to the side and enjoy being with your friends.

Being able to put the bonding experience first over everything else can make your friendships so much more durable. You’ll be able to pay attention to each other more than ever.

5. It is a great reason to go shopping together (have to get the cutest hiking gear).

If you and your friends like shopping, going camping is a perfect excuse to spend some money. After all, you’ll need clothing and gear. You’ll want to get the best deals, so this gives you a reason to go to more than one store.

Even if shopping isn’t your thing, it can still be fun to pick out your camping gear with your friends. You can all coordinate together as a unit to make sure that you have everything you need. It’s mostly a reason for you to hang out with your friends.

6. It’s a healthy way to do friendly competitions.

Friendly competition is fun and motivational when it’s done right. Hiking and camping are great ways for you and your friends to challenge each other. You can see who would be the best “survivor”.

It could be fun to see who the better hunter or, the better angler is. Maybe you can make a bet to see who pitches a tent faster or who can start a campfire more quickly. There are plenty of ways to turn a camping trip into a string of friendly competitions.

Staying motivated during these little competitions won’t be hard. You can think about having those bragging rights when you go back home.

7. Camping is a great way to open dialogue.

The hustle and bustle of daily life can sometimes hamper dialogue between people. Even if you’re BFFs for life, it can be challenging to find the right time to talk about certain things when you or your friends are always busy.

Camping is a way to slow life down. When you do this, you can finally get around to talking about those critical topics you’ve been putting off. You may even discover new shared interests with friends by opening the dialogue between you all.

8. You can create unique memories together.

If you go hiking with your friends, you can be sure it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. The chances are that there will be some unique and funny moments that you’ll be recalling years into the future. Creating fun and exciting memories is a great way to get closer to your friends.

9. It can put you in a good mood.

Scientists and medical experts everywhere agree that exercise releases endorphins. These endorphins make you feel good. They put you in a better mood and, in general, they make you happy.

This is further enforced by being with your friends. Hiking will release lots of endorphins, and you’ll likely have a lot of fun with your friends. That means it’s nothing but good times and good moods all around.

Meet nine people who connected with nature to heal their anxiety.

10. You’ll learn about nature together.

If you’re going to learn about something, what better way to do it than with your closest friends on a camping trip? Even if you’re a seasoned camper, you and your friends will probably learn something new every time you go camping.

Since you’ll be having fun, it won’t feel like school. You’ll casually learn things about the great outdoors. Who knows…you might even be able to use that newly acquired knowledge someday.

11. It reduces stress.

Going back to the point of getting a lot of exercise, hiking with your friends can reduce stress. This is because of those same endorphins that you get from all the exercise. Not only will they put you in a better mood, but they’ll help to lower stress levels.

Another way it can lower stress levels is because you’re getting away from all of your stressors. You’re having fun with friends and becoming one with nature. You’ll probably even find time to be alone and enter into a meditative state. This will dramatically reduce stress.

12. You’ll get to travel together.

In your everyday life, you probably end up meeting your friends quite often. If you go on a camping trip with your friends, it’s a perfect opportunity to travel together rather than just meeting them at the destination.

Road trips with friends can be so much fun. Sightseeing, singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, and eating at random roadside diners are just a few of the fun experiences you can have when you travel together. Even if you fly instead of drive, you can still have fun travel experiences together.

13. It promotes teamwork.

Camping is a group activity. You’ll find yourself working with your friends, probably more than you have in a long time. You’ll either learn or be reminded of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

It can be fun to find out how well you all work together to solve problems. In fact, you might find that you don’t work well together! That’s okay – you can still be friends.

14. You can work out any problems that you may be having with your friends.

If you and your friend(s) have been having problems, a hiking or camping trip is a great way to work out those problems. For all the reasons stated previously, camping is an excellent opportunity to solve issues. You’re away from distractions, and you can open up and talk to each other.

All the activities that you’ll do put you in a good mood. That’s a plus when it comes to working out problems. If you and your friends are in a good mood, you’re more likely to talk it out than argue it out.

15. It’s fun.

You should go camping with your friends simply because it’s fun. You don’t need any other reason to go. Friends do fun stuff together, so camping is no exception to this.

Even if camping isn’t really your thing, it’s still nice to show your friends some support by doing thing that they think is fun. You’ll probably surprise yourself by enjoying the trip a lot more than you had planned to.

hiking with friendsFinal Thoughts on Heading to the Woods and Hiking with Friends

Any active outdoor activity like camping is always going to come with a lot of benefits, especially for your health. Camping with friends is an even better idea – you’re having fun around people who are your best friends for life.
These are the type of moments that you learn to cherish. Those moments that you share become stories that you get to tell your grandchildren in the future. Don’t delay any longer. Go out there and make it happen!

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