Science Explains How Fenugreek Can Grow Your Hair Faster


If you want to grow your hair faster, you might have great luck with fenugreek. In fact, science has shown that this herb can actually do just that!

Not only that, but it can help you to have healthy, thick hair. The best part of the plant to use for your hair is the seeds.

Learn more by reading the rest of the article. Here’s what you need to know about this effective way to increase hair growth:

1. Fenugreek Seeds Contain Multiple Nutrients For Your Hair

The nutrients that you eat have an effect on your hair. These seeds contain vitamin C, protein, potassium, iron, lecithin, and nicotinic acid. Here’s what you need to know about each of these compounds:

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can help to improve the functioning of your immune system, and this can protect your hair. There are a variety of infections that can impede your body’s ability to grow hair; having a healthy immune system can help you to fight them off.

  • Protein

    Protein is especially beneficial for people who may be developing baldness; it may even cure the condition for some people! In fact, many different types of protein in the product can make your hair grow. This greatly improves the effectiveness of the herb.

  • Potassium

    If you’re starting to get grey hair, you may find that potassium works wonders for you, and there’s a lot of it in this herb. A potassium deficiency is a contributing factor to grey hair, and this deficiency can be corrected by this herb quite well.

  • Iron

    The iron helps to promote blood flow to your scalp, and this can improve hair growth. Cells need nutrients to ensure that they remain healthy. This is not possible without adequate blood flow to the cells in the scalp.

  • Lecithin

    The lecithin helps you to have stronger hair follicles, great for people with sensitive hair. In addition, lecithin can help to make hair look shinier, and this can very much improve the look of long hair.

  • Nicotinic Acid

    This compound has a unique ability to directly promote hair growth. This makes it great for people hoping to grow their hair or those suffering from hair loss. Many commercial products designed to promote hair growth contain this essential compound, and this compound can have an exceptionally powerful effect.

  • Phytoestrogens

    A variety of phytoestrogens are contained in the seeds, but these compounds do not tend to have systemic effects. Therefore, these compounds do not cause problematic side effects, because these compounds do not act on the estrogen receptors in humans.

2. It Has A Long History Of Use

The herb has been used for many centuries, and the use of fenugreek dates back to ancient India. Here’s what you need to know about the history of the product’s use:

It Has Been Used In Many Cultures

Not only has it been used extensively in ancient India, but it also has had a significant history of use in a variety of western cultures. In addition, it was first used roughly 4,000 BC in the middle east. The ancient Egyptians also documented the medicinal properties of the herb.

3. Preparing Fenugreek Seeds Is Easy

It can also be combined with other herbs. For instance, you can mix it with products used in conditioners, and you can actually find it in some commercially sold conditioners. In fact, you may mix the seeds with essential oils known to promote hair growth, such as olive oil.

Another great oil to combine them with is coconut oil, and this will help to make the product more effective as well. Also, you don’t need that many of the seeds in order for it to be effective; as little as a few tablespoons of them can be effective for many people.

4. Fenugreek Softens Hair As Well

The fact that it softens hair helps to ensure that the extra hair growth is as healthy as possible, and this also greatly improves the appearance of the new hair growth. Softer hair tends to be less vulnerable to damage as a result of environmental factors.

Here are some things to know about how fenugreek strengthens and softens hair:

You Will Have Stronger Hair

The texture of your hair will change in ways that make it not only softer but stronger as well. This helps to ensure that it will retain its lustrous appearance over time.

Want strong and shiny hair? You must nourish it first!

The Seeds Act As Both A Conditioner And A Moisturizer

This means that the moisture retaining capacity of your hair cells will increase, and the conditioning effect will prevent matted hair.

5. Scientific Studies On The Herb Appear Promising

The compounds within it have been clearly identified. The same cannot be said of many other hair growth promoting herbs.

Here’s what you need to know about some important studies that have been done on it:

A Study On Fenugreek And Hair Loss in Rabbits

A study on rabbits (1) found that the herb can promote hair growth to a similar extent as prescription hair growth medications. This means that it can prove highly beneficial for people suffering from hair loss.

A Study On Hair Loss In Mice

The study on mice (1) also found the effects of the herb comparable to conventional medications for hair loss in mice. Concentrations of 1 to 10% of the compound were used on mice, and the herb is thought to be effective at these concentrations in humans as well.

Fenugreek Effective for Humans

There was a study that had 60 volunteer participants (1). This study found that the herb can be quite effective for promoting hair growth in humans. The study lasted for six months; while the placebo group did not report any changes at all in their hair, the group that received the herb found that their hair grew and was less vulnerable to shedding. Researchers believe that it contains steroid saponins, and these compounds are DHT inhibitors that can promote hair growth.

6. The Seeds Can Be Added To Foods

Not only can you apply the seeds to your scalp topically, but you can also add the seeds to various dishes. This will promote hair growth by increasing the level of essential nutrients in your body. Here are some great ways that you can add the seeds to foods to create a delicious meal:

It Can Be Used To Spice Curries

These dishes go great with chicken. There are a variety of recipes for curried chicken that you can choose from to receive the benefits of the herb. Another great example is curry spiced quinoa. This dish can go great with many meals.

It Makes A Great Addition To Fish And Clam Dishes

The herb goes great with sauces and seasonings for seafood. This is especially true if you are combining seafood with mushrooms. In addition to clams, another type of seafood that the herb goes great with is salmon. You can find many different salmon dishes that it can go well with.

Add It To Salad

The seeds can be delicious on a wide range of salads. Many people find that it is especially delicious in spring onion salad, and this is a popular way to consume the herb.

Mix It With Cottage Cheese

The herb can go great with cottage cheese, and this can make for a great breakfast dish. Many breakfast dishes that cottage cheese can go extremely well with, and it often tastes great when mixed with avocados.

The Herb Goes Great With Peas

The herb is a common ingredient in dishes that contain peas, as the flavors tend to complement each other. You can combine flavored peas with dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Mix It With Flour

You can enjoy the benefits of the herb in baked goods by mixing it with flour; it can also improve the flavor of a lot of dishes. There are numerous baked dishes that it can go well with, such as a wide variety of breads that can allow you to appreciate the unique flavor of the herb.

Final Thoughts On Fenugreek

The seeds of this powerful herb are extremely useful for hair growth, and evidence shows that it is both safe and effective. In addition, many people who have tried it found the herb highly beneficial. It also can improve your overall health since according to Dr. Urgo:

“Taking fenugreek orally will affect other areas of the body, not just the follicles. As it passes through the digestive tract, it travels throughout your blood stream.”

Furthermore, the herb can either be applied directly to the scalp in the form of hair care products or it can be taken internally. There are compounds in the herb that can be beneficial this way as well.

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21 Amazing Benefits Of Oranges For Health, Skin And More (#4 Is Dreamy)


Oranges are delicious and juicy, and they are a healthy snack option. They are also so much more than that as they are beneficial to your health, skin, and so much more. You can use both the fruit and the peel, experiencing the benefits of oranges in both forms.

The next time you go to the grocery store, stock up on this fruit for an inexpensive, multi-benefit treat. As an added bonus, this fruit smells good and can awaken the senses. Discussed below are some of the many other benefits of citrus fruit.

Benefits of Oranges for Health, Skin, and More

1. Moisturize skin

Each orange contains natural oils which help your skin retain moisture. Mixing juice from an orange with your favorite moisturizer will offer added benefits than just using your moisturizer alone. This will ensure that your skin will stay soft and healthy looking for much longer.

2. Slows down the signs of aging

Oranges contain antioxidants, so they fight free radicals. The slow down of free radicals results in the slow down of aging including the development of wrinkles. Additionally, these antioxidants can work to reverse the signs of aging.

3. Helps with exfoliating, reducing acne, and removing blackheads

The citric acid in orange works to exfoliate your skin in a natural way. Citric acid also helps reduce your acne by drying it out.

As an added bonus, the peel of the orange can be used as a DIY face mask that removes blackheads from deep in your skin. It offers a natural, comfortable way to remove them, and gives your skin a better appearance overall.

4. Can be used as a body scrub

This benefit is for the orange peel and not the actual orange. You will simply peel the orange and then grind the peel up. You can add it to your current body wash or you can create your own body wash.

The benefits come from the vitamin C in the peel, because the vitamin can give you a healthy, natural glow. You will look younger, and your skin will look more vibrant. Another tip is to rub the body scrub all over your body and allow it to sit on your skin for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

5. Prevent or reverse skin sagging

By improving the firmness of your skin, orange and the orange peels can reduce sagging and prevent it in the future. This is due to the vitamins, antioxidants, and natural oils found in the fruit.

6. Can prevent kidney stones

Studies have shown that those who consume oranges on a daily basis develop fewer kidney stones. This study included individuals who had kidney stones in the past and began consuming more orange product. This is due, in part, to the high water content of the fruit.

7. They can lower your cholesterol

Each orange contains hesperidin which is a natural chemical found in plants, and they also contain pectin which is a fiber that is only found in citrus fruits. The hesperidin and pectin both work to lower cholesterol by allowing your body to absorb fats at a slower rate.

8. Oranges can prevent diabetes

This fruit has a few different benefits when it comes to diabetes. First, they are low in calories and are safe to be consumed every day by a person with diabetes. The sugars found in this fruit are safe and can help balance the other sugar levels in your blood.

9. Reduces the effects of arthritis

The juice from an orange contains anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the inflammation that is caused by arthritis. In turn, the risks associated with arthritis are minimized.

10. Aids in digestion

An orange contains a large amount of fiber and can help you digest food easier and more effectively. This is because the fiber enhances the release of enzymes that are necessary for healthy digestion.

11. Reduces the likelihood of cancer

Oranges contain D-linonene, a compound found most frequently in citrus fruits and similar fruits. D-linonene fights and prevents cancers such as colon, lung, skin, and breast cancer. The Vitamin C content further protects your cells from developing cancer due to the reduction of free radicals.

12. Leads to a healthy heart

The fiber, hesperidin, and folate found in oranges work together to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Eating just one every day can lead to a healthier heart.

13. Enhances brain development

Each orange contains a high amount of folic acid, which leads to faster and more effective brain development. As a bonus, your memory and ability to focus can improve with the regular consumption of this citric fruit.

14. They can boost your immunity

The high levels of Vitamin C found in this citrus fruit aids in the production of white blood cells. A healthy white blood cell count leads to a healthy immune system. Each orange also contains flavonoids and polyphenols, both of which can help your body fight off viral infections in a natural way.

15. Encourages hair growth and health

Juice from an orange combined with honey and water can create a natural conditioner that leads to healthy, shiny, and soft hair. You simply leave it in your hair for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out.

16. There is a direct link to healthy bones

The calcium found in this juicy fruit improves the health of your bones and teeth. It makes them stronger which leads to less decay.

17. Can stop a migraine and reduce the frequency

Sometimes, migraines are caused by a lack of water intake. When your body is becoming dehydrated, migraines occur more often and can be more severe.

An orange is a great source of water, and consuming one a day can greatly increase the amount of water you are taking in each day. In turn, this can help stop a migraine and also prevent them from occurring in the future.

18. Allow for healthy arteries

Arteriosclerosis is the medical term for the hardening of arteries. This disease can be prevented with a healthy consumption of Vitamin C.

If you are like many other Americans, you are likely not consuming enough of this vitamin every day. By consuming an orange every day, you are giving your body a boost of vitamin C.

19. Can make your breath naturally fresh

Orange peels boiled in water or made into a tea can help improve the smell of your breath. If you suffer from bad breath, this method can improve your oral hygiene.

20. Reduces instances of stress, anxiety, and insomnia

The nutrients and other elements of an orange can improve your blood circulation, which has been proven to reduce the effects and the frequency of these conditions. This is due to the lymphatic system receiving better blood flow.

21. Makes your skin bright

Orange peels have many beauty benefits, and brightening your skin is one of them. Both the juice and the peel of an orange have properties that can enliven your skin. Each time you eat an orange or use one in a recipe you should save the peel for this reason.

Scrumptious, healthy, and…great for the skin.

Orange Peel Face Spray

Juice an orange (or two) and put the juice into a spray bottle. Spray it lightly on your face (close your eyes!) and allow it to dry. Your face will be noticeably brighter and more luminescent.

Boiled Water Leave-On Face Mask

This face mask requires the use of orange peels. Place the peels into a glass bowl and pour boiling hot water on top of them. Allow this to sit together overnight.

The next day, you should use a strainer to separate the liquid from the peels. Save the liquid, and apply it to your face. Allow it to dry completely and you should be left with a glowing face that seems more firm.

How You Can Increase Your Orange Consumption

While an orange makes a healthy, easy and delicious snack when you are on the go or in a hurry, you might get tired of the same thing pretty quickly if you are simply eating one as a snack each day. This is where other ideas will come in handy. Some unique ways to add more of the fruit to your diet include:

  • pair them with cottage cheese
  • drop your orange slices into your favorite yogurt
  • add orange slices to a salad
  • mix them into a smoothie
  • drink the juice
  • use the juice to make sauce
  • use them for baking
  • put orange slices on top of pancakes or waffles
  • add them to your favorite whole grain cereal
  • add a sliced orange to the pan while you are cooking chicken or steak
  • create a fruit salad with all of your favorite fruits combined together
  • Cover them in chocolate

Final Thoughts On The Benefits of Oranges

Oranges are the perfect snack. They are healthy, juicy, easy, and delicious. There are many other benefits of oranges, however.

The juicy citrus fruit can be used as a beauty product for your hair and face, and it can be a surprising addition to many of your favorite dishes and desserts. Consuming an orange each day also has many health benefits, allowing for benefits in all areas of your life.

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15 Effective Home Remedies For Treating Grey Hair


Although grey hair can be seen as a sign of maturity and intelligence for some, for others it is simply a cause for apprehension and anxiety.

If you’re not into the weathered look of grey hair, you may have tried conventional hair dyes in the past, with varying results. A lot of these dyes contain many chemicals which can end up doing more harm than good in the long run!

Lucky for you though, there are plenty of natural home remedies that you can try to add color back to your hair. To learn more about some of the best home remedies for treating grey hair, continue reading:

15 Effective Methods For Treating Grey Hair:

1. Black Strap Molasses

One great ingredient that can be used to slow the process of hair graying is black strap molasses. Not only can it reverse graying, but it may even restore your hair to its natural color!

If you are unfamiliar with this ingredient, black strap molasses is a very thick and dark liquid. It is a byproduct of the sugar-making process. After the sugar crystals are removed, what is left is black strap molasses!

Black strap molasses contains plenty of helpful minerals including manganese, iron, copper, and selenium, some of which help maintain the original color of your hair! The copper found in it may aid in adding pigments back to your hair, while the calcium and magnesium also found in it are important for healthy and strong hair.

2. Amla

Another great ingredient for you to consider if you’re trying to minimize grey hair is amla. Amla is one of the best sources of vitamin C available. It also features a whole host of beneficial antioxidants that enable you to grow healthier, thicker, fuller, and darker hair! It may also help lower your body heat, which is purported to be a leading cause of premature graying.

3. Onions

Another great ingredient that may be used in treating grey hair is onions! These root vegetables contain an antioxidant called catalase, which can help bring back your hair’s original color! Onions also contain other phytonutrients, as well as vitamin C, copper, and folic acid, which can all benefit your hair’s color.

In order to get the benefits of onion for your hair, you can of course eat it. You may also apply the juice of onion to your scalp as a way of reducing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in your hair, which is a cause of hair graying. Onion juice hair masks have surprisingly been used for centuries as a natural remedy for premature graying!

4. Seek Out Catalase

Some emerging research suggests that one of the primary causes of hair graying is the slow accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in your hair. Apparently, it acts to naturally bleach your hair!

Our bodies naturally produce an antioxidant enzyme called catalase, which breaks down this accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in our hair. As we age, though, our bodies produce less of this beneficial antioxidant. Some other factors which further slow the production of catalase include a poor diet and stress!

Consider eating foods high in catalase, such as onions, to supplement your body’s natural production!

5. WheatGrass Juice

Another great ingredient for you to try in order to combat premature hair graying is wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is chock-full of B vitamins, vitamin A, E, and C, chlorophyll, iron, selenium, calcium, copper, iodine, amino acids, and the previously mentioned catalase!

This large variety of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants make wheatgrass juice an effective home remedy for hair graying. In combination, these ingredients all act to help remove the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in your hair.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a real miracle ingredient. Besides its many benefits for your skin and body, it does a great job of keeping your hair healthy! Coconut oil may be used as a natural conditioner, to fight dandruff, and may even help slow the process of hair graying!

The way coconut oil prevents your hair from turning gray is purported to be by reducing your body heat.

7. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a time-tested home remedy for treating premature hair graying. Plenty of anecdotal evidence points to curry leaves when eaten regularly, being able to halt hair graying. Curry leaves contain many vital nutrients and antioxidants including calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, and C!

Curry leaves are not only great for your hair because they can halt hair graying, but they also provide nourishment to your hair, and can strengthen and promote healthier hair growth!

Consider using curry leaves in a hair mask to bring increased luster and body to your hair, while making it silky soft and smooth!

8. Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Alba is an amazing herb that not only fights premature hair graying but hair loss as well! It is considered the “king of herbs” in India when it comes to hair growth. This is to its profound ability to provide nourishment and rejuvenation to your hair.

By regularly using Eclipta Alba, your hair will likely grow in thicker and appear darker. You’ll likely also notice your hair growing much softer and shinier. It’s hard to argue with those results!

9. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years due to its many beneficial effects on our bodies and minds! If you’re looking for a natural remedy to fight premature hair graying, consider Ashwagandha. This amazing herb reverses the process of hair graying. It also may increase the softness of your skin, which can give it a younger appearance.

Consuming Ashwagandha may also provide you with improved hormone regulation and aid in reducing anxiety. It is also purported to improve your immune system!

In order to gain Ashwagandha’s benefits, you may either take a supplement containing this amazing herb or mix its powdered form in milk to make a healthy drink.

10. Vitamin B12

If you are deficient in vitamin B12, it may be the cause of your grey hair troubles! Some symptoms of a deficiency in this important vitamin include brain fog, confusion, and shortness of breath.

Some natural sources of vitamin B12 include fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products. If you maintain a vegan or even a vegetarian diet, you may very well be deficient! There are also plenty of medications and conditions which negatively affect your body’s ability to absorb this vitamin.

11. Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are seen as one of the top ingredients you can use in order to improve the health of your hair in traditional Chinese Medicine. Regularly consuming black sesame seeds provides your scalp with nourishment which goes onto to stimulate new hair growth. These seeds also increase melanocyte activity which increases melanin production. Melanin is a pigment that determines the color of your hair.

12. Henna

If you’re looking to avoid the chemical-laden hair dyes you often find at the supermarket, consider henna as a great natural alternative! Henna, when used as a hair dye, results in a reddish-brown color. You can mix it with a variety of other ingredients including indigo, coffee, and clove to vary the color of your hair. Henna is also a great conditioner for your hair and will add highlights, shine, and body to your hair.

Lustrous hair can be yours with the right vitamins in your diet.

In order to gain henna’s benefits for your hair, consider making a mask by mixing it with coffee or black tea. It should be the consistency of yogurt. After letting this mixture sit for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, add an additional tablespoon or two of olive oil and then apply it to your hair. Leave this mask in for a couple of hours and then simply rinse it out.

13. Indigo

Another great natural dye for your hair is indigo. Dying your hair with indigo results in a black or brown color, depending on the concentration. Indigo is sourced from the leaves of Indigofera tinctoria. It has been used for centuries as a coloring agent for fabrics such as silk and cotton.

14. Rosemary

Rosemary is not just a great herb to add to your cooking; this amazingly flavorful herb has also been used for a long time in order to darken the appearance of grey hair, and to slow down the process of premature hair graying! If you are experiencing hair loss or premature graying, consider adding rosemary to your diet!

Rosemary offers you a stimulating effect which acts to induce new hair growth. Additionally, a large number of beneficial antioxidants contained in it act to reduce free radical damage, which is especially damaging to the pigments in your hair.

15. Chamomile

If you’d like to restore your hair to its natural blonde color, consider the preparation of chamomile tea! Chamomile contains the color pigment apigenin, which can naturally dye your hair a beautiful golden hue!

Final Thoughts On Treating Grey Hair

If you are noticing signs of grey hair, consider some of these great home remedies in order to bring back your hair’s natural color! In order to truly gain the benefits from most of these home remedies, stay consistent with their application and use in order to reduce signs of grey hair, and bring back it’s natural luster!

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Renée Santos; Famed Comedian Is Using Her Experiences To Make The World A More Welcoming Place!


Renée Santos is a famed New-York based LGBTQ+ community comedian. She has been featured in a number of hit shows like ABC’s New Amsterdam, TNT’s Murder in the First, and Showtime’s Californication. She is a Latina and has experienced a life unlike anyone else. She uses these experiences to fuel her passion in the arts, while also working towards making the world a better place.

Where does Renée come from?

Renée Santos grew up in Massachusetts and is one of six siblings. She has four sisters and one brother. She is considered the “youngest of the oldest”, because she and her older sisters share both parents. Her younger siblings, however, only share a single parent. Renée has only seen both of her parents in the same room once – at her sister’s wedding. Her childhood was tumultuous. Her mother is a Cuban immigrant from Havana and her father is a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores. She grew up in a very religious household. Her parents divorced when she was just eight months old. Years later at just 14, Renée was placed in foster care because her mother was declared unfit to take care of her. A year later, she was pulled out of the foster care system by her biological father, who returned her only a year later because he did not want to take care of another child.

In high school, she lived in eight different homes. During this time, she went to four different high schools. She felt like an outcast, and like many other teenagers, she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. However, she was defiant unlike others her age. In a group therapy session, she heard that only three percent of children in foster care went to college. She was determined to be a part of that three percent.

With the help of her older sisters, she found the FAFSA form and applied for Federal Financial Aid. Through the program, she got a full scholarship in Emerson College, through the department of social services in Massachusetts.

After receiving her BFA in Acting and Writing in 2002, graduating magna cum laude, she drove across the country from Boston to LA, where she stayed for thirteen years to follow her dreams. After booking a Showtime special, she found great representation in New York City, so she moved back east, where she has been since 2015.

How successful is Renée Santos?

Renée believes she is very successful, however, her definition of success is not the same as most people. She defines her success based on her ability to be her fullest self. Even though her career plays an important role in her success, to her, success means being able to honor your purpose.

In 2002, after moving to LA, she realized she had stepped into a city where everyone had the same dream as she did. This made her feel invisible. She knew that her purpose on this planet was to be a Stand Up Comic but she did not know why God had given her so much passion for a dream that she might never be able to turn into reality. To get over this disappointment, she started using even more drugs than before. However, this almost led to her death. After years of using, she almost died with 16 Oxycotton in her bloodstream and cocaine in her body training for the 2008 LA Marathon.

She believes that if you if you do not honor your purpose, it metastasizes. She says that our purpose as human beings is saying “Yes” in that experience.

She believes that one should not define success as a long resume or by financial success. She says that success is having the courage to take risks and to act on every opportunity God gives you. Once she’s gone, she wants people to say that she had the courage to honor her purpose. She believes this is a better legacy than a fat bank account. This is what she has learned in her 39 years on the planet.

She believes society has shaped what turning 40 should look like. She says that people give up on their dreams just to fit into that societal box. She believes it takes a lot of courage to not fit into that box. As she fast approaches 40, she has left no carbon footprint, she has no children, is unmarried and her work has been her baby. She has not lived vicariously through somebody else’s potential but has chosen to honour her own. This makes her successful.

One of her proudest accomplishments has been her staying sober and 100% clean for many years.

What is Unique about Renée’s Comedy?

Renée is very physical in her performance. She does jumping jacks if the joke calls for it. She also carries a large middle finger foam finger to point at a slide show she has arranged for comedic purposes. She also sings and carries a guitar when doing parodies. On longer sets, she is often accompanied by a pianist. She is also very observational. Her observations are usually personal which makes her a great storyteller.

Has Renée Experienced any Personal or Professional Tragedies?

Renée believes that if her life was a Shakespeare play, it would be a tragedy despite her being a comedian. Her childhood was particularly hard. Her Aunty Lizzy passed away in a car accident and her death left her family reeling, the effects of which eventually led to her being declared unfit.

Renée has forgiven her mother for this, however. She believes that her mother had a lot of pressure on her as a young woman. At only 25, she was already a mother of three daughters. Renée now sees, after working as a nanny and taking care of several children, that children fail to realize that their parents are not immune to faults.

Because of her mother’s state, she was sent into foster care and had to live in eight different homes and had to go to four different high schools which made life difficult for her.

Professionally, she has received more “no’s” than she has ever received a “yes”. However, her childhood prepared her for rejection. It has also made her a more resilient artist.

What are Renée’s Goals for the Future?

Renée would like to see her comedy translated into film. She would also very much like to have her own TV show. Both of these would be like a dream come true for her. She would also like to write for a Late Night Show as she believes it will give her the experience she needs to start her own TV show. She ultimately hopes to star in a comedy that is written by her.

Does Renée have any words of wisdom to share?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’” ~ Erma Bombeck

The first quote is Renee’s screensaver and the other is a bookmark she has placed in her Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous.

How is Renée making the world a better place?

Renée is a volunteer in a number of organizations and even helps others with her Stand Up. Several people were very unhappy after the 2016 elections in the USA. She helped lighten the situation and her Stand Up allowed people to heal. She also helps young addicts stay clean. She is also a mentor at a Gay and Lesbian Center where she helps gay youth who have been alienated by their families. She helps them fill out financial aid forms so that they can go to college independently. She also volunteers for United Way, an organization that helps displaced foster care youth by involving them in community activities.

Each of these causes are important to her, as they have affected her in the past as well.

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Honey: 21 Amazing Benefits Will Surprise You


Honey is a miracle substance with a laundry list of beneficial uses and properties. For thousands of years, people have used this natural sweetener as an ingredient in food to sweeten things up and also as a means to heal wounds and remedy other common ailments.

With so many different applications, you’ll easily find a way to utilize this miracle substance to better your life!

Continue reading for 21 amazing honey benefits:

1. It may prevent cancer

Found in this wonder ingredient are various antioxidants and flavonoids that can help reduce or prevent the occurrence of many different types of cancer!

A recent study observed its role in making a positive impact on the progression and development of cancer and tumors. Researchers identified phenolic acids and flavonoids present in this ingredient as the primary compounds accounting for its anti-cancer effects.

2. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal conditions

Recent studies found that people treated with honey experienced beneficial effects from bacterial gastroenteritis and ulcers!

3. Increases athletic performance

Honey was consumed by the original Olympic Athletes in order to achieve enhanced performance! Modern science has verified their anecdotal results, finding that its consumption resulted in a heightened ability to maintain glycogen levels in muscles while also improving recovery times!

4. Reduces cough and throat irritation

Honey also helps calm a sore throat or annoying cough. In a recent study, a single dose of honey worked just as well at calming a cough as the common OTC cough medicine dextromethorphan.

It is especially effective when used on children that are kept up at night due to coughing; a spoonful before bed has been shown to stop coughing and keep children asleep throughout the night!

5. Probiotic

There are some types that contain friendly bacteria in large amounts, including 4 species of bifidobacteria and 6 of lactobacilli. This might help explain the many therapeutic honey benefits attributed to the substance.

6. Offers blood sugar regulation

When compared to other sweeteners, this miracle substance has a lower glycemic index. Therefore, eating it won’t cause such a strong insulin response. This is great news for diabetics as it offers up a better alternative to sugar! This lower insulin response is attributed to its different carbohydrate makeup, containing a combination of fructose and glucose.

7. Heals wound

When applied topically to a wound, this substance has proven very effective at promoting wound healing. It can be as effective even as traditional treatments with silver sulfadiazine! These results are typically attributed to the substance’s antibacterial properties in combination with the simple sugars drying out the affected area. This well-researched result serves as a proven method of healing a wound!

8. It is rich in antioxidants

When consumed in its unrefined and raw form, it contains a variety of essential nutrients and antioxidants. These all have many benefits of their own.

Studies looked at different varieties and found that some have a profound impact on antioxidant values in your blood! These antioxidants have been tied to a reduction in strokes, some types of cancer, and heart attacks!

9. Strengthens the immune system

The Manuka variety has been discovered to promote the creation of new immune cells, which is good news come winter!

10. Lowers blood pressure

Some of the antioxidants contained in this wonder ingredient have the ability to lower your blood sugar! Both human and animal studies have concluded that regular consumption results in a slight reduction in blood pressure!

11. Improves cholesterol

It can have a positive impact on your cholesterol levels! Research proves that regular consumption resulted in a marked reduction in “bad” cholesterol while greatly increasing “good” cholesterol!

Cholesterol plays a large role in the fatty buildup in your veins and arteries that can result in strokes and heart attack.

12. Improves heart health

Aside from its positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels, its regular use results in improved blood flow as a result of the dilation of arteries in your heart. This can help to reduce your risk of having blood clots form. It also helps protect your heart from the condition known as oxidative stress!

13. It can lower triglycerides

Through the regular consumption of this wonder substance as an alternative to table sugar, lower blood triglyceride levels were achieved. High levels of blood triglycerides have been linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes!

14. It promotes burn healing

Its application to a wound or partial-thickness burn results in improved healing times and a marked reduction in pain! It is believed that these results come from the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties available as well as the substances ability to provide nourishment to the tissues surrounding the infection.

The Manuka variety is considered the best for this application though more affordable options offer similar benefits.

15. It promotes healthy weight management

Studies show that regular consumption of this substance may result in noticeable weight loss! When used instead of sugar, lower blood sugar levels resulted and weight gain either slowed, halted, or reversed!

Another study found that its consumption may result in hormones activating which act as appetite suppressants! In the study, researchers measured the glycemic responses and appetite hormones of participants in order to come to this conclusion.

16. It is a natural energy source

It acts as an easy and immediate form of energy for the body, making it “the perfect running fuel.” Made up of 80% sugar, 18% water, and vitamins, minerals, pollen, and protein, this mix results in a great energy supplement to replenish lost glycogen.

Research on the substance concluded that honey probably serves as the best option for a carbohydrate to eat right before working out. Its performance-enhancing abilities are on par with, if not better than those of glucose, the sugar most commonly found in sports energy drinks.

17. It counteracts pollen allergies

It can act as an antibiotic of sorts against pollen allergies due to it containing bee pollen. Bee pollen can fight off infection, boost your immune system overall, and provide a natural reduction in allergy symptoms.

This is all achieved through a process known as immunotherapy. By consuming honey sourced locally to you, you are taking in small amounts of the pollen responsible for your allergy symptoms. By exposing yourself to the pollen in small amounts, your body builds up a sort of immunity to it, resulting in those susceptible to allergies experiencing reduced symptoms!

18. It is a sleep promoter

The wonder substance is known to promote better sleep in multiple ways. By consuming a small amount right before bed, your liver’s glycogen stores are restored and your brain is prevented from going into crisis mode searching for fuel, which often results in you being awoken from a good night’s sleep!

Also, this regular nightly consumption induces your body to release the hormone melatonin by slightly spiking your insulin levels, which then goes on to stimulate the brain’s release of tryptophan. Through the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, then on to melatonin, these effects are achieved.

Aside from promoting healthy sleep, melatonin can also boost your immune system and will help in rebuilding damaged tissues during sleep.

By improving your sleep, your risk factor for such conditions as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and heart disease go way down!

19. It can heal ulcers

The application of honey-infused bandages has proven an effective treatment for ulcers and wound healing in general. In numerous studies, it was found that this substance is a great natural antibacterial agent with awesome wound-healing properties! When this substance reacts with the other fluids in your body, hydrogen peroxide results, which creates an environment non-conducive to bacterial life!

Due to a much lower level of hydrogen peroxide concentrations at the wound site, when compared to other wound treatments, the chances of cytotoxic damage reduces substantially.

To treat a wound or burn, apply directly to the afflicted area or in bandages changed on a daily or 48-hour frequency. Sometimes, these treatments may remain in place for up to 25 days. Another effective treatment, honey and ghee together has been suggested and used to dress infected wounds in hospitals in Mumbai since 1991!

20. It can cure acne

It is very gentle on your skin. Use it as an excellent, all-natural, and affordable face cleanser in order to fight off signs of acne! To use, take half a teaspoon, rub it between your hands in order to warm it up and then spread it gently over your face. Let stand for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Pat your face dry and enjoy the honey benefits!

Honey is an effective and natural acne remedy.

21. Use it as a hair mask

Utilize it to significantly increase the shine of your hear by way of increasing hydration. By simply mixing 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered honey with 5 cups of warm water and then applying said mixture to your hair, you can enjoy this great benefit! After letting the mixture sit for a little while, rinse it out thoroughly and let your hair air dry before styling it.

You really can call honey a wonder substance. With so many amazing uses and healthy honey benefits, choose it as an alternative sweetener to table sugar. With a whole host of research available on its benefits to your health and well-being, and results matching up with claims, you’d make a huge mistake by not taking it up as a part of your daily beauty and cooking routine!

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How To Apologize With All Your Heart


Whether platonic or romantic, the relationships that we have with others can help us cope with the stress in our lives. However, they can also be the catalyst for most of our stress as well. This is especially true when conflicts arise. That said, the ability to effectively apologize not only resolves stress but also deepens a relationship.

Conversely, the inability to effectively apologize can further strain a precarious relationship. In other words, it can make things far worse. Being apologetic entails much more than saying, “I’m sorry.” It requires making a concerted effort to express your feelings to another individual, which makes the apology more heartfelt.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to be more sincere when apologizing. We’ll also consider the benefits that come with it.

A Perfect Guide To Apologize With All Your Heart


Knowing when to apologize is not always obvious. You may not realize that you did or said something hurtful to another individual. In many cases, the answer lies in self-assessment. If your actions would have upset or bothered you, they would likely have the same effect on the other individual. Sometimes it is best to err on the side of caution; offer an apology even if you only suspect that you did or said something offensive. In doing so, you will assume responsibility for mistakes that you have made. At the very least, you create an opportunity to reaffirm that what you did or said was, in fact, okay.


Assuming that your behavior does warrant an apology, it is important that you understand how to effectively communicate regret. This negative conscious and emotional response stems from one’s actions or lack of action. Communicating regret ensures that the other person understands how you feel bad, even if your actions weren’t intended to be malicious.

The best way to go about communicating regret is by stating what you believe to be a negative action and apologizing. This shows that you accept responsibility and you’re willing to make amends. Beyond that, expressing regret helps to boost the sincerity of your apology, which would otherwise not be felt by the other party.


Along with expressing regret, taking responsibility for your behaviors can increase the value of an apology. What does taking responsibility mean, exactly? Basically, it is assuming ownership for mistakes that you have made, which may have resulted in the other person feeling hurt in some way. In doing so, you eliminate the element of vagueness often associated with being apologetic. The best way to show that you’re taking responsibility for your action is by acknowledging and stating that what you did was wrong.


While expressing regret and taking responsibility for your actions is all well and good, these actions wouldn’t be as meaningful if you don’t take steps towards making amends. After all, if your primary goal is to offer a sincere apology, it is a good idea to back up your words with some actions.

For example, if you said things that may have hurt or offended the other person, you can say things rooted in positivity to help offset the negative feelings associated with what you said in the past.

While this is great for intangibles like hurt feelings, it is also great for tangible issues as well. For example, if you’ve broken something that belonged to someone else, consider replacing it and also offering a sincere apology. This same applies to instances where trust may have been broken. You can take steps towards restoring it by acknowledging your wrongdoings. Additionally, try identifying ways to avoid similar problems in the future. This can often be accomplished by setting boundaries.


Whether we’re discussing relationships with friends, family, co-workers, or even in the context of a romantic relationship, it is important to establish boundaries. In doing so, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that can otherwise ruin a good relationship.

Two of the biggest benefits of setting boundaries are the ability to keep conflicts to a minimum and promoting closeness. Also, it can help keep stress levels from spiraling out of control. Boundary-setting can benefit your relationships with others and also provide individual benefits as well. These primarily come in the form of minimizing the impact that stress has on mental and physical health. All of that aside, let’s take a closer look at how boundary-setting can benefit not only relationships but also an individual:


Along with being able to apologize sincerely, keeping conflicts to a minimum is also a good practice. The best way to accomplish this goal is by looking inward. Identifying our own triggers is a great way to keep them from contaminating the relationships we have with others. For example, feelings of resentment and frustration brought on by a bad day at work can easily be transferred to our friends and family. One of the best ways to circumvent these problems is to let the other person know up front that you’re having a bad day. This will likely minimize conflict and possibly prompt compassion from the other individual. This type of boundary-setting can go a long way towards deepening and strengthening the bond of any relationship, romantic or otherwise.


Regardless of the context of your relationship with another individual, a genuine connection is critical when it comes to the long-term health of that relationship. Setting boundaries is a great way to minimize miscommunication and misperceptions that can cause the other party to become distant. While this sounds counterproductive, it actually works. Basically, setting healthy boundaries creates opportunities for closeness without the threat of feeling overwhelmed. To further illustrate this point, let’s look at some signs that can indicate the need to set boundaries in your relationship with others.

Signs You Should Establish Boundaries:

  • Harboring feeling of resentment
  • Saying yes when you would rather say no
  • Having a tendency to keep people at arm’s length
  • Feeling like you do more for others than for yourself
  • Feeling stress as a result of disappointing others

Identifying areas in your relationships where boundaries are needed is essential not only for the health of the relationship but also for your well-being. Once you have identified and implemented healthy boundaries, it will be easier to gauge your comfort level with others. Also, it will be easier to discern between who is being genuine versus who may be trying to take advantage of you.


Although a healthy relationship can be good for the soul, an unhealthy one can have the opposite effect. While we cherish the relationships we have with friends and family as well as our significant others, some relationships may feel like they’re not even worth salvaging, especially those where the other person is being difficult. But does this mean they are unworthy of an apology when one is due? No, it actually means you might have to be the bigger person and apologize, especially if the situation or circumstance warrants an apology. That said, here are a few tips that can make dealing with challenging people slightly easier:

Apologizing is a lifeskill…but how do you know when you should NOT apologize?


Certain conversational topics are naturally very divisive, especially those rooted in politics or religion. In many cases, these topics can bring out the worst in people and can fan the flames of conflict. To avoid a heated debate, steer clear of these trigger topics entirely.


The best way to handle dealing with difficult people is to understand who you’re dealing with. This often means acknowledging their negative traits. In doing so, you can work towards engaging with these individuals. For example, you would never tell your deepest, darkest secrets to someone who enjoys gossiping. Taking a moment to understand the personality of your friends, family, and acquaintances can help you avoid a lot of heartaches.


More often than not, the difficulty in any relationship stems from the ability to see and appreciate the other person’s perspective. Once you understand how another person behaves, you can use this information in finding better ways of managing your relationship. All too often people engage in conversation and activities that end in disagreements or arguments. So, how do you overcome these differences and promote healthier behavior patterns? Simply change how you respond to them. This could mean letting the other person vent their frustrations without you interjecting.


In summation, there are a variety of ways to apologize to your friends and family; however, there are also a variety of ways to avoid having to find yourself in that role in the first place. The relationships that we have with others can be as challenging as they are rewarding. Still, they play a critical role in who we are as individuals.

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15 Photos That Perfectly Capture The True Power of Love


“Love conquers all” is perhaps one of the best quotes of all time regarding love. When you think about it, doesn’t the power of love save us from all the traumatic things we go through in life?

If we lose a job, spouse, friend, or anything else meaningful to us, we count on the people we love to get us through the day. If we fight with our significant other, we eventually learn to compromise or make sacrifices because of our love for him or her.

We spend our lives searching our souls for a fulfilling career because we want to spend time doing something we love every day.

At the end of the day, love saves us. It gives our lives meaning and helps us form bonds with others.

In this article, we will show you some photos that capture what true love really looks like.

Here are 15 photos that perfectly capture the true power of love:

1. This man is showing the power of love by delivering toys to children in hospitals and posing as Santa Claus. What an awesome guy.

They saw this guy at Walmart tonight with a cart full of stuffed animals. When he was asked why, he told them that every year he dresses up as Santa & walks the halls of the children’s ER & delivers one to each child. That’s a pretty kick ass hobby. from aww

2. What an adorable picture of these two sisters together. This shows that age doesn’t mean anything!

My grandma (93) and her sister (96) going to the beach last weekend. from aww

3. If this doesn’t hit you in your feels, we don’t know what will!

The first moment my mom and dad met 35 years ago, when they collided while playing volleyball from pics

4. An amazing story and an incredible man. The power of love is limitless.

This man took a bullet while protecting my sister from the gunfire in Vegas. from pics

5. Our grandparents took care of us when we were younger, so let’s not forget to extend that love back to them.

Alzheimer’s Proof Remote!

6. It’s the thought that counts. 🙂

Our 8-year-old son woke up early this morning to put together stockings for me and his mom…which were plastic bags full of what you see here. from funny

7. A beautiful (and thoughtful) touch from this woman’s photographer.

So my sister got married this weekend and sadly her mother (and mine) passed away in Feb of 2000. However she made a little appearance thanks to Photoshop. This was a beautiful thing done by her photographer. from pics

8. The power of love can be felt from other animals as well, like this cockatoo!

I’ve never seen my autistic sister light up this way before. She finally connected with someone, his name is Fuzzy. from aww

9. This is a very touching story and shows how reaching out to others can build community when you need it the most.

Why I invited 100+ strangers into my home in 2017

10. These pictures are adorable beyond words. Looks like this dad got the hang of selfies pretty quickly!

Daughter teaches dad how to take selfies, this is what happens from aww

11. This definitely made us tear up, but it shows that the power of love is truly remarkable.

True love never dies. from pics

12. We think everyone should have an office dog, especially if they’re this cute!

We have an office dog and he visited me today. from aww

13. This woman is a hero. Even though she went through so much, she still has a smile on her face.

My mom smiling after saving 40 kids off a burning school bus today

14. This man just wants all the animals in the shelter to be happy.

This old man is donating tennis balls to the animal shelter from aww

15. This is the embodiment of what the power of love can do. It brings together people, and sometimes animals, for a greater purpose other than ourselves.

My brother, who only has vision in one eye, bought a dog that was only born with one eye that no one else wanted. from pics

We hope you enjoyed these pictures showing the power of love. Whether we find love in our family, friends, significant other, or even our furry friends, love exists everywhere.

No matter what you’re going through in life, just remember that love can be one connection away. Reach out to someone if you’re feeling lonely or depressed. People out there care about you.

If you have photos showing love, please share them with us!

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31 Happiness Quotes From Buddha That Will Change Your Life


As one of the greatest minds of our time, Buddha is viewed by many as the embodiment of true wisdom, joy, and positivity. In Buddha’s teachings, we learn to be happy in life despite whatever suffering we experience.

Buddha Shares 31 Happiness Quote That Will Change Your Life

While life won’t always be filled with happy moments, we can find a way to see the positive through it all. Read on for 31 of our favorite happiness quotes inspired by Buddha.

1. Don’t focus on the past, do not daydream about the future; think about the present moment.

It can be hard to let go of our past failures, but in doing so we will be able to focus entirely on the present. The same is true for the future—while we should set our goals for a better future, we must center all our energy on today.

2. Your mind is everything. Protect your mind and your thoughts—what you think about, you will become.

Many of us go through the day letting our thoughts go unchecked. While it’s important to let our minds wander at times, we also must exercise intentionality in what we choose to think about.

3. Joy is the companion of a pure mind. Focus on pure thoughts and happiness will find you.

This happiness quote inspires us to clear our minds. When our thoughts are pure, happiness and joy aren’t far behind.

4. Only you can save you—no one else.

When we go through difficult times in life, it is natural to search for someone to give us a way out. The truth is that whatever we go through, only we can save ourselves. We have to be strong enough to keep going.

5. In life, your greatest mistakes are not starting and not following through.

This happiness quote shows us that our mistakes are just lessons to learn in life. The only real mistakes are choosing to quit or not starting in the first place.

6. An undisciplined mind leads to confusion. If we can train our minds, our thoughts will become obedient to us.

Our minds naturally want to wander—we have to discipline ourselves to change the way we think.

7. In life, we must be virtuous, wise, and of right mind. The purer we live, the more we enjoy life.

We are all born with a purpose. This happiness quote reminds us what really matters in life.

8. Many of us spend a lifetime searching for something. Stop looking long enough to realize that what you are searching for is already within you.

Many of us are searching for direction in life without realizing that we have the answer within ourselves. This happiness quote shows us that we have the ability to create our own destiny and we must trust and follow our inner desires to reach our destination.

9. Peace is found on the inside; it cannot come from an outside source.

Oftentimes, society will encourage us to do more, buy more, or be more to find happiness. This happiness quote teaches that true peace can only be found within.

10. Doing something good for another person will also have a positive impact on you.

The power of goodness is that it acts as a beacon of light for all that are exposed to it. When we do something good for someone else, we are shining that same light of positivity on ourselves.

11. Few people in life have the maturity to truly be a companion to you. Instead of searching for a partner in the wrong person, choose to walk through these moments alone.

We all long for companionship in life, but oftentimes, our greatest adventures and challenges must be experienced alone.

12. Compassion is the world’s greatest strength.

This happiness quote teaches us the truth to inner strength: we must be compassionate to others.

13. Happiness cannot be discovered. It is always there—we must learn how to see it.

We can’t FIND happiness. Happiness is the path we walk along in this journey of life.

14. Our anger is a punishment we give to ourselves.

Many people choose to become angry and remain that way without realizing that it is this very emotion that is destroying them. If happiness is your goal, you cannot let anger overtake your mind.

15. To truly live and exist in power, we must live without fear.

Fear can be our greatest setback or it can be a lesson in the secret to success: when we move beyond our fear, we are able to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

16. Pain is a guarantee in life, but suffering is a choice.

In life, we are guaranteed to experience painful moments. However, we don’t have to linger in that pain.

We can move on from the suffering by letting go of these painful feelings.

17. We can use a single candle to light other candles. Sharing this flame doesn’t decrease the light of the other candle. Such is the case with happiness.

Joy and happiness are meant to be shared. When we invite others to experience these happy moments with us, we are increasing this joy within others.

18. When we transform our minds and purify our thoughts, we are cleansing our lives of wrongdoing as well.

Though transforming the mind is a lifelong process, the more we align our minds with pure and positive things, the less negativity will remain.

19. Don’t try to control anyone else—you should only seek to control yourself.

We should never aim to be in control of someone else’s thoughts, emotions, or actions. We must strive to gain control of ourselves.

20. If you are seeking Enlightenment, you must first control your mind.

The more we can control our minds, the closer we will get to Enlightenment. At that point, wisdom will be second nature to us.

21. Leading a wise life allows one to spend every moment intentionally. Leading such a life leaves no man or woman afraid of anything—even death.

We all die. Though we all have various beliefs regarding what happens after death, those of us that live our lives intentionally have nothing to fear—we will know our time on earth was spent wisely.

22. These three things will always come out: the moon, the sun, and the truth.

Just like the moon and the sun, the truth will always find a way to shine through. If you truly take this happiness quote to heart, you must make a commitment to always telling the truth.

23. Our lives are made of little moments. One perfect moment will change a day, another perfect day will change a life. One life may change the world.

Never underestimate the power of one day. Each day has its own potential and may be the day that changes your life forever.

24. The words we speak matter. We influence others to do evil or good based on our words alone.

We must remember to choose our words carefully. Even if we have no ill intentions in mind, others will always interpret our words in one way or another.

25. Hate is not snuffed out by more hate. To bring light to the dark, you have to shine something bright.

We can’t stop hate with hate. Only love can bring about positive change in our lives and the lives of others.

26. Each new morning is an opportunity to start fresh.

Each day, we have the opportunity to begin again. Whatever may have happened yesterday is in the past—today is what matters.

Discover the wisdom of Buddha.

27. We all are connected and have some influence over each other. Nothing exists in a vacuum.

This quote reminds us that no matter how alone we may feel at times, we are never truly alone in life.

28. Evil is always a choice. We are never lured to evil by anyone other than ourselves.

At times, we can be our own worst enemy. Though we may believe another person is to blame for our lack of happiness in life, the truth is that we are in control of our feelings and thoughts.

29. Our thoughts are powerful. Negative thinking can hurt us more than we know.

Buddha was a champion for positive thinking. The more we think about something, the more it affects us. With negative thinking, we invite negativity into our lives.

30. A foolish friend is no friend at all. It’s better to be alone than to befriend a fool.

Going through life alone can seem scary. Though you won’t be alone forever, taking the time to be by yourself is better than finding companionship with individuals that have negative qualities.

31. The words we say and the opinions we have don’t matter nearly as much as the actions we take.

We can say all the good things in the world, but if we only speak without taking action, our words will be nothing more than that.

Final Thoughts on Buddha’s Happiness Quotes

Buddha knew a thing or two about focusing on positive thoughts and retraining the mind. If you’ve been searching for happiness, the Buddha’s teaching can help you on your journey.

Keep each happiness quote in mind as you work to cleanse your mind and life of negativity. In your quest for happiness, remember that it’s about finding joy in the journey, not the destination.

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12 Reasons Women Are Attracted More To Introverts


It’s not a bad thing to be an introvert. If you’re a man reading that, chances are that women prefer you over extroverted men. The reasons for this are many. In general, introverts are observant, self-aware, deep thinkers, focused, low maintenance, trustworthy, appreciate genuine relationships, spend time with fewer people, make good listeners and more.

It’s no surprise women find these traits highly attractive, but let’s explore why women love these traits in men. If you’re an extrovert, don’t feel bad. However, you might want to try to develop these traits as well. It’s not about “getting the woman.” Rather, it’s about self-growth and offering something of quality to have an amazing relationship with an equally amazing woman.

12 Reasons Women Are Attracted More To Introverts

1. Safety

Introverts are less likely to be risky because they’re not so concerned with showing off for others. Extroverts feed off of interaction and attention. This means they’re constantly doing something to stand out and get a reaction while in the company of others. Safety is important for many people. Many women want a man who can be safe because this ensures that he doesn’t get hurt or die, and it keeps a woman from injury and fatality as well. If you want to have a quality life, safety needs to be at the forefront of anything you do.

2. Honesty

An introverted man has several qualities that make him more likely to be honest. Being self-aware, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, not needing to impress others, appreciating quality relationships and other qualities make introverts honest. They’re honest about what they do, what they think about, how they feel, and they give honest feedback. For a mature woman, it’s important to receive honest feedback. A boyfriend or husband isn’t just about romance. A woman needs a best friend too. Best friends should be able to be honest with each other because it’s one of the most loving things they could do for each other.

3. Good Listening Skills

It’s a sad reality that there are several partners who fail to truly listen. It can happen for many reasons: self-absorption, not valuing what their partner is going through, boredom or not taking their partner serious enough. Whatever the reason, it’s a huge problem for relationships. Introverts tend to be better listeners. They don’t just listen to what’s being said, they think about what’s being said and lend valuable responses in return. They paraphrase what’s being said so that the person talking feels listened to and understood. It’s fruitless to enter a relationship that won’t last. Poor listening skills will kill a relationship quickly.

4. Seriousness

While you want to be able to laugh with your partner, you also need one who can be serious to an extent. Introverts tend to think more seriously about life in regards to responsibilities, achieving goals and building a family. This quality spills over into many other things women might like in a man, such as stability, financial security, being a good father, handling tough situations and being reliable. Many women need a partner they can build a life with. It’s difficult to make progress with someone who is not serious about life.

5. Communication

We touched on good listening skills, which is an aspect of communication. However, it’s important to be able to express oneself clearly. Extroverts are generally afraid of what others think while introverts are less concerned with this. An introvert may care what their loved ones think, but they feel more confident in expressing themselves honestly, and they tend to communicate something of value. Because extroverts feel the need to play for the crowd, they’re less likely to be honest about what they want to express, and they may just talk to pass the time. Introverts appreciate quality, and they’re less likely to say something unless it’s beneficial in some way. Many women appreciate this trait in men because communication is an important factor in successful relationships.

6. Self-Awareness

Introverts tend to be more self-aware. This is because they spend a long time thinking about things. They consider how they feel about things, how to make things better, how to achieve their goals, how they self-sabotage and more. This gives them a pretty accurate view of their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to be in-tune with themselves and their partners. Many women appreciate this quality because they know where they stand with an introvert. Extroverts are usually not very aware of why they do what they do and can give shallow answers at times, which can lead to frustration when a problem arises.

7. Observant

Many women appreciate a man who’s observant. It’s not just about noticing a new hairdo, but many women want a man who truly delights in them. An introvert is more likely to notice the way his girlfriend or wife’s nose crinkles when she notices something odd. He’s more likely to notice when she’s uncomfortable with something without her saying so. He’s more likely to know how she takes her coffee. He’s more likely to notice the little things about his wife or girlfriend, and many women love this. Because an introvert is more likely to be observant, he’s also more likely to see and appreciate the love his girlfriend or wife has to offer.

8. Quality Relationships

Introverts tend to appreciate quality relationships, which means they are less likely to enter a relationship they don’t value to a high degree. Many women want to be in a relationship with someone who genuinely wants to be there. It’s a waste of time for everyone to be with someone without really wanting to be with them. There are safety, security, and loyalty in a relationship with someone who genuinely wants to be there. Extroverts are less interested in the quality of their relationships and more interested in the number of their relationships. Women generally don’t like this because it pulls their partners away from them, emotionally and physically. It’s good to have your own space every now and then, which is important to an introvert. However, an introvert won’t constantly be unavailable from spending time with others.

Tips on growing intimacy.

9. Easy to Please

An introvert tends to be easy to please. They don’t need a lot of excesses to make them happy. For this reason, anything you do for them tends to make them happy. Extroverts can be hard to please. For the woman who tries to be a people-pleaser, she could run herself ragged trying to make an extrovert happy. The same relationship will most likely run into a dead end quickly for the woman who knows it’s impossible to “make” someone happy. As long as you’re caring, loving and considerate, the simplest gesture will make an introvert happy. This takes a lot of stress off the relationship, and both partners feel happy.

10. Trustworthiness

An introverted man is generally more trustworthy than an extroverted one. An introvert knows the importance of keeping things secret. Extroverts tend to say everything to everyone. An introvert notices this about people and decides not to be like this. An introvert wouldn’t want their personal life shared with others. As such, they keep everything to themselves. Many women appreciate this quality because they want things between themselves and their partners to stay within the relationship.

11. He Genuinely Wants the Relationship

Extroverts generally enter relationships because they get bored or figure that they need to enter the next part of their lives. They generally don’t enter a relationship wholeheartedly. This means that they see how a relationship can benefit them instead of thinking about what they have that could benefit someone else. An introvert is content in being alone. When they start thinking about being in a relationship, it’s not because they don’t feel fulfilled. They consider what they have to give a woman. These types of relationships are less stressful because there aren’t any unrealistic expectations placed on the other partner.

12. Challenges Their Partner to Be a Better Person

Women, along with men, want someone who won’t try to change them, but an introverted man can encourage a woman to become a better version of themselves. This is important for a relationship. You don’t want someone putting pressure on you to be different, but you want someone who will bring out the best in you too. You want someone who will tell you, “Good job,” but you want someone who will also say, “You can do anything,” and, “I think you should go for your dreams.” You don’t want someone who will stand by and never encourage your growth. An introvert generally cares deeply for the welfare of his partner and encourages her growth.

If you’re a man and have some or most of these qualities, that’s awesome. Be sure that you find a woman who will contribute to your relationship. You can’t be the only one pulling the weight in a relationship. If you’re a woman reading this, consider what you have to contribute to your relationship as well. It’s important to note that any person may have both introverted and extroverted qualities. To really love anyone, it’s not about what you get. It’s about what you give. Take the extra time to develop quality traits before you enter any relationship. It’s well worth your time, and it’s definitely worth your partner’s time.

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10 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life


Positive affirmations help us rewire our brains. Though the world can be draining, creating a habit of saying these affirmations and truly believing them will allow us to accomplish anything we want in life.

Ten Powerful Positive Affirmations

Wherever you may be in your journey to accomplish your goals, don’t lose sight of them. Use the following 10 affirmations to help you stay inspired as you go throughout your life.

Positive Affirmations to Live By

1. I am capable of greatness.

Whether you believe this statement initially or not, repeating this affirmation over and over will shift your mindset.

We are all capable of achieving every dream that we have.

The first step in achieving these dreams is believing that you can. The only way to push yourself towards this greatness is to stir the flames of the belief that you can do it.

Regardless of whatever resources you begin with, telling yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind to will completely change the way that you pursue your goals.

2. I love myself and accept myself for everything that I am.

Loving one’s self is a lifelong journey.

That being said, oftentimes we want to withhold this self-love until we become the best version of ourselves.

This isn’t beneficial to your growth as you should love yourself wherever you are in life.

We are all works in progress and will spend the rest our lives growing.

Find out who you are in this moment and love that person. Whatever you may like or dislike about yourself should never change the love that you have for yourself.

Everything about you is deserving of love.

3. My mind is sharp, my soul is peaceful, and my body is strong.

These types of positive affirmations speak to your mind, body, and soul.

Every part of your life must be in balance for you to truly be at peace with who you are.

You are in control of how you feel and you should be intentional about this through the positive affirmations you tell yourself.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, you can take control of your situation by speaking truth to them.

Telling yourself that your mind is sharp, your soul is peaceful, and your body is strong (even if you don’t feel that way at the moment), will allow you transition into feeling like this.

By speaking this into your life, you’ll eventually find these statements to be true.

4. I can do anything.

A lot of times, most of us feel that we can accomplish certain things in our lives, if only we had more of something.

Whether it’s more money, more education, more professional experience, or anything similar, most people end up holding themselves back from moving forward in life because they believe they need to wait before they can begin.

The best way to start going after a goal is to do it. It doesn’t matter what resources you have—you can do anything just as you are with what you have now.

These positive affirmations encourage you to use the energy, strength, mental stamina, and resources you have right now to get started.

5. Everything that happens to me is for the greater good.

Positive affirmations like this one show you that everything in life is working together for your greatest good.

Certainly, good things and bad things can happen in life, but that’s life.

We must accept both the good and the bad as we work to become stronger people. It’s important not to victimize yourself when bad things happen.

Say this affirmation to yourself and apply it to your life, regardless of what happens. Everything that you go thought serves to make you a stronger person.

Positive affirmations like this one teach you that everything happens for a reason.

6. I choose what I want to happen for myself.

You are the creator of your life.

You are in control of what happens in your life: you choose what friends you have, what work you do, how you spend your time, and what long-term goals to work towards.

Starting the day with this type of affirmation allows you to set the tone for the day. Everything that you do throughout the day will work to further create the life you are building.

If you don’t like the direction your life is heading, it is your responsibility to change it. As you are the architect of your life, you can choose to change your life any time you see fit.

7. I am letting go of the hurt I’ve felt in my past.

Things that have hurt you in the past should stay in the past.

Certainly, healing takes time, but if you are still burdened by past events, it’s time to start letting go.

There’s a reason the old saying explains that holding on to past hurt is akin to taking poison hoping the other person gets sick. The only person that is being hurt from this anger and unforgiveness is you.

Holding onto the pain you’ve felt in the past will only keep you in the past.

Replaying these events in your head will prevent you from growing into the best version of yourself.

Once you’ve made the choice to forgive, release the hurt you feel and decide to use this experience as a lesson as you move forward in life.

Use these following tips to help you let go of past hurt:

1. Choose to let go.

Making the decision is the first step in letting things go. Though you may still feel hurt, make a conscious effort to let go.

This means avoiding replaying these things in your head and choosing to let the past become the past.

2. Express your pain.

Expressing what you feel is part of the process. If you feel pain, experience it.

Feel the hurt—cry about it, write out your feelings, or talk to a friend. However, you choose to express these feelings, getting out all of these emotions is essential to moving past your pain.

3. Don’t victimize yourself.

Part of moving on from the past is choosing to avoid being a victim. At the heart of the situation, you may have been wronged, but it’s time to stop holding onto those feelings.

You are no longer a victim—you’re a survivor.

You came out of this stronger and are going to carry that strength with you for the rest of your life.

Now that you’ve let go, these events, this trauma, and the victimizer has no power over you anymore. You’re in control again.

8. I can conquer any challenges that come before me.

Your abilities are limitless.

Sure, life will throw curveballs your way, but you are capable of handling all of them.

The only limits in your life are the ones that you put there yourself.

Believe it, then achieve it.

Whatever you want in life is achievable and you have the power inside yourself to handle whatever it takes to get there.

Are you afraid of the potential outcome? You have greatness inside of you and you shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Repeat this affirmation every day and remind yourself of how strong you are.

9. You are deserving of love, one of the most powerful positive affirmations.

There are times when we feel like no one might want or love us.

Regardless of how unlovable we may think we are, the truth is that we are all deserving of love.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in life—you are loved.

No one is perfect and no one should expect you to be. The right people in your life will love you for who you are, exactly as you are.

If you find that someone can’t love you without trying to change you, they aren’t the right person for you.

The first place you should find unconditional love is in yourself. Anyone else’s love should be an additional benefit to the love you already have for yourself.

10. My future is bright. Greater things lie ahead than what I’ve left behind.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself that the best is yet to come.

Things are going to keep getting better for you from here on out. Whatever has happened in the past has brought you to where you are now.

Use all of these life lessons to keep motivating you to pursue the greatest that life has to offer.

Your future is brighter than you can imagine and your dreams are closer than you think. Keep going!

Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations let you take a few moments each day to reset your mind and transform your outlook on yourself and your life. This life is the only one you’ll get, so it’s time to start living as you mean it.

Use these affirmations to get started on your mindfulness journey. As you spend more time meditating on what you’d like out of life, create some affirmations of your own that will refuel your lust for life.

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