15 Cutest Animal Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile Today


When you see a cute dog walking down the street, doesn’t it just make your soul happy? We thought so, which is why we wanted to put together some cute animal pictures guaranteed to brighten your day! There are so many adorable animals in the world that it’s hard to choose just 15, but we’re positive that these animal pictures will make you smile.

Here are 15 cute animal pictures that will put a smile on your face:

1. Awww, he’s so cute he almost looks like a stuffed animal!

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2. Don’t you just want to cuddle with them?

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3. It’s so fluffy!!

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4. Who wants a husky puppy? (We think this takes the cake when it comes to animal pictures)

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5. He looks like he’s smiling!

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6. This dog is so protective of his owl friend. (One of the cutest animal pictures EVER)

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7. Baby penguins are the definition of cute!

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8. Just a girl and her hedgehog.

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9. These two look like the best of friends.

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10. What a cute little sleeping koala!

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11. What do you think – dog or bear?

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12. Dogs love to protect their smaller animal (or human) friends.

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And a few favorites …

13. Ever seen a Shetland pony in real life?

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14. No one can resist a baby kitty!

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15. “A lovely day for a car ride! Gotta keep the windows up so my hair doesn’t get ruined.”

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Which of these animal pictures did you think was the cutest? Share with us in the comments!

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These Illustrations Reveal The Truth About Long-Term Relationships


Long-term relationships require a lot of work, time, and commitment, but if two people really love each other, then they can withstand the test of time. Los Angeles based artist Amanda Oleander wanted to capture the intimate moments behind closed doors that no one gets to see, because no relationship can truly grow without these precious moments. She draws inspiration from her own relationship with Joey Rudman, who she’s been dating for almost three years.

Currently, Amanda works on comics daily and has three large paintings in the making as well. If you love her work, please share it and look forward to more to come!

These illustrations show the truth about long-term relationships:

1. Little moments like these make precious memories in long-term relationships.

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2. “Her/His eyes have their own vocabulary; what a beautiful language to learn.” ~unknown

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3. “I love life with you.”

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Long-term relationships are a beautiful thing, and should be greatly cherished.

4. “Cuddling before bed after a long day is such a treat.”

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5. Cuddling + cookies = the ultimate comforting combo in long-term relationships.

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6. It’s always a fun day when you get to go to the beach with your love.

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7. Cuddling is such a sweet thing, but that long hair can really get in the way!

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8. Sometimes you just can’t hide how you feel about your guy/gal.

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9. “I am the luckiest.”

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Being in long-term relationships with those you love makes you truly honor and appreciate unconditional, pure love that much more.

10. “When your love comes home and surprises you with your favorite food = night completely made.”

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Which of these illustrations about long-term relationships was your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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25 Things In A Relationship More Important Than Sex


The urge to be intimate fades away when the relationship is no longer new. But any couple can have a good, happy and positive life together even when those intimate moments in the bedroom become fewer and fewer.

If couples focus on the more important things that do not take place in the bedroom, they can create a connection that deepens and strengthens their feelings for each other. For instance, a study in the Journal of Marriage and Family showed that couples who communicate and listen to each other have a more satisfying relationship, which tops the stuff that happens in bed.

So, what other things are more important in a relationship than physical intimacy? Read on to find some examples below.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Here Are 25 Things In A Relationship More Important Than Sex

1. You have mutual respect for each other

You and your partner are two different people but you understand that your differences in background, tastes, preferences, and opinion are what make you so good together. You don’t impose on each other to have the same likes or dislikes. Instead, you respect and celebrate your differences.

2. You want the same things

Despite your differences, you and your partner are always on the same page when it comes to your relationship. You have the same end goal and you want the same thing: to live a harmonious and positive life together for many years. Even if you have the sparks in the bedroom, your relationship won’t last if you’re not on the same page.

3. You communicate well with each other

You can voice your opinions and feelings to your partner honestly and openly. Not only can you express yourself in the bedroom, but also in your everyday conversations. You always have real conversations, where you discuss your happiness or frustrations or seek advice from each other, or contemplate the meaning of life.

4. You listen to each other

Good communication also means that you and your partner listen to what the other one has to say. If you’re upset, you can bring this up to your partner without fear of being judged, rejected, reprimanded, or hurt.

5. You support each other

Having a great partner for life means you have an instant ally. You have someone you can always tag team with when life gets tough and you have to hurdle so many things. You are each other’s biggest fans and you’re always the first to throw your support into whatever new venture or project your partner gets involved with.

Each of you have different roles and obligations in your family but you have each other’s back when one is not able to fulfill this obligation. For instance, your wife might not be able to sit down with the kids for bed tonight because she has a report to finish. So, you step up and take over because you want her to focus on the report.

6. You give compliments all the time

You’re also generous with your compliments to each other. You don’t forget to thank your wife for baking her first fondant. You don’t miss the opportunity to uplift and motivate your husband when he’s about to deliver his first lecture to a crowd.

7. You make each other laugh

You’re not afraid to be goofy in front of your partner or worry that he might find you unattractive. On the contrary, you laugh with each other and you laugh all the time, even when you’re sharing those awkward moments in bed. When couples make each other laugh, living becomes less stressful.

An expert from the University of Kansas looked into the data of 15,000 couples in different studies that ran for 30 years. He found out that couples who made each other laugh had a longer, lasting partnership. They bond and create a positive vibe when they look for amusing and positive things in their everyday life together.

8. You like to try something new

Couples who like trying something new inside and outside of the bedroom have a stronger relationship. Since intimacy can sometimes become a routine, you try to do stuff you’ve never done before to keep the relationship exciting. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships indicated that couples who try new things don’t bore each other out in the relationship.

9. You know how to have quality time

You don’t always spend your time together in bed, so what do you do together when you’re not intimate? Couples who love spending quality time with each other, even without getting intimate, can do everything from the most interesting to the basic stuff.

These couples are always up for a good time together. It doesn’t matter if they are on a romantic vacation in Paris or just hanging out in their living room. They know how to have a good time.

10. You like to cuddle a lot

You cuddle a lot when you’re together with your significant other. You love getting close to your partner and you’re comfortable touching and hugging in public. If you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, his hand is on your waist or shoulders, or you’ve got your hands clasped while you’re reading a book on the couch in your living room.

11. You are realistic about your expectations

You understand that what you need can’t come from just one person. So, you set realistic expectations in your relationship and don’t demand that your partner fills everything so you can have a satisfying life. So, you still keep a network people who shower you with attention or care. Your partner also recognizes that he’s not the only one who can make you happy.

12. You make an effort to get close to each other’s friends

Research in the American Psychological Association shows that couples who intermingle with different groups of friends have a deeper relationship and achieve better marital quality. It’s important to make your significant person feel part of the friendships you’ve formed with other people. It raises your connectedness as a couple.

13. You trust each other

A relationship that lacks trust can bring paranoia and suspicion, no matter how great you are together in bed. But you won’t feel the need to constantly check up on your partner to the point of stalking if you have trust. You also don’t come up with baseless accusations each time your partner doesn’t immediately reply to your messages.

14. You are loyal to each other

Trust is, of course, linked to loyalty. If you’ve agreed to be in a monogamous relationship, making that commitment to have eyes only for your partner is more valuable than your intimacy in bed. If your relationship is not conventional, you’re still expected to faithfully comply with common rules if you want what’s good for your relationship.

15. You forgive each other

It’s normal for tension, differences, and problems to crop up in a relationship because you’re always adjusting to each other’s needs. Humans aren’t perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But if you’re the forgiving type, your relationship will be able to weather any problems.

16. You accept your mistakes and learn from it

Being forgiven for your mistakes is good but it’s even better if you’re willing to grow in a relationship. It takes maturity to learn from your mistake and make a commitment not to repeat it.

17. You pick your battles

You recognize that not every issue needs to be fought about in your relationship. You’d rather pick your battles than argue over everything because your need to live in a harmonious and positive environment is more important than your need to be right.

18. You’re actually best friends with your partner

You won’t always have the greatest intimate moments in the bedroom. But your relationship can outlast the rest if you are best friends with your partner. Best friends confide to each other. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and accepting of each other’s weakness.

19. You’re not dependent on each other

Even if your partner is your best friend, you don’t live your life fully dependent on him. You give each other space and even consider spending time apart when necessary.

20. You remain passionate about each other

Passion does not just equate to the intimacy in bed. Passion is also about your dedication to work your problems out in the relationship, especially when it’s not always going to be smooth sailing.

21. You’re generous and thoughtful to your partner

You make it a point to give something to your partner just because you think she will love it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift; it can be a simple gesture. For example, you save the last slice of the cake because you want your partner to get the last bite. You leave notes on her bag or send her messages on her phone at random times of the day just to let her know she’s in your thoughts.

22. You are your significant other’s safe space

A great intimate moment with your partner can bring satisfaction, but your relationship can deepen if you provide a safe space for your partner. A safe space is where you feel loved, accepted, and allowed to be yourself – regardless of your gender, faults, and vulnerabilities.

23. You exercise together

According to Prevention magazine, 94 percent of couples who workout together have a stronger relationship, and a good life in the bedroom to boot. Working out not only makes you physically fit as it also boosts the energy and the libido.

24. You don’t fail to ask about each other’s day

While it might seem like small talk to ask your man about how his day went, this habit is actually a great way for couples to build a positive connection. Relationship experts say sharing small chats like this every night can make couples grow closer to each other.

25. You do love each other

It’s hard to actually describe the kind of love that perfectly-matched couples share but you know what it is when you have it. You may have the urge to sleep with someone even if you don’t have strong feelings for that person. But when that urge goes away, you won’t be sticking around in the relationship if you don’t have love.

Final Thoughts On Things In A Relationship More Important Than Sex

A long, lasting and positive relationship needs more than physical intimacy to survive. Couples who transcend the physical aspect grow more attached and connected because of what they share together outside of the bedroom.

Are you’re looking forward to growing old together? Do you care more about being connected emotionally than having a private time in bed? Then what you’ve got is the best thing about being in a relationship and that surely feels wonderful.

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10 Signs A Man Is Going to Leave A Relationship


The decision to leave a relationship is never an easy one to make. That’s why a lot of people might wind up staying in a relationship longer than they want to. In other words, a man might be thinking of leaving his relationship long before the break-up bomb is ever dropped!

No one wants to be the partner of someone who only plans to leave a relationship. But a lot of thought has to be put into the act of splitting up from someone you love. This could be why a man might take a while to solidify his decision.

This is why spotting and noticing little signs in advance that a break-up is on the horizon might be useful. It can give a partner time to prepare and process the information, and even open up the floor for discussion. Here are some signs a man is going to leave his relationship.

Here Are 10 Signs A Man Is Going To Leave A Relationship

“People don’t leave because things are hard, they leave because they realize it’s no longer worth it.” – Anonymous

1. Everyday talk is dying in the relationship.

If your boyfriend no longer tells you about his day, he could be planning to leave his relationship. Men will enjoy talking to you and getting things off their chest when they are comfortable with you. If he stops thinking of you as someone he just might spend his life with, this can change.

This also applies if he no longer asks about your day. Or he might ask but seem bored or disinterested at your response. He might obviously not pay attention when you speak. These are all red flags to take notice of!

You may also notice that your boyfriend stays more quiet around you. He does not want to talk much, and you end up needing to start and carry all of the conversation. This could be a dead giveaway that this man is going to leave a relationship soon.

2. His mood is constantly bad around you.

No one wants to hang around a downer, but that’s all he’s been lately. Perhaps he gets snappish around you. Or he seems down or upset when you’re on dates together. He gets angry much more easily than he once did. These are all red flags.

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as him always being sad or angry. You might have also just noticed a drop in mood that has you concerned – especially if that mood change doesn’t seem to have anything to do with other areas of his life.

Every individual goes through five stages of thought when they want to leave a relationship. If he’s at a stage where he’s realizing he’s unhappy, his mood is a pretty good indicator.

3. Avoiding outings means he might leave a relationship.

A man in love will do crazy things for his partner. He’ll go to events he hates or he’ll ditch a boy’s night to spend the evening with you on the couch. He’ll even tag along to brunch with the girls if you ask nicely enough.

Then, suddenly, getting your boyfriend to go out with you is nearly impossible. He doesn’t want to spend time together on dates. He refuses to go to dinner with your friends. You’re stuck hanging out alone all the time.

The worst part? If he does head out for a night on the town, you’re not invited. Suddenly, he’s only leaving the house to hang out with friends. When he has a big event coming up, he doesn’t add you as his +1. These all point to trouble in paradise; he might leave his relationship.

Since studies show that relationships alter one’s sense of self, this makes sense. If your boyfriend is avoiding outings with you, he might be trying to separate his sense of self from you. This is so he can become his own person again and leave his relationship.

4. He no longer talks about the relationship’s future.

When a relationship is fresh, you’ll be looking towards the future with positive eyes. If you have a committed, long-term boyfriend, then you’ve likely discussed the future a few times. You may have talked about going on a vacation in a few months. You may have discussed how many kids you’ll have.

Whatever it is, if you’ve talked about it before and he’s reluctant to discuss it now, it’s a sign he wants to leave the relationship. The reason for talking about a future with you might be hard is because he doesn’t see you in his future anymore.

5. Decrease in intimacy is a sure sign he will leave a relationship.

While not all men are sexual creatures by nature, a huge majority of them are. So when your intimate life with him starts going downhill, it’s definitely time to sit up and take notice.

This might happen in the form of fewer intimate moments and your boyfriend being in the mood much less often. It might happen because intimacy feels more like a routine than an exciting bonding experience. And it might occur when a man stops caring about your pleasure as much as his own.

Whichever way this drop in intimate-positive behavior manifests, it usually means trouble is brewing. When even your flashiest lingerie doesn’t get him going, it might be time to sit down and ask him what the matter is.

6. He gets annoyed with seemingly small things.

It’s actually possible to scientifically predict when a man is going to leave a relationship. He will begin to associate more negative things with you. This means he might get more irritated by things you do or say, even when they seem very minor.

This might hurt even more if there are things he used to love about you that he now seems to hate. It might be anything as simple as your shiny nail polish. It might be something as heartbreaking as him getting annoyed by your laugh.

Whatever it is, it’ll be obvious, and you’re not going to like it. It’s important to note when this happens that this isn’t your fault. Your mannerisms aren’t inherently annoying. He’s just starting to associate you with negative things, which is a major bad sign.

7. You’re the last to know anything about him.

That new promotion he just got at work? You had no idea he was even gunning for it. The exciting game he’s wanted to play has finally been released? You’re positive he’s never mentioned it.

This is even worse if everyone else seems to know about this news before you do. That means he’s no longer readily including you in a discussion about his plans. This might be because he doesn’t foresee you being around for most of them.

8. He makes jokes about leaving his relationship.

We all know that men can be jokers. Sometimes, they take their comedic attempts a little too far. But the fact is that there is always a shred of truth in every bit of humor.

Humor and comedy are great for positive thinking, but when they’re about such negative things, they can take a toll on you. They might be jokes about how he’s going to leave you after the month is up. Or, they could be offhand comments that he wants to be intimate with someone else.

A couple of jokes in bad taste don’t necessarily mean it’s all over. It could just be good fun. Still, if those jokes start being told far too often for your liking, it could mean trouble in paradise.

9. He fights too much – or not at all.

Picking fights constantly is a universally acknowledged bad sign. But fighting too little can be just as bad. It means putting the effort to solve a problem just doesn’t seem worth it to him, since it will all be over soon, anyway.

According to John Gottman, who is a professor of psychology with the University of Washington, stonewalling during a fight signals an unwillingness to talk about the root problem. Why could this be happening? Because he doesn’t see much of a point to it anymore.

10. He acts immature to make his partner leave a relationship.

Yes, sometimes, on a bad day, a man can act immature. But you know your boyfriend always comes through with a proper apology – until now.

If your man has been a mean or hurtful person towards you lately, he may have already decided that he wants to leave his relationship, but he doesn’t know how. So what he’s doing instead is getting you to dislike him enough to end the relationship yourself.

This reverse psychology can be annoying, no doubt. But this could be a man’s way of trying not to hurt you. He knows breaking up with you directly will cause you pain, so he hopes if you do it, it will sting less on your end.

Final Thoughts On Why Men Leave A Relationship

There are so many signs that could point to a break-up right around the corner. Of course, these are not 100% guaranteed, either. This is because a man might be going through some troubles in his life that lead to these behaviors being performed.

So while it’s good to keep a lookout for the signs a man might leave a relationship, practice positive thinking. Strike up a conversation with your partner instead of accusing him point blank. You never know – there might be a chance you can save your romance!

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5 Ways Essential Oil Can Clean Your Home Better Than Cleaning Products


You may already be well-educated on the ways essential oils can benefit your health and mood. Those are not the only uses for essential oils. They are amazing tools to clean your home with. Boost the cleaning and deodorizing power of your homemade cleaners by adding essential oils.

There are many uses for an essential oil when cleaning your home. They can be used in any room of your home. They are non-toxic and all-natural, so you do not have to worry about your pets or children.

5 Genius Essential Oil Hacks to Clean Your Home

1. Make Laundry Fresher

Enhancing the scent of your laundry detergent or dryer sheets are great ways to use an essential oil. When you wash your baby’s clothes, add a few drops of lavender oil will help keep the baby calm and relaxed. Essential oils are non-toxic and all natural. They are better than commercially purchased scent boosting crystals or sheets, and the scent of essential oils last much longer.

2. Clean Carpets With Natural Ingredients

When it comes to your floors, especially carpeted surfaces, cleaning can be a serious chore. Smells get trapped in those surfaces. Just as easily, stains can take over and leave your carpet looking less than desirable. Hiring a cleaning company is extremely costly. Most commercial cleaning products contain many harmful chemicals. Your cleaning efforts may seem counterproductive when you use those types of cleaners to clean your carpet. You would be adding harmful chemicals to the world that is ruled by your pets and children.

If you want a more Earth-friendly way to clean your carpet, consider using a mix of baking soda and an essential oil. First, you should thoroughly vacuum your floor to remove any surface dirt. Next, mix together two cups of baking soda with ten drops of your favorite oil. You can combine oil fragrances as well like tea tree and lemongrass. Once you have created the perfect mixture for you, sprinkle it over the entire surface you wish to clean. Use a brush or sponge to make sure the mixture settles into your carpet. Leave it there for at least two hours then vacuum the area once again.

3. A Friendly Way to Disinfect

Disinfecting is a big job in your home. The kitchen and bathroom areas are highly susceptible to bacteria growth and spread. If you don’t properly clean these areas, you will risk making yourself or your family ill. The same goes for the bathroom toilet and sink areas. The bacteria found in these locations are grotesque. For a natural and fragrant way to clean these areas, look no further than these essential oil hacks. Many oils on their own do not offer the antibacterial power needed to kill everything on contact. Mixing a few together, however, can give you a real bang for your buck. Peppermint and tea tree oil are fantastic and smell very nice together. The same goes for tea tree and orange oils. A mixture of lavender and rosemary oils are absolutely divine. Add some lavender oil with lemongrass oil for a relaxing yet uplifting clean.

4. Control Germ Carrying Pests

If your home has been taken over by ants, cinnamon oil can help take care of that problem. This oil does something to an ant’s nervous system. This prevents them from communicating with other ants as they do when they locate a food or water source. It confuses them, and they eventually disappear. Lemongrass oil is another great way to get rid of ants or other creepy crawly bugs. By mixing 10-20 drops of oil in a few ounces of water and spraying the affected area, you will get rid of any pesky bugs and any nasty germs they may come with.

5. Knock Out Shower Mold With Ease

Another household chore that is grueling at times is cleaning shower mold. This stuff invades your shower and coats almost anything. There are many cleaners on the market you can use to clean this, and they would probably get the job done. But, most of these cleaners have noxious chemicals that are a real hazard to your health. If you breathe them in or get them on your skin, you may need to seek medical attention quickly. There is a better choice to use. This method calls for a 16-ounce bottle filled with warm water. Add four drops each of eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Thoroughly spray your shower and watch the nasty stuff disappear.

These essential oil hacks will help you tackle the worst jobs in your home. The results will be an all-natural clean and scent that lasts for days. Essential oil use is growing in popularity, and you will love it, too.

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Dewan Farhana; The Woman Behind FemPix

Dewan Farhana has started a campaign to level the playing field for women in tech.

After Dewan — a physician-turned-entrepreneur — started her own startup, she learned the great disparity in venture capital funding between male and female tech entrepreneurs. Only 9% of tech entrepreneurs are women, and an even smaller percentage — only 2% of annual venture capital dollars — go to women. On the other hand, men receive 86% of all venture capital funding.

Dewan decided to do something about this injustice and launched the “Female Founder Pixels.” This campaign was started to raise awareness of the inequality women startup founders face and work towards a solution in this unfairness.

What’s so different about the “Female Founder Pixels” project?

The Female Founder Pixels’ site has put a million pixels on sale for any brand, company or person to buy. The pixels are available for only a $1/pixel and once you buy pixels, they will be replaced by the logo of your brand on the Female Founder Pixels’ website. Once the logo is uploaded, it will propel that brand to get social media exposure, sales, and greater SEO ranking. This is possible with the back-link the website will provide to your products or services which help your brand get a larger reach and exposure.

Silicon Valley Bank, Palo Alto Consulting group and many others have already supported this campaign to raise awareness of the funding disparity between men and women entrepreneurs, and pixels are selling fast.

This campaign has already become prominent on social media with the hashtag #Fempix. #Fempix represents so much more than just a trend – it represents the incoming wave of change for female founders and a road to equality.

How did Dewan get the motivation to start this campaign?

Dewan’s motivation came from researching the stories of female startup founders who have faced sexual harassment and discrimination while struggling to fund their company. She wanted to take some action and do something different to raise awareness and set an example for other women to join her and other women leaders to fight against the unfairness and sexism. Dewan sincerely believes that in unity, there is strength.

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10 Behaviors That Reveal A Woman Is About to Leave Her Relationship


Relationships are complicated. There are plenty of reasons someone who is not entirely happy in their relationship might wind up sticking around a little too long before dropping the bomb that it’s over. In fact, most individuals go through five stages of thought in ending a relationship, and progressing between those stages in the midst of a relationship can take a while.(1)

Unfortunately, this means the partner of that person is stuck believing that everything is perfectly fine and normal, only to be struck with the sudden heartbreak that will follow. An anonymous quote wisely puts it this way:

“The problem is women think he will change; he won’t. The mistake men make is thinking she’ll never leave; she will.” – Anonymous

By being aware of the signs that a relationship is nearing its end (or that your girlfriend is preparing to split up with you), you’ll save yourself from a lot of heartbreak in the coming weeks or even months. Here are some behaviors that reveal a woman is about to leave her relationship.

Here Are 10 Behaviors That Reveal A Woman Is About To Leave Her Relationship

1. She comes up with reasons to avoid you.

The whole point of being in a relationship is to be with each other and around each other. So if your girlfriend has gone from eagerly making plans with you to suddenly coming up with excuses why she can’t make plans or canceling last minute, something could be up.

This is especially telling if your girlfriend seems to be going out of her way to attend events that she previously expressed contempt for – and the two of you aren’t going to those events together. If she seems ambivalent when you leave on a business trip or are too busy to grab dinner together, she may no longer be invested in your relationships. Sometimes, this might even extend to bedtime habits – she might turn in early when you need to stay up, but insist on working late when you’re heading to bed early.

While other aspects like new jobs can influence how much time your girlfriend spends with you, her sudden desire to avoid you could be one of the most obvious signs that a relationship is nearing its end.(2)

2. Daily conversation has stalled.

In general, partners who are interested in you and love you will want to hear about your day. Additionally, they will listen to you talk about something that you enjoy – even when they can’t always understand those things themselves! If this is something your girlfriend has always done and now she’s no longer keen to hear you talk, things could be going south.

The same goes for a previously communicative girlfriend who suddenly stops wanting to tell you about her time at the office or something funny that happened on her way home. Such behavior even extends to calls and texts. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, she might be consciously reducing your contact in preparation for a split.

3. She no longer talks about your future together.

Talking about future plans can be exciting for serious long-term partners, and that might be something you and your girlfriend used to love doing. It can be something as simple as planning a vacation a few months away or something as serious as pondering the number of kids you want. Whatever the case, if your girlfriend seems reluctant to discuss these things, it could be because she no longer sees a future together with you.

4. She seems to be consciously in a bad mood around you.

It’s not fun to be around someone who is always grumpy. If you notice your girlfriend has become this type of person, maybe it’s because the relationship is putting her in a bad mood. She might be feeling trapped or simply unhappy and thinking that it’s time to move on.

These bad moods might also be intentionally acted out in order to convince you that she is not a good girlfriend, hoping you will end the relationship first. No amount of your attempts to encourage positive thinking will likely get her out of her pretend funk.

5. You’re the last to know about her life developments.

If your girlfriend’s new job promotion or big life-changing moment comes as a complete and utter surprise to you, this might be because the relationship is heading to an end. She might no longer feel the need to include you in her daily life updates, thus you end up the last person to find out about good news. If she no longer informs you of positive or negative life developments, she might no longer see you in her life to see her through the ups and downs.

6. She stopped making an effort.

Relationships will only work out if both partners are making an equal effort. If you’ve noticed your girlfriend suddenly dropping her efforts, then maybe she no longer thinks it’s worth it. This can be anything from a woman no longer planning dates like she once did, to her forgetting important events, to her no longer being willing to help you whittle away your to-do list when you’re swamped in work like you do for her.

If she has stopped putting an effort into her appearance, especially when she always spruced up before dates or outings in the past, take note. She might be lowering the bar because she no longer cares about keeping up appearances. She likely assumes it will all be over soon anyway.

7. The intimacy has died.

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, and of course, there are some relationships where it doesn’t play an important role. But if you’re seeing a complete nosedive in intimacy with your girlfriend, she might no longer be interested enough in you to engage in that connection.

If your girlfriend doesn’t want to be intimate with you often anymore, hasn’t made an effort to or shown interest in spicing it up in the bedroom, and has confined all kisses to chaste pecks on the cheek, maybe the attraction has died on her end. The same goes for if you’re still regularly having sex, but that sex feels more like a monotonous routine.

8. She starts excluding you.

Every person in a relationship needs to have their own time and space to themselves. But if it’s reached the point where all your girlfriend ever wants is time and space away from you, then you could be heading for a breakup. You might notice your girlfriend seems to be making plans with everyone else except you and never asks you to tag along. This could be her way of pushing you out of her life.

9. Your jokes no longer make her laugh.

All relationships have their inside jokes. When you make a reference to something only the two of you would know and she can barely even muster a smile, maybe she no longer wants to remember the past that created that joke. In addition, if your girlfriend usually cracks up at your puns but has failed to do so lately, there’s a chance she no longer finds what you have to say interesting enough to pay attention.

10. She either picks fights or doesn’t care about them.

Constant arguments initiated by your girlfriend, especially over the tiniest things, are a very obvious sign that a relationship is going downhill, fast – but it’s also a red flag if your girlfriend stops caring about fights altogether. If your girlfriend is allowing you to “win” all your heated debates, she might simply not care enough to bother. This could be because she doesn’t think it’s worth trying to change your mind when she won’t be sticking around for a long time anyway. (3)

Final thoughts

No one should have to feel like they’re being led on or played, especially when you’re investing time and emotional energy into a romantic relationship. Do these signs always mean that a woman is going to hightail it? Not necessarily. Sometimes external factors could be causing these issues.

If you think this might be the case, try communicating openly with your girlfriend. Ask her if everything is alright. Perhaps something is going on in her personal or family life that is causing concern and she is simply distracted or discouraged.

At the same time, by noticing these behaviors that could spell trouble in paradise, you’ll know if you should talk things out with your girlfriend in order to see what’s going on. Perhaps a good discussion can nip things in the bud before it all goes south. Or perhaps you will find that she has been thinking it is time to move on. If this is the case, knowing sooner rather than later can help you move on with a positive attitude, resting assured that you did what you could.

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Here’s the Flipkart Customer Care Number You’ve Been Looking So Long For


Flipkart customer care number isn’t easy to find and that’s majorly because they aren’t available in many places. We’ve decided to list all of these numbers for you, to get the numbers just scroll down:

Have you ever been to a supermarket like Spencer or Walmart to make a smart buy?

There you may see goods displayed from so many brands and you choose and purchase one or more out of them. is basically the same marketplace in World Wide Web i.e. on the internet. It’s a huge website where people register their brands and products and then sell their produce.

In short, Flipkart offers a supermarket on the internet; that is the entire concept of Flipkart. But many people have reported taht they can’t find the Flipkart customer care number. is an Indian electronic commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (senior-junior at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & colleagues at Amazon) in 2007.

Getting to facts, Flipkart seller is the leader of e-commerce in the fast-growing Indian market, its the place for anyone to make a smart buy. offers to include electronics, books, music, movies and other lifestyle products. The site can be accessed online or through an app on mobile phones by consumers.

Main competitors of Flipkart seller are Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and the domestic rival Snapdeal. In respect to all of that still holds 39.5% of India’s e-commerce industry. The website is dominant in apparel sales and electronics & mobile phones sales.

Flipkart’s seller revenue (increase) is about ₹ 2,846 crores making it the perfect place to make a smart buy. It operates with a good number of 33,000 employees calculated in 2015. The slogan of this website is ‘Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori’ which means ‘Every Wish Gets Fulfilled Now’! To sum up, seller is an interesting and rapidly growing company that will most likely become even more prominent in the future.

History Achievments
Awards and recognition Flipkart Customer Care number
Why there no online chat for complaints. Flipkart replacment and return policies

Flipkart Customer Care:

Flipkart customer care number – Flipkart 24/7 Phone Line Contacts

Flipkart Service Their Numbers
Flipkart Store Customer Care Number 1800 208 9898
Flipkart Toll-Free Number 1800-208-9898
Flipkart Helpline Number (Not Toll-Free) 0124-615-0000
Flipkart Customer Care Suggestion 1800-1080-1800
Flipkart Customer Care Phone Number 1800-102-3547

Flipkart Customer Support Email

Flipkart Departments Email ID's
Customer Care Department [email protected]
Vendors [email protected]
Marketing ID of Flipkart [email protected]
Affiliate ID [email protected]
business ID of Flipkart [email protected]

Flipkart India Registered Office Address

  • Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034, India. (Telephone number: 1800 208 9898)
  • Flipkart Official Mail Address: Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Ozone Manay Tech Park, #56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor, Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560068, Karnataka, India.
  • Official Help Centre: ‘’ is the link where you can visit the Help Centre of Flipkart. FAQs related to orders, shopping, payment, wallet, cancellations, returns and etc. will be addressed here along with some other general questions about Flipcart.

P.s Keep in mind that all of these offices are available to be contacted any time with the Flipkart customer care number.

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the Website

Step 1- Open your web browser on your device.
Step 2- Go to ‘‘ to access Flipkart Customer care at the Flipkart Help Centre Store Online. (We strongly advise going for Flipkart customer care number)
Step 3- Log into your account once the link opens by entering your details and then clicking on ‘Login‘.
Step 4- Select the order that you need to inquire about that has been bothering your Flipkart online shopping
Step 5- Once you select the order, three different options will be available on your screen: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us,’ and ‘Email us.’ Select the option that suits you best. Once done, you will soon be in contact with Flipkart Customer Care.
Step 6- Let Flipkart Customer Care know your problem and enjoy flipcart online shopping

Why is there no online chat?

Flipkart customer care number

Almost all e-commerce websites now offer online chat options to its users. flipkart online shopping does not do that at Flipkart Customer care has all the answers.

This feature allows you to chat with a representative of the company who will help you in any way possible (majorly by clearing any doubts you may have or providing you help in case of any difficulties).

However, Flipkart from Flipkart customer care number, India doesn’t offer this option. However, Flipkart offers several other things.

The options that are available here are: you can call Flipkart India provided numbers or email them or you can request a callback. If you select the callback option, you can expect a call within the next 10 minutes, but if you decide to email them, you’ll be replied within 24 hours.
However, it’s obvious that a vast majority of people prefer the online chat option as it is easier, because it helps maintain a valid record, and gets everything done in time without chances of any possible delay.

flipkart big billion day fast approaches.

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the App?

Flipkart India has its own app version that you can download and use on your smartphone. The app allows you to contact Flipkart Customer Care.

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to do that:

Step 1- Download Flipkart India app.
Step 2- On your smartphone launch the Flipkart India app.
Step 3- Log into your account.
Step 4- Now, on the top left of your screen, you’ll see three horizontal lines. Tap them. A window will slide out from the left end of your screen.
Step 5- Scroll down and click on ‘Help Centre’. You will be redirected to a new page.
Step 6- You will see all your orders here. Tap on the order that you want to inquire about.
Step 7- Select the issue that you are facing regarding your selected order.
Step 8- Once you select the issue, a short explanation depending on your issue will appear on your screen. However, in case this explanation does not solve your query, look towards the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Contact Us’.
Step 9- Next; select how you wish to contact Flipcart Customer Care from the available options. The options available are: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us’ and ‘Email us’.
Step 10- Proceed according to your chosen option.

How Flipkart Customer Service can be Useful:

  • Flipkart India can help you track your order once you’ve placed it. Your package’s location would be constantly updated until it finally lands at your doorstep. This can help you know the estimated delivery time and date of your order too.
  • You can easily return your order if you wish to do so in case of dissatisfaction.
  • You can easily cancel your order if you wish to do so for some reason. In case you’ve already paid for your order and you want to cancel it after, the Customer Care can help you initiate a refund immediately.

Flipkart India; Replacement and Return Policies

Flipkart customer care number

It is advised to always go through seller.flipkart replacement policy and warranty of the product you are ordering so that afterward you don’t have to face adverse consequences.

Sometimes products have a 10-day return policy, sometimes products have a 30-day return policy and sometimes products don’t have a return policy at all.

Along with that, you need to cover all the factors listed in the return policy as they’re very important in case you want to replace the product later as Flipkart India can’t go against its policies – no details are ordinary.

Open your seller.flipkart login if you’re returning something in bulk.

There have been quite a few cases where the customers have received a defective or incorrect order.
Basically, customers have seldom received a defective or incorrect order from seller.flipkart. Moreover, if that happened, they could not replace it or ask for a refund since they didn’t go through the replacement policy and warranty of the product prior to order, they couldn’t return the product or get it replaced or even ask for a refund as none of those policies were applicable for the product in discussion.

Thus, you must check the return policy and warranty of your order before placing your order, so you can perform smart buy. Make sure you check out the policies and warranties every time you’re placing an order on Flipkart.

For more info, check out Flipkart’s Social Media

Websites Links
Flipkart’s Official website:
Flipkart’s Twitter:
Flipkart’s Facebook page:
Instagram account:
Flipkart’s Google Plus page:


Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart, were alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

They started their career in e-commerce by working for Later they left Amazon to create their own new company as Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd and Flipkart toll free.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart customer care number is also commenced its service in the industry by selling books. It just started as an online site for selling books with countrywide shipping.

That’s where the name comes from: ‘Flip’ because that’s what you do with a book – flip pages. And then there’s ‘kart’ because a cart just gets so much cooler with a k. And that is how the name Flipkart came into being.
Since then Flipkart slowly grew in prominence.

By 2008, the website because of Flipkart customer care number was receiving an estimated number of 100 orders per day. By 2014, Flipkart announced its Big Billion Sale; however, to its dismay, the sale failed badly. Even the second installment didn’t work and Flipkart saw a business turnover of around 300 million in gross merchandise volume.


Flipkart customer care

Let’s start with a timeline of acquisitions Flipkart online shopping has gotten hold of over time:

2010: WeRead, a Bangalore social book discovery service from was acquired by Flipkart.

2011: A Digital Content Platform Company, Mime360, was acquired by Flipkart. Moreover,’s digital catalog rights were acquired by Flipkart. This Bollywood news site’s catalog included 40,000 filmographies and 10,000 movies with an approximate number of 50,000 ratings.

However, Flipkart decided that it won’t be in association with the original site and won’t even use the site’s brand name.

2012: In February 2012, Flyte, the DRM-free online music store was unveiled by Flipkart. However, there was a lot of competition from free streaming sites, which led to the failure of Flyte and eventually the online music store was shut down in June 2013. Along with that, an Indian e-retailer in electronics,, was acquired by Flipkart (Flipkart customer care number) at an estimated US$25 million.

However, the electronics retailer was eventually closed and all of its traffic was diverted to Flipkart.

2014: Flipkart acquired, an online fashion retailer, at an estimated ₹ 20 billion (2,000 crores, about US$319 million) deal.

Myntra is still in associative operation as a standalone subsidiary alongside Flipkart. It focuses on upscale and mainstream, a ‘fashion-conscious’ market segment and deals with major international brands.

Now let’s talk about the investments Flipkart has made along the course:

2014: $1 million was invested by Flipkart in a Chennai-based electric vehicle (which included electric scooter and electric motorcycle) known as Ather Energy. Flipkart also partnered with Motorola Mobility and became the exclusive Indian retailer of the Moto G smartphone.

Flipkart and Motorola also partnered on Moto E. The latter primarily targeted towards the emerging Indian markets. This explains the phone’s high demand which made the website crash after the phone’s launch at midnight on 14 May.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi3 in July 2014, the Redmi 1S, Redmi Note in late 2014 and Micromax’s Yu Yunique 2 in 2017 were subsequently launched by Flipkart.

The Flipkart mobiles proved to be an amazing decision as almost all accelerated sellouts with one phone’s 10,000 devices being sold out in around 5 seconds following its initial release. Furthermore, near to the end of 2014, Flipkart invested in a major sale across the service in honor of the company’s anniversary and the Diwali season with the name ‘Big Billion Day’.

A surge of traffic was generated through that and the idea succeeded in carrying out sales of US$100 million worth of goods in 10 hours.

However, the technical issues that the website experience around that time led the website to receive a huge amount of criticism over social media. That and stock shortages didn’t make the idea much of a satisfying decision.

2015: Appiterate, a mobile marketing start-up, was acquired by Flipkart to strengthen its mobile platform further by using its technology to enhance mobile services. Alongside, MapmyIndia, navigation and route optimization startup’s minority stake were bought by Flipkart, so that it could improve its delivery using the startup’s assets by licensing its date to improve delivery logistics.

This year Flipkart after investing in Flipkart customer care number also invested in the site’s official mobile app. To make this work, Flipkart blocked access to the website through mobile devices and began to set the condition that you have to download the app and access it from there.

However, this ‘app-only’ model wasn’t much of a success when it came to Myntra, as its sales dropped a good 10%, so the main website was reinstated soon to avoid further loss.

However, out of nowhere, even after this experience, Flipkart offers a new mobile website with the name ‘Flipkart Lite’. This website provided an app inspired experience within the smartphone’s web browsers. Also, the supply chain was bolstered by Flipkart to introduce more fulfillment centers in order to meet customer demands on time.

This boosted Flipkart’s gross merchandise volume with the addition of US$300 million crediting to fashion sales and mobiles. Moreover,, an online fashion retailer, was acquired by Flipkart from Rocket Internet for US$70 million along with UPI mobile payments startup named as PhonePe. An investment of US$2 million in Tinystep, a parenting information startup, was also made by Flipkart offers.

2017: Overtaking Amazon India led Flipkart India to acquire a 51% share of all Indian smartphone shipments. At one point, Flipkart sold 1.3 million phones in 20 hours and sold 2.5 million phones in 5 days.

Download Flipkart app and www.flipkart mobiles version is out as well!

Awards and Recognition:

Flipkart customer care number

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal were recognized in the Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in April 2016.

Today, Flipkart big billion day looms closely.

The two founders succeeded on to the 86th position in the Forbes India Rich List with a net worth of $1.3 billion each debuted in September 2015.
Entrepreneur of the Year award was received by Sachin Bansal in 2012 – 2013. was honored as the Young Turk of the Year at CNBC TV 18’s “India Business Leader Awards 2012”.

This is Flipkart Customer Care Website. Anything related to the contact details of Flipkart customer care is available for your ease. From Toll-Free Numbers, Email IDs to Address of Flipkart’s Customer Support Team – everything’s right here.

Bookmark this website if you’re a constant Flipkart customer number user, so that the website can help you in the future, whenever needed. Through the details provided on this website, you can contact Flipkart 24/7 365 days.

There is a chance that you might need to replace your purchased item or ask for a refund if it is has a warranty. There might also be many other reasons due to which you might feel the need to contact Flipkart helpline customer service. For that, you need to know details like phone numbers, the address of the head office, email IDs and etc, which you will find exactly here.

Flipkart return policy is well praised. Go over these Flipkart contact and use Flipkart customer care number toll-free if you have any problems. Join the Flipkart seller hub today if you want to move forward with mobiles version which is available as well!

You can also get flipkart customer care delhi, pune, nagpur, maharashtra, mumbai, vijayawada and even kolkata.

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11 Behaviors That Reveal Someone May Be an Abusive Person


Maybe, as you clicked on this article, you began wondering, “Why on earth would someone become an abusive person?” We’ll talk more about the characteristics of the abusive person later in the article.

First, who do you think of when you hear the word “abuse”? Do you think of a child? Some poor, helpless animal? An elderly person?

What about the act of abuse itself? Do you picture an act of domestic violence? Perhaps you think of bullying or of sexual harassment. Whatever your initial perception concerning the who’s and what’s of abuse, you’re probably at least partially correct.

What is Abuse?

Abuse can be defined as the infliction of emotional, psychological, or physical harm upon an innocent person or animal. Per the American Humane Society, the abuse of animals and humans is often mutually inclusive. In fact, 71 percent of domestic violence victims state that the abuser also abused pets, while nearly 90 percent of child abuse cases also involved the abuse of animals (1).

Abuse affects people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Victims of abuse can be found in any demographic, spanning socioeconomic strata, race, age, creed, color, and sex. Likewise, an abusive person can come from any income, sex, age, or race.

The Scope of Abuse

Unfortunately, both the scale and severity of abuse are probably worse than what you might imagine. Much worse. Additionally, there are many misconceptions surrounding abusive acts, abuse victims, and the abuser.

First, abuse often goes unreported. Victims of child abuse and domestic abuse, for example, fear additional – and often more severe – abuse. Second, we don’t always recognize abuse, even that which seems “obvious,” if only to the victim. In fact, occurrences of abuse often occur in social settings. They tend to involve the consumption of alcohol in the presence of peers or acquaintances. Studies show that, despite witnesses, rarely do people intervene on the abused person’s behalf.

Additionally, many can’t picture the abuse of a toddler, disabled person, or elderly individual whose life has been entrusted to caregivers. Yet, it happens, and probably more often than you think.

Categories of Abuse

The types of abuse are wide in scope and include aggression (e.g. criminal activities, bullying), assault, privacy invasion, rape, silent harassment, libel, infliction of physical injury, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, inhumane acts, neglect, and others. Indeed, abuse is as various as it is prevalent. Consider that Wikipedia cites 117 different types of abuse, from “abuse of authority” to “workplace abuse or workplace bullying” (1).

Sadly, in some places, abuse is not only legal and acceptable but encouraged. In some Middle Eastern countries, husbands, by the mere act of accusing their wife of some wrongdoing, can inflict physical punishment – with the nod of approval from their legal system. In other countries, abusers of children get away with it merely because they are the children’s biological parents. “Child abuse” is scantly defined in these nations, if at all.

The Effects of Abuse

“Being abused does not necessarily cause psychology or medical illness to occur. However, being abused does make it much more likely that one or more psychological or medical illnesses will occur.” ~ Kathryn Patricelli, M.A. (source)

Psychologically, abuse victims often develop mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, phobias, or post-traumatic stress disorder (2). The abuse that occurs from a young age may lead to personality disorders including borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissistic personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder (a.k.a. “multiple personality disorder”) and histrionic personality disorder (2).

Besides mental illness, victims of abuse may sustain short- and long-term physical injuries. Among the most common are scar and skin lesions in the physically abused, and malformation of the reproductive system in the sexually abused.

Now, let’s talk what makes an abusive person.

What makes an “Abusive Person?”

Abuse – of any kind – is as shocking as it is reprehensible. The question many of us often ask is, “What would make a person do such a thing?” Or, “How could a person do such a thing?”

These are legitimate questions, the answers to which continue to confound the public. The field of adult psychology can explain some, but not all, of the underlying factors that contribute to abuse. The psychology of many abusive people, regardless of abuse type, shares some commonalities. These commonalities manifest into some predictable, typical behaviors.

Let’s look at 11 behaviors that reveal someone is an abusive person.

1. They are manipulative.

Most abusers are keen on manipulating the feelings of the victim. The abusive person manipulates feelings for any number of reasons – from experiencing guilt and regret, to achieving some sort of twisted satisfaction. Motivations aside, the victim often feels disrespected, mistreated, and manipulated.

If the abusive person is a skilled manipulator, they may cause the victim to experience confounding emotions, like guilt or shame for something they did “wrong.”

2. They openly disparage the victim.

While it is quite rare for the abusive person to commit a blatant act of abuse openly, most will purposely disparage and humiliate the victim in front of others. As we’ll talk about later, most abusers need to feel a sense of control over the victim. Openly insulting or otherwise berating the victim provides – at least temporarily – a twisted sense of control the abuser desperately needs.

3. They exploit their power.

People with abusive tendencies are all typically all too eager to show off power. Many times, when we hear of the abuse of power, some person has also been abused. In worst-case scenarios, the abused may die. Consider the 2011 case of Zheng Xiaoyu, the former “food and drug safety czar” of China. Mr. Xiaoyu bankrolled over $850,000 in bribe money from drug companies with sub-standard quality products. These drugs were ultimately linked to the death of several Chinese citizens (3).

4. They are control freaks.

Control is all about gaining and keeping power over a person or group of people. Abusive people may also desire control out of insecurity. We see this in domestic violence cases, when men beat their wives and accuse them of cheating – usually with no evidence. Controlling behavior may be accompanied by emotional or physical abuse (4).

5. They go off the rails easily.

Emotional instability results from lacking emotional intelligence. If a person quickly becomes angry for no good reason – and directs that anger onto their partner or a child or animal – it is a potential sign that he or she is an abusive person.

6. They are very critical.

A loving relationship involves the appreciation and adoration of a person regardless of their faults. Verbal abuse of any kind has no place in a relationship. Relatedly, verbally admonishing one’s partner for mental or physical “faults” is strongly indicative of an abusive relationship – and an abusive person.

7. They’re always sorry.

It isn’t normal to always be apologizing to one’s romantic partner. An abusive person with a guilty conscience is seemingly always apologizing for their latest screw-up. Prolific apologizing is most common early in the relationship, but it can carry on into later phases, especially if the abuser fears separation.

8. They don’t understand personal space.

We all know that romantic relationships involve closeness and intimacy. But there’s intimacy, and then there’s flat-out stalking. Oh, and some abusive people will show this type of creepy behavior before you’ve even introduced them to the folks. Don’t let it happen, for as soon as you do, they’ve “got” you – or at least that’s what they think.

9. They use gaslighting.

Gaslighting is defined as “a form of emotional abuse in which your partner leads you to mistrust your own interpretations of reality (5).” The abusive person will gaslight to let themselves off the hook. They do so by sowing seeds of self-doubt in the victim. Look out for statements like “You’re too sensitive” or “You always do this.”

10. They turn on the charm – at first.

Most abusive people are sane people. As such, part of them understands that they can’t exhibit their abusive tendencies without first gaining your trust. To gain this trust, many abusers give off a charming and (almost) innocent-like demeanor. That is until you’ve fulfilled their need and they have no further use for you.

11. They always need something.

The abusive person has a deep-seeded sense of insecurity and helplessness. As “tough” as they may appear on the outside, abusers quickly become victims in the sense that they “need” others to do things out of fear that they’re incapable. Not too many people are willing to lend a hand to someone once their trust has been violated. This need for others may be the abuser’s greatest weakness – and possibly the potential victim’s greatest asset. Make it clear that you’re not helping anymore, and the self-serving abusive person may just leave you alone.

After all, they don’t care about you. Not really.

Final Thoughts

Abuse of a person or animal is a very serious offense in the United States. If you or someone you know if being abused, and you aren’t sure about contacting law enforcement, please call or visit the website of one of the following organizations below:

– Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453 (website)

– The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 (website)

– (Animal abuse): Contact your local law enforcement agency or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at 757-622-7382

If you live somewhere other than the United States, search Google for local or national help agencies. Make sure that any organization you contact explicitly states that all communication is confidential unless you state otherwise.

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10 Ways to Deal With A Breakup, According to Psychology


Dealing with a breakup can turn your world upside down and disrupt your comfortable life. It can leave you feeling confused, rejected, and apprehensive about the future. However, you can always get through this challenging phase. While you might not see it clearly now, as people say, there’s still sunshine after the rain. Here are some ways to deal with a breakup, based on experts’ advice:

Here Are 10 Ways to Deal with A Breakup, According to Psychology

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

1. Cry it all out

Go ahead and cry your eyes out. You’re in grief and you need to release this emotion in your system. A good cry can be self-soothing and makes you feel better, according to a study in Frontiers of Psychology, so don’t deny yourself this natural reaction. However, don’t make a habit of it either, as wallowing in sadness can temporarily disable you emotionally. Dwelling on negative emotions might make it so that you cannot function or concentrate in your daily routines.

2. Reconnect with your friends

While you might want to close off and be alone after a breakup, it might actually help to reach out and reconnect with your friends. You need a support system to get through this phase. According to psychologists in an interview on Inside Edition, talking about your feelings and emotions with your closest friends can be a self-reflective process. You might learn new things about yourself, figure out any mistakes you’ve made, and find a way not to repeat the same actions in your life.

3. Take a breather

Some people deal with a breakup by becoming workaholics or by drowning themselves in activities to help take their mind off a painful episode. However, you might easily tire yourself out if, in your heart, you’re not ready to take on new things in your life. The best thing to do is take a breather before you head back into the pond. By assessing your feelings and situation, you’ll make your recovery easier.

4. Get back to the gym

A breakup is a stressful experience, but exercise can do wonders for your body and mind. It’s a stress reliever, according to Psychology Today. Working out releases endorphins – in other words, chemicals that trigger the happy hormones. You’re likely to feel more positive about yourself if you exercise regularly. Another study in the journal Psychological Science showed that a breakup could impact your heart rate so you might feel more tired and exhausted. Doing exercises, however, can give your body more energy.

5. Eat right

Some people lose a lot of weight due to the emotional stress; however, others try to go on a breakup diet as revenge on their ex. The thing is, you’ll only end up punishing yourself if you don’t eat right. You would only be denying your body the nutrition it needs. Additionally, if your main goal for the diet is revenge, you would just be reinforcing that you got rejected. Don’t use food as a means to cope with a breakup.

6. Do the things you love

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience revealed that people can get over a breakup better if they do the things they love to do. This will often help them manage their feelings. The study highlighted that when people embraced the positive aspects of the things they experience, they can heal from a breakup faster. It doesn’t matter what this activity is. If a person believes it is a remedy, then there’s a big chance that it will really help him.

7. Channel bad thoughts and feelings into productive pursuits

If bad memories crop up, write them in a journal. If you’re getting the urge to call your ex, take a walk or go to the gym to exercise. If you get the triggers, acknowledge your pain and try meditating. Use your energy to do something productive instead of beating yourself up for the breakup.

8. Take charge of your life

The agony of a breakup is truly painful and can lead to depression, loss of appetite, and stress, according to research from experts at Virginia Commonwealth University. You’ll likely be in deep grief for two weeks and have bouts of sadness for at least the next three months. But if you used to rely on your partner for certain things, you need to start doing these yourself to get your life back on track. When you begin taking charge of your life, you’ll realize you can be okay on your own.

9. Seek a therapist

You might need to seek professional help. If the depression becomes crippling, it’s a sign that you’re not handling the breakup in a healthy manner. In such a case, you need some expert intervention that can help you process your grief better. Although a stigma may exist about seeking help from a therapist, it’s not a sign of weakness. In fact, you’re actually lot stronger for acknowledging that you can’t deal with the breakup alone.

10. Believe it will be okay

By practicing positive thinking and having a grateful attitude, you will be okay after a breakup. Keep reminding yourself that when you’re down, there’s nowhere else to go but up. The pain of a breakup isn’t permanent, and you can still find love again.

Final thoughts

You might feel that your world has crumbled when a relationship ends. But when the dust settles, you’ll realize that you can start rebuilding yourself and your new life. It might be different, but you can look forward to having new experiences that will hopefully change your life for the better.

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