How to Deal Kindly with a Friend Who is Lousy at Keeping Secrets


Having a friend who is lousy at keeping secrets is an unfortunate situation that could end your relationship. It’s one of the basic rules of a friendship, but it still happens, none the less. When you realize a friend betrayed you in this way, you’ll likely be shocked and hurt by it.

Unfortunately, some people may have difficulty keeping things to themselves. Even when they have every intention of keeping their word, they may slip up and mention it to someone else.

You can talk to your friend about this in a thoughtful way. That way, there are no other hard feelings that come out of the discussion. Plus, you can take additional precautions next time to make sure that your secret is safe.

Just remember that being kind is vital, especially if the friendship is important to you. Everyone does or says things that they regret, and your friend may be feeling regret already. Since you’re also feeling regret for confiding in them, keep that in mind the next time you have a secret.

What to Do When Your Friend is Lousy at Keeping Secrets

1 – Confront Them and Tell Them How It Makes You Feel

While you are confronting them about exposing your secrets, this isn’t the only reason you should talk about it. It’s essential to explain to them not only how angry you are, but also how it hurt you. By talking about it, you’re preventing negative feelings from festering.

If you allow negative feelings to fester, you’re only hurting yourself. It can be detrimental to your well-being and mental health. You have to tell the friend exactly how you felt that they exposed your secret.

You should consider the fact that your friend didn’t realize how serious it was when they told your secret. Talking about it can shed light on it if that was the case, and you can help your friend understand. This chat could be all it takes to make them better at keeping secrets in the future.

Keeping the feelings and thoughts to yourself will not help the situation. The only way to make it better is by talking about it. Just remember to be kind as you are explaining it, because your friend may not have realized the mistake.

2 – Forgive Them Even if They Don’t Apologize

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are saying what they did was acceptable. It also doesn’t mean that you are letting anyone take advantage of you. The purpose of forgiveness in this situation is solely for personal reasons.

Just like talking about it will help you avoid negative emotions, forgiveness will, too. Without forgiveness, it will eat away at you and make it worse. You’ll continue to feel awful about what happened, and it’ll take a toll on your mental health.

So, even if your friend doesn’t apologize for not telling someone your secret, forgive them anyway. Not for their sake, but for yours.

You don’t want to live with negative emotions forever. Unfortunately, if you don’t address it with the person who caused it, it’ll linger much longer than necessary. The feelings may end up staying with you forever, and it’ll severely impact your relationship with that friend.

keep secret
Here are the ways you can tell if someone will keep your secrets.

3 – Stop Telling Them Your Secrets

If you have already talked to your friend about keeping secrets that you tell them and nothing changed, it’s time to reevaluate your friendship. This doesn’t mean you have to stop being their friend entirely. Instead, it just means that you have to decide if the relationship should change from what it is now.

Even if that person is your best friend, you have to think about your well-being when deciding. If they have struggled to keep your secrets, knowing that it hurts you, then stop telling them things.

You don’t even have to tell them that you aren’t going to share secrets with them anymore. If you’re worried about upsetting them, just stop telling them without mentioning it. They may notice so that the conversation may come up eventually, but chances are they won’t figure it out.

4 – Find a Friend Who Is Good at Keeping Secrets

Turn to a friend you can that you can trust. Don’t tell all of the details and secrets to the friend that you know will tell others. Find the friends who will keep any secret you ask them to.

Instead of continuing to tell your friend who can’t keep secrets, turn to a friend whom you can that you can trust.

If you find a friend who can keep your secrets, you will find so much relief. You won’t have to keep secrets to yourself, and you won’t have to stress about your secrets being told.

5 – Ask Yourself If the Friendship is Worth Repairing

Even if you decide that you want to end the friendship, you should still confront the friend. Telling them how it made you feel is essential no matter what the future of your relationship is. Sometimes, it’s impossible to repair friendships after a betrayal involving trust.

If you find that the relationship irreparable, you have to make that decision and stick to it. This outcome means that you shouldn’t text or call the friend. You have to make a clean break, or you’ll always have mixed feelings on the situations.

By making a clean break, you’re allowing yourself to walk away with a clear conscious. You’ve forgiven, explained your feelings, and decided to end the relationship. This move will enable you to heal and move on positively.

6 – Remember That Trust is Important in a Friendship

It is essential for both you and the friend who exposed your secret to remember that trust is important. You can’t have a healthy relationship if there is no trust between the two of you. This could always be a burden on the friendship, causing lingering negative emotions.

If you think that trust cannot be quickly earned back, stepping away may be best. If you decide to continue the friendship, make it clear that your friend has to earn the trust back.

It may take time, or it may occur sooner than you think. Either way, trust is important and will have to be earned back at this point.

The Way to Make Sure Your Secrets Are Always Safe

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Keep Them to Yourself

Sometimes it feels so important to get something off your chest. It may be best to ignore these feelings, however, because you never know who you can fully trust. If your secret is serious and you don’t want it out, force yourself to keep it inside.

You never know when a relationship with a friend will end, and they will look for a way to hurt you. Additionally, the one person you trusted may turn to their significant other or family member. The friend may think that the person they choose to tell will also keep the secret, but that is rarely the case.

Just because your friend trusted the person that they told your secret to doesn’t mean that you should, too. Remember that the people your friend trusts have little loyalty to you, so your secrets are not safe with them. If this happens, your friend likely didn’t mean to hurt you, but the damage will have been done anyway.

The only way to completely prevent your secrets from being exposed is by keeping them to yourself. There is one other safe place you can turn to for complete secrecy, however. You won’t have to worry about your secret being exposed, and this is with a therapist.

Talk to a Therapist (not your friends)

Sometimes, keeping a secret to yourself can be impossible. It’s good to talk about what is bothering you, especially if it is causing negative emotions. When this happens, and you don’t want to risk your secret getting out, consider a therapist.

When you tell something to a therapist, you can guarantee that they are good at keeping secrets. This is because they are legally required to keep what you have told them confidential. Even better, a therapist can help you work through it in ways that a friend can’t.

keeping secretsFinal Thoughts on How to Cope with a Friend Who is Bad at Keeping Secrets

It is hard to deal with a friend who isn’t good at keeping secrets. You will likely be hurt and feel betrayed, but all you can do is explain to your friend how it upset you. If the friendship is important to you, make sure you are kind when you confront them.

The next time you have a secret that you want to keep, consider other ways you can deal with it. You can choose a different friend to confide in, or you can keep it to yourself.

If keeping it to yourself isn’t an option, a therapist can help, too. Then, you won’t have to worry about a friend keeping your secrets for you. You’ll be able to get it off your chest and feel secure knowing that your secret is safe.

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6 Healthful Herb Plants You Can Grow in Water (no soil needed)


Most of our food wouldn’t taste the same without the savor of salt, a natural source of vital sodium. However, doctors warn that the American diet leans heavily on the saltshaker, leading to obesity, hypertension, and heart problems. These precautions don’t mean you’ll never enjoy tasty meals again.

If you want your food to take a walk on the flavorful side without a lot of extra salt, consider using fresh or dried herbs. Herb plants can make your dishes taste amazing. Unique blends of herbs and spices can boost the flavor of your meals and could be beneficial to your health.

Our Ancient Ancestors Relied on Herbs

Herbs are some of the earliest plants cultivated by humans. As our ancestors observed plants that the animals ate, they gathered these plants to see how they tasted. This prehistoric experimentation evolved into the knowledge of roots and herbs for medicinal purposes.

For millennia, cultures around the world depended on herbs for medicine, hygiene, and religious traditions. Much later in history, people found that many herbs lent flavor and delicious aromas to otherwise unpalatable foods. In ancient times, some herbs and spices were so valued that they were used as currency.

No medieval hut was complete without a small kitchen garden, which included several herbs for medicine and cooking. Some of the first herbalists were monks and nuns, who grew sizeable circular herb gardens on their convent grounds. They began the tradition of growing herbs in a circle pattern.

Most native cultures combined their spiritual traditions with the knowledge they collected from nature. These learned elders were called medicine people, shamans, and other titles according to culture and religion. Throughout Europe and the New World, rootworkers often dispensed their herbal wisdom secretly, fearing that they would be falsely accused of practicing witchcraft.

Today, global cuisines are renowned for their unique flavors and blends of herbs and spices. Many home cooks enjoy growing fresh herbs in their kitchen or their yard for easy access. Most herb plants are so easy to plant and care for that children can do it.

The rootworkers and herbalists of the past instinctively knew what modern science is recently discovering. Many of the herbs we use in the kitchen may have a plethora of health benefits. Countless studies demonstrate positive associations between these green wonders and good health.

herb plants

The Difference Between Herbs and Spices

We often use these words interchangeably when we prepare food, but there are marked differences. Herbs are usually tender green plants that can be used fresh or dried for consumption. However, spices typically derive from berries, seeds, or bark of specific trees or woody plants and are prized for their scent and flavors.

Starting an Herb Garden at Home

Do you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs? As you wander down the produce aisle in the grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that fresh herbs are pricey. Once you’ve found how inexpensive and fun growing herbs at home is, you’ll probably never buy them at the store again.

All you need is a bright place in your kitchen, such as a windowsill or along a counter facing natural light. You can purchase seeds or herb plants that are ready to be placed into pots of your choice. Before you buy potting soil, this article may change your mind about traditional herbal planting.

How to Grow Your Favorite Herbs in Water

Maybe you’ve already experimented with growing culinary herb plants in your kitchen. What could be cozier and more inviting than a sunny kitchen windowsill lined with potted herbs? Most popular herb choices are a snap to grow in little containers filled with potting soil.

One of the recent buzzwords for avid gardeners is hydroponics. This unique soil-less system uses water to nourish and grow plants, such as leafy greens. Did you know that you can grow some herb plants in containers of water instead of potting soil?

Not every herb is an excellent choice for growing in water. Those that are produced from seeds must be rooted in potting soil. Before you start buying herbs to plant in water, do some research to see which ones can be done successfully.


Starting to Grow Herb Plants

If you have ever taken the starts of houseplants and rooted them in water, the same process is used for herbs. Use a pair of sterilized scissors to take clippings right about the leaf nodules. Strip lower leaves off and place each cutting in a glass container filled with warm filtered water.

Put your glass containers in a warm place where they will get a lot of indirect natural light. To avoid algae or mold attacks, change the water in each container often. Soon, your herb cuttings will have healthy roots, and you can keep them in their water glasses or plant them in soil.

Just snip off what you need, and the herbs will keep growing throughout the season. Herb water gardens are attractive and a definite conversational starter. Here are six common herbs that you might consider growing.

6 Kitchen Herb Plants to Grow in Water

1. Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is the darling of Mediterranean cuisines, especially Italian. It is native in these warm climates, where it usually grows as a perennial. The word basil derives from the Latin word, which means royal, which is an apt description of this lovely herb.

Its thick green leaves have a sweet, peppery taste that makes it ideal for pesto or other savory dishes. Basil has many cultivars, each with a unique scent and flavor. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and can aid in digestive issues.

2. Chives

This fertile member of the onion family grows like a bouquet of grass. They have a mildly sweet onion flavor that is perfect for finishing fish, stews, or vegetables. Sour cream and chives are a perennial pairing that is tasty on baked potatoes.

This herb shares some of the health benefits of their more pungent cousins, onions, leeks, and garlic. They have natural antibacterial and antiviral properties and may boost your immune system. They can be chopped and consumed fresh or dried.

3. Mint

This herb family is a treasure trove of herbs valued for the cool, sweet flavor they add to savory foods and confections. Whether you prefer peppermint, spearmint, or other classics, you probably love them for their scent and taste.

This herb is often used in dental products as well as many medicines for its cooling properties in the mouth and digestive system. Studies have shown that peppermint can quench heartburn and help other digestion problems. It also makes a lovely herbal tea that may bring restful sleep or soothe breathing problems.

4. Sage

A whiff of this earthy, peppery herb takes your mind back to your family’s Thanksgiving feasts. It’s one of the quintessential herbs for mild meats like poultry and fish. The ancients associated it with wisdom from the gods and used it in cooking, medicine, and spiritual rituals.

This venerable herb isn’t just for turkey anymore. Health experts believe that because sage is rich in vitamins and minerals, it can fight free radicals in the body that damage cells. It may also boost immunity and fight certain cancers.

5. Oregano

This zesty herb may be the star ingredient in many Italian sauces and dishes, but it was first cultivated in Greece. Associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, the Greeks believed that it was a powerful love potion. This herb has traveled from the Mediterranean throughout the world as a delightful spice for sauces, meats, and greens.

Many healthcare professionals tout the power of oregano oil for its high antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It fights harmful bacteria and is a natural anti-fungal agent. Add fresh leaves of this herb to your salad to help your immune system.

6. Lemon Balm

A balm is a natural substance that soothes and heals an apt name for this fragrant member of the mint family. For years, people have grown this lemon-scented beauty to attract honeybees and for making a tasty tea. It is a perennial that thrives in gardens, pots, or water containers.

If you adore this herb, then you will also love some of its health benefits. Research has shown this herb can bring more restful sleep and may ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you drink a cup of lemon balm tea each day, it may improve your brainpower.

herb plantsFinal Thoughts on Growing Herb Plants with Ease

Remember that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s always right for you. Talk to your professional healthcare advisor about any herbs that you are considering for medicinal reasons. Some herbs shouldn’t be consumed if you have a disorder or are taking certain prescription medications.

You needn’t be a master gardener to grow herb plants in the water at home successfully. These are a few of the flavorful herbs you can consider for pool growing. With a few cuttings, glass jars, and some water, you can have an inside herbal garden that will reward you with fresh herbs and improved health.

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Astrology Explains 15 Things Never to Say or Do Around a Leo


Astrologers can agree that Leos are the proud lions of the zodiac. They love compliments, can’t stand to lose an argument, and generally want to know they’re always loved. As such, most are incredibly confident, protective, and like to be the center of attention.

Powered by the sun, Leos welcome the limelight as they and are in full form when they receive praise. Leos always needs the right energy to shine the brightest, which is why you should always be intentional when speaking with any lions in your life.

Never Say These 15 Things to a Leo

While this sign is very proud, they are also quite sensitive. What may seem like a simple comment to some can quickly cut to Leo’s core. If you have a Leo in your life that you love, make sure you never say the following things to them:

1. “Stop making it about you!”

Though this sign knows the world doesn’t revolve around them, they depend on their loved ones to make them feel like they’re the center of attention. Just like the sun, they desire to know how important they are to everyone’s lives.

This is why it can be incredibly painful when someone close to them makes them feel bad for making situations about them. This sign is most comfortable when they have others hanging off of their every word.

Before you tell your loved one that they’re not always the center of attention, try to hear them out when they do talk about themselves or draw references from their own lives. In most cases, this is their way of relating to you.

2. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it.”

If you are relying on this fire sign to finish a project with you, it’s important to show them that you trust that they will take care of it. There’s nothing this sign hates more than feeling like they’ve let someone they care about down.

This sign wants to be in control in their own lives and will get angry if they feel as though you’re taking that control away. Even if this sign can’t lead the way in everything, always make sure they ask for help before you try to take care of it on your own.

Remember, this sign often hides their insecurity and fear by regaining control. Make sure to respond to this by taking the time to understand and allow them to open up to you.

zodiac sign

3. “I forgot about our plans.”

We all miss important dates and forget other details, but forgetting to invite a fire sign to an event is incredibly offensive. This sign absolutely hates to feel forgotten and will be very deeply hurt if it ever happens to them.

If you’ve forgotten about your fire sign, you need to make things right quickly. Beg this fire sign for forgiveness as you genuinely express how sorry you are. Then, let them get their anger out as the share how your actions made them feel.

You can get back into this sign’s good graces by validating them. Explain to your loved one how much you care for them and eventually, they’ll return to being the powerful sun you know and love.

4. “Stop holding onto things, just let it go.”

This fire sign is complex and emotional. They’re not always going to forgive and forget in certain situations. In some cases, this sign may even bring up things that happened in the past as if they just happened yesterday.

While it can be annoying to rehash certain things with your loved one, this is how this sign works things out. Instead of telling this sign to “Let it go”, talk to them about what they’re experiencing. Chances are, if you give this sign the opportunity to share, they’ll be able to start letting it go on their own.

5. “I already complimented you.”

Enough is never enough for this sun-powered sign. This sign feeds on the positive energy of others’ compliments and affection. For example, if your lion keeps asking you if you like something, they’re just seeking validation.

For some, one compliment is all that’s needed, but this isn’t the case with this sign. Feel free to let loose with your compliments and signs of affection. Oftentimes, all this sign needs is to know that you believe in them and they’re doing enough.

6. Never tell a Leo, “You’re so self-centered.”

While this sign is happy to be the center of attention, never call them self-centered. This sign likes to think that the world constantly revolves around them, though they know that it doesn’t.

Pointing out this personality trait by using the word “self-centered” will make your loved one angry. It’s best to talk about your feelings and ask them to focus their attention on you for the time being.

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7. “I didn’t know you were so needy.”

All of us are needy from time to time. This sign especially craves attention and wants to know that their loved ones are there for them.

Don’t make your fire sign feel bad for this. Show them how much you care by laying on the love.

8. “I’m not sure how I feel, Leo.”

Astrologers believe this zodiac sign to be one of the most confident and self-assured signs. As a result, this sign wants to know that others around them are just as confident and are doing what they believe is right.

If you’ tell a fire sign that you haven’t made up your mind about a decision that’s important to them, you may unintentionally offend them.

Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, you should be clear about your intentions and decisions. Even if you really don’t know how you feel, share your thoughts with them. Making an attempt to communicate with your fire sign is sometimes all it takes.

9. “You’re overthinking it!”

Another way to offend your fire sign is to tell your loved one they are overthinking something.

This sign is deeply introspective and seeks the true meaning in any situation. By their nature, they are deep thinkers and need the time and space to figure out certain thoughts.

10. “Don’t do that.”

Telling a fire sign what to do and what not to do is a quick way to get into an argument. Make sure your fire sign knows they’re in control of their own decisions.

11. “You’re too much.”

The emotions that fire signs feel can be particularly overwhelming. At times, this zodiac sign struggles to handle their feelings.

To truly love this fire sign, you should never make them feel as though they’re too much for you to handle. Give them the chance to work through their feelings while you help them feel safe.

12. “It’s not a big deal!”

For a fire sign, everything in their life can seem like a big deal. If your loved one comes to you to share news, it’s because they want you to get excited about it.

Show your fire sign you’re on their team by always cheering them on.

13. “You always do this.”

To a fire sign, the world “always” can be pretty triggering.

This word can make your loved one feel as though you’re constantly dissatisfied with their actions. Instead of reacting this way, try to have a rational conversation about both individual’s behavior and any patterns that you’ve noticed.

14. “Why are you like this?”

Leos have very strong personalities and need partners and friends that let them be themselves.

If you ever question this sign’s personality or lifestyle choices, you’re telling them that you aren’t happy with who they are. To a fire sign, these are fighting words.

15. “You have to change.”

Fire signs have a strong opinion of themselves, to the point where they’ll lash out at anyone that isn’t completely happy with who they are.

If you ever tell this sign that they need to change, they’ll be deeply wounded. This sign loves to know how much they matter to their loved ones and wants to be accepted. Be sure to tell any fire signs in your life that you love them for who they are.

Learn how to manage your anger, according to your zodiac sign.

Final Thoughts on the Things You Should Never Say to a Leo

This sign is a confident yet sensitive creature. They bruise easily, so it’s important to always choose your words carefully with this sign.

Treat the fire signs in your life gently and with love. By laying on the affection and working to truly understand them, you’ll their personality shine like the star they are.

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12 Actions a Person With a Hidden Agenda Displays Before Revealing Themselves


We’ve all had at least one toxic person in our professional and private lives over the years. They may be relatives, friends, or coworkers who subtly weave you into their personal agenda.

It may take months or even years before you realize what this individual is doing behind the scenes. Not all manipulative people are inherently evil. Some are conditioned at an early age to believe that the world owes them something, and people are in their lives for their advantage.

On the other hand, just because someone is a good person doesn’t mean your chemistry isn’t toxic. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an invisible truth detector that could reveal everyone who lies and only wants to use you?

Just think of all the frustration and heartache it would have saved you over the years. Unfortunately, there’s no such machine, and you must rely on well-honed instinct and intuition to detect selfish agendas.

The motives behind some manipulative people may be evident to you, and you can easily break ties. Others can craftily wrap you into a web of guilt and a false sense of responsibility to them, and they influence your thinking. They eventually snare you into a burdensome relationship that does nothing but benefit themselves.

Red Flags Someone Has a Hidden Agenda

How can you discern a toxic person before you become an unwilling participant in his sordid agenda? You can’t always avoid being burned in a personal or professional relationship, but some red flags are detectible. Here are 12 actions a person with a hidden agenda displays before revealing themselves.

1. He Triggers Gut Feelings

Your powers of intuition are just as vital as your reasoning and reaction skills. While we all have it, some learn to improve their intuitive gifts. Sorting out manipulative people requires you to trust your gut feelings.

Have you ever been around somebody and just felt that something was off? He may seem perfectly pleasant and accommodating, but you still don’t resonate with his personality. Be wise and watch for other warning signs that this person may not be as he seems.

2. You Catch Her in Lies

Nobody is above telling a little white lie to protect themselves or someone else, and we learn the deceptive art at an early age. However, consistent lying becomes a character flaw that can be detrimental to personal or professional relationships. There is no bond without trust and honesty.

A toxic person will often tell lies about the most senseless subjects. Does she create big whoppers about his past, career, or his abilities? If she is lying is so apparent about common issues, what other deceptions is she feeding you?

The perfect way for you to know that a person is lying to you is eye contact and body language. Most people can’t maintain good eye contact and seem awkward when they are deceptive. However, beware of pathological liars who show no signs and are so believable, they often deceive themselves.

toxic relationship3. She Talks About Her Favorite Subject: Herself

What can be more frustrating than to be stuck in a conversation with an egomaniac? Healthy dialogue is like a game of tennis, where the discussion volleys smoothly from one side to the other. If a person in your life continually monopolizes conversations, take note of it.

Narcissistic people secretly battle low self-esteem and fear, so they are compelled to stay in the limelight and belittle any perceived competition. You know the type, no matter what you know or have done, she can one-up you. If all she can talk about it herself, be assured that her agenda is just as selfish.

4. He Is on a Mission

How many times have you worked with a colleague on a project and saw that he wanted to ride your coat tails to success? Maybe you met a guy who seemed really into you until he hinted that you introduce him to your best friend? These manipulative people have a mission, and you are only a tool for their accomplishments.

You can often tell these self-interested ones within one or two conversations. Your new best friend may be working out fine until she gives you a stack of sale catalogs for products she represents. Fortunately, agendas like these are self-evident, and you can cut ties early before they become a problem.

5. You Observe Signs of Hypocrisy

When a person has a deep conviction about something, it remains true regardless of the company and situation. For example, how would you feel about a guy who says he values honesty, yet he didn’t pay for the desserts the server accidentally forgot on the bill on your last date.

It has been said that a person shows his real character when he thinks no one is watching or listening, if they don’t, then they are a hypocrite. Does the individual in your personal or professional relationship preach one set of values and practice another? If so, his benefits may be skewed, and his plan may not be one you appreciate.

6. He Is Obsessive About a Subject

Often, the thoughts and desires we keep hidden from our partners will manifest itself in other areas. However, some people are so preoccupied with personal gain that they discuss it obsessively. You may not need to do much research to get the hint.

What if you are in a romantic relationship, and you’ve created goals as a couple? Maybe you agreed that you would keep working after you got married. Wouldn’t you feel a little concerned if he kept suggesting that you will quit your job and stay at home soon?

Coworkers can also be visible when they want to use others to vie for higher positions and salaries. Listen to his conversations in the office and the break room. If his discussions are one-sided and manipulative, don’t get caught in his wave of self-promotion.

7. He Has a History of Being a Manipulator

Of course, we’ve all done things we weren’t proud of in the past. Some people learn from their mistakes, while others turn them into a lifetime of bad habits. As they say, love may be blind, but hindsight is twenty-twenty.

It pays you to notice patterns in your love interest’s life. Has he been married more times than a movie star? Have his past relationships been broken because he cheated, yet he swears he will be faithful to you? These are all classic signs that you need to watch as their manipulative tendencies could have caused this pattern.

honest person8. She’s Letting Anxiety Get the Best of Her

Women tend to let their anxiety show more than men, though that isn’t always the case. If you notice that she is showing signs of anxiety, such as dizziness, sweating, unable to sit still, and panicking, then it could be that she is toying with revealing a hidden agenda. She is, no doubt, nervous about how people will react to her plot being brought to the forefront.

9. You’ve Noticed His Body Language is Off

You can tell a lot from someone’s body language. If a hidden ploy is coming to light, then the body language might be forth-telling. If they are excited about the plan being exposed for their gain, then they may be giddy with excitement.

However, if they are nervous about their plot coming out, then they may be angry, irritable, grouchy, and quiet. Watch his body language because it can tell you more about the manipulator than anything that comes out of his mouth.

10. He Is Being Super Secretive

There’s an old saying that states that anything done in secret will always come out. If he has something that he is hiding, there is a reason for his secretive nature. It’s often his toxic intentions that are not ready to be exposed.

If you notice that he is secretive about everything in his life, or he takes his phone in the other room to avoid you hearing the conversation, then somethings up.

11. She Is a Bit on Edge

Oversized reactions are common when someone has a hidden agenda. Some may say these reactions are caused by their anxiety, kicking up as the body is going into that fight or flight response.

However, others may say that the real reason your friend is on edge is that they can become emotional at anything that derails their plans. It can also be that their apparent use of emotions serves as an attempt to shut down discussion in resistance to their goal.

12. Her Stories Don’t Add Up

It’s often the case that many people will start seeing the holes in a story long before the truth about a plot comes out. If you add the components together and find inconsistencies, it could be forth-telling about the big reveal.

You don’t want to accuse your friend because of a couple of discrepancies, but if you find that things don’t make sense, trust your gut feeling.

agendaFinal Thoughts on Detecting a Person with a Secret Agenda

It’s often the case that many people already know that something is off before anything is revealed in their toxic relationship. Always trust your gut instincts as they are there to protect you.

If you are genuinely caught off guard and had no clue what was happening, then you can use these red flags to keep you from getting into a situation like that again.

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10 Reasons Never to Accept Body Shaming


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the perfect body of them all? Why, of course, you do! There has never been anyone quite like you in the history of humans, nor will there ever be. Then why is our society so caught up in body shaming when we each have unique qualities that make us individuals?

Thanks to global media, you are continually being assaulted by images of what they consider the perfect body. Of course, they fail to mention that these models are often malnourished, and the photos are tweaked with light, makeup, camera, and computer tricks. These fake silicone-injected models display expensive goods and services and suggest that they will make you just as beautiful, successful, and wealthy.

These images and advertisements subliminally promote body shaming, and we continue to buy into the sham. Average Americans sink billions of dollars annually into the beauty and diet industry, hoping for miraculous results. It’s a slippery slope that can bankrupt you financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

How can you boost your self-confidence and finally discover self-acceptance? Many Hollywood stars are speaking out against body shaming and are sharing their stories of overcoming poor body images. Although former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was often cruelly criticized for not measuring up to society’s beauty standards, she remarked that nobody could make her feel inferior without her permission.

10 Ways to End Body Shaming and Love the Skin You’re In

It’s time to start accepting and loving yourself just as you are. You don’t need a product or service to make you just as good as anyone else, because you already are. Consider these ten reasons why you will no longer need or tolerate body shaming in your life.

1. You are Unique

Even identical twins have unique fingerprints and genetic makeup. Nature abounds with countless variety and individualism, so why would humans want to be any different? Instead of fighting against having a diverse body, embrace it.

You must revel in the body you have. If someone has a problem with your body, it’s their problem and not yours. You must love you to the fullest.

2. You have Redefined Beauty for Yourself

Each era and culture have their definition of beauty, so why can’t you? Not every culture values skinny figures, overly processed hair, or artificially plumped bosoms. You will be hard-pressed to find any of these fake images in an average crowd at the grocery store.

Make it a habit to notice people when you are in a group. Notice how different colors of skin, eyes, hair, and body shapes weave an intricate quilt of beauty. Take a cue from nature and find joy and grace in being different.

3. You’ve Made Friends with Your Body

Body shaming creates a culture of self-loathing with negative consequences. Eating disorders are still a life-threatening epidemic, especially among young women. The hallmark of these often- fatal mental diseases is a distorted body image.

Talk to your professional healthcare provider about the diet and lifestyle that is right for you. Make it a habit of looking in the mirror every day and love yourself. If you need to lose a few pounds, do it out of love and appreciation, not hate.

4. You Show Gratitude Every Day

It’s normal to feel a little blue and down on yourself occasionally. One way to start loving yourself again is to practice gratitude. Since it’s a practice, you must do it regularly to see positive results.

When was the last time you were grateful for your life and who you are? These blessings are more important than any material gain. If you think you’ve nothing to be thankful for, then visit a few hospitals and nursing homes and talk to folks who would give anything to have your health and vitality.

Consider keeping a gratitude journal or write positive affirmations on sticky notes to place around your house. Whenever you enter your journal or see a happy note stuck to your mirror, you will be reminded of all the beautiful things that make you unique.

grateful people

5. You’ve Learned to Eliminate the Negative

Body shaming is a devastating force that thrives in a negative environment. Once you have decided to defeat it with self-confidence, you will discover other negative influences that must go. Cultivating a loving and positive atmosphere takes work and determination, but you are up for the challenge.

You work too hard for your money and resources to waste it on things that make you feel bad about yourself. Unsubscribe to any magazine or media outlet that promotes body-shaming and a false sense of beauty. While you can’t eliminate negative influences, you can choose what to believe.

How about friends and family in your close circle? Are they positive influences in your life, or do they burden you with criticism? If someone can’t love you for the beautiful soul you are, then don’t waste any more energy to keep them near.

6. You Want to be Healthy instead of Skinny

Since obesity has been an epidemic in America for a while, most of us could lose a pound or two for health’s sake. How many times have you watched the late-night infomercials on tv about popular weight loss programs? Most of these gimmicky programs promise to make you skinny in little time with minimal effort.

After you lost a ton of money and a few pounds, you probably gained the weight back plus some. Body shaming and fad diets go hand in hand, and they’re a lucrative ploy. In those cheesy infomercials, you will probably see skinny actors prancing around who never even had weight issues.

If your healthcare provider has recommended a sensible weight loss and fitness regimen for you, the goal is to be healthy, not necessarily skinny. Did you know that many rail-thin people are often malnourished and have as many health risks as those who are overweight? Your body size will never dictate your beauty or worth as a person.

7. You Accentuate Your Inner Beauty

We all know the saying that beauty is only skin deep, but that saying is only partially true. Humans are hardwired to be attracted by the lust of the eye, so beauty is beauty at first. However, it is originality and a beautiful spirit and attitude that will solidify the attraction.

Did you know that your most beautiful accent piece is your smile? Even if your neck is ornamented with diamonds, your pearly whites will be what stands out the most. How you feel about yourself and the world will be evident in your expressions and how you carry yourself.

inner beauty
Learn the habits of people who have genuine inner beauty.

8. You Create Your Sense of Style

Back in the day, you often found clothing tags that falsely proclaimed one size fits all. Even when clothing manufacturers revised it to one size fits most, it still isn’t so. No color, style, or shape is flattering to everyone who tries to wear it.

Don’t put a lot of credibility into fashion trends. As you learn to build your wardrobe around your styling sense, trendiness won’t matter as much. Buy classic pieces that will mix and match with other things in your closet. When you buy the best quality you can afford, these pieces will allow you to dress for several seasons.

Refuse to allow current fashion to dictate your wardrobe choices. Wear colors and styles that flatter your figure and make you feel beautiful. Dress age-appropriate and learn how to use accent pieces to your advantage, remembering that understated is often most attractive.

9. You No Longer Need a Mask of Makeup

The same rules apply when you use makeup, which should be used only to accent your natural beauty. When you lean heavy on the cosmetics, you may appear more like a clown than a queen. Don’t hide your lovely radiance behind a mask of makeup.

A genuine smile and an attitude of self-acceptance are worth far more than overloaded lashes or artificially plumped lips. Nobody is happy all the time, so you needn’t glue a smile on your face if you aren’t feeling it. As a beautiful person, you let your soul shine through and are true to your feelings.

10. Be an Advocate for Yourself and Others

An effective way to fight the plague of body shame is to let your voice be heard. Stand up for yourself if someone says something inappropriate or hurtful, even in jest. Let these people know that you won’t tolerate their judgmental attitude.

Your money is a powerful force in the market, so refuse to patronize businesses and companies that promote false body perception and exclude customers who are different. Instead, buy goods and services from those who value individualism, freedom of expression, and multiculturalism.

body shamingFinal Thoughts: Stop Body Shaming Yourself and Wear Self Confidence Instead

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you are self-confident, you don’t accept body shaming in any way. You become your definition of beauty in body, mind, and spirit.

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16 Money Habits Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids


What is a money habit? It’s a sustainable, repeatable way to you manage some aspect of your money. The money habits you keep – whether good or bad – can tell you a lot about your finances. You can see the results of your habits in your savings, earnings, and how much you invest.

We pass our habits along to our kids as they model their behavior off what they watch us do. That transfer of knowledge and habits can either be intentional or involuntary – it’s up to you.

If you want to set your children up to be successful adults, then a great thing to do is to help them establish good money practices at an early age. Children are ready to learn as early as age 3. Start with small habits like counting out dollars and coins, and work your way up from there.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you achieve this goal as your child goes through every stage of development. There are also some pitfalls to avoid so you can steer your kids clear of bad money habits.

In this article, we are going to introduce strategies to handle good and bad financial habits and parenting advice that you can use to help your children at any age.

16 Money Habits Every Parent Should Share with Their Children

1) Create a Budget

To make sure that you are not over-spending, create a budget for your household. This is a great exercise for older kids and teenagers to understand living expenses and how to manage them.

Itemize all of the costs of living, from the rent or mortgage to the electricity bill. Calculate the average monthly price of each. Then you have a budget.

You can get kids of all ages in on this process by creating a mini-budget for them. For example, make a budget for a summer project or a micro-business like a lemonade stand. It’s all about the practice of understanding how much things will cost and spending and saving accordingly.

2) Provide Cash Flow

To understand income ane expense, your child needs some income. Give your children some money like a small allowance and help them manage it. If (and when) they mismanage it, help them understand the consequences and correct course without reprimanding them. It’s a learning process.

3) Set Up a Savings Account

One in 3 Americans have $0 in savings, and only a fraction have enough saved up to deal with an emergency.

Your savings account is the one in which you are going to save your money instead of spending it. Help kids understand the concept of a savings account by making your budget and calculating what it would cost if something didn’t go as planned. That’s what a savings account is ultimately for, but you can also make it more engaging by helping them save up for something more fun.

4) Auto-transfer

One of the easiest ways to save money is to set up auto-transfer. For example, if you are trying to save $1000 in six months to buy a new laptop, set up your account. It will automatically transfer $42 a week into your savings account.

You can teach a child about this by helping them set up a checking and savings account. Deposit their allowance into the checking account and show them how to schedule an auto-transfer. Tie the savings to a goal like purchasing a toy they really want so they can understand the concept more tangibly and treat it like a fun game!

5) Use Shopping Lists

Instead of going shopping without a list and buying things you don’t need right now, make a list of items that are important to buy and stick to it. This simple habit helps save money and stick to a budget.

Practice this with your kids every time you take them to a store. Get them in on the activity by making a list together. If they’re old enough to do basic math, talk about the budget for the shopping trip and give them a calculator so they can subtract the value of each item as you pick it up. Making (and sticking to) a list builds impulse control and helps kids understand the importance of a dollar.

6) Buy with Cash

Buying with cash creates a tangible connection between an item and its value. Psychologists have studied this concept and proven that when people pay with cash, they have a greater respect for the goods and services bought. Allowing your kids to fork over dollars to the cashier to pay for things can start at a young age and build an understanding of the financial exchange taking place.

7) Track Expenses Daily

Keep an eye on the expenses that you pay daily. Use an app or journal to keep a list of every purchase you make for a week – no matter how big or small. Have your kids do the same.

If they’re wondering where their allowance went, they may find the answer quickly reveals itself in regular purchases of sodas or video game add-ons. Seeing it all laid out helps visualize the cash flow so you can adjust it into your budget and shopping lists better.

save money

8) Define “Bad” Money Habits

Understanding poor financial habits and how to avoid them is important, too. Discuss bad these money habits and break them before they start:

  • Spending more than you earn
  • Depending on debt to pay expenses
  • Taking loans
  • Not saving for the future
  • Not having goals
  • Thinking negative
  • Blaming others or making excuses

9) Track What You Spend

Spending money without knowing where it’s going is a quick way to slide into financial distress. Keeping a budget and taking inventory of what you spend is a necessary habit to be responsible with your money and stay on track with your goals.

Create a self-auditing process and share it with your kids so that money becomes a concept that’s manageable and understandable instead of stressful and out of control.

10) Save With Intention

Even if it’s just a couple of dollars a month, saving is an important habit both mentally and financially. Spending every single penny you have earned can start you or your kids down a path of lack instead of abundance.

If an emergency comes up or an unexpected opportunity arises and you have no money saved to take care of it, then what are you going to do? Saving isn’t just about emergencies, it’s about opportunities as well. You don’t want your kids to miss out on opportunities or befall a tragedy just because they didn’t have some padding in their budget.

Decide on a reason to save and help your child set a savings goal to give them an understanding of this important concept.

11) Understand the Consequences of Credit

At the time of need, credit cards can look like a miracle. The truth is, more often than not they quickly become a burden and can create emergency financial situations all their own.

Paying interest on a purchase you made months (or years) ago really stings. You can help kids understand this concept by doing the math visually.

Take the price of a toy they want to buy now. Calculate how much that toy would cost if they paid it with cash in hand versus over a period of a year or two with an APR of 19%. Explain the difference: they can either save up and buy the toy for less money, or forego a chunk of their allowance for the foreseeable future.

Instead of teaching your kids to rely on credit, teach them to budget, and rely on cash.

12) Achieve a Goal

You don’t have to make a lot of money to manage it well. Having good management skills will help in achieving one’s goals. A person who has better money habits will be set up to have a better, more stable quality of life. Tie your child’s new financial habit to a goal like buying or doing something they want.

13) Model Your Advice

If you want your kid to learn good money habits, you have to show them practically. It’s important to model the behaviors for them in a transparent way and help give them tangible examples they can work through themselves. Experience is the best teacher, after all! Remember, children follow the same thing as their parents. Become a role model. Inspect your own behaviors and feelings about money. If needed, make adjustments.

14) Get Teenagers Involved with the Household Budget

Teenagers are on the precipice of independent living, so financial know-how is especially important for them to grow into successful adults.

It is your responsibility as a parent to help prepare them for the practical necessity that is managing money. Since teenagers are more mentally mature, they can handle more complex, real-world information to help them learn and prepare.

It may seem scary, but getting your teen in on managing the household budget is a fantastic exercise for this age group. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Tell your kid about every expense.
  • Inform them about the household’s monthly income.
  • Walk through the monthly and yearly budget, plus any retirement and college funds that you’re paying into.
  • Help your child open their bank accounts (checking and savings) if they don’t already have them.
  • Every week discuss your expenses and tell them how you manage them.
  • Give your teen tasks like grocery shopping or running an errand with a list that helps them develop the habit on their own.
  • Research and share stories of financially prosperous people and what you can learn/integrate from their approaches.


15) It’s Never Too Late to Learn – Help Your Adult Children with Money Habits

So, maybe you got to this a little later in the game. Parenting advice isn’t just for parents of young kids – there’s still valuable information you can pass on to your children even if they’re adults. Here are some ideas for how to help your adult children manage money:

  • Help them make a budget according to their income and expenses.
  • Talk with them about money in a calm, non-confrontational way.
  • Discuss their larger purchases and financial goals like buying a car or moving to a new city and make a financial roadmap to help them get there.

16) Break Bad Money Habits.

If your child has picked up some poor money habits, then you can use that as a learning opportunity. We all make mistakes with money at one point or another. Bouncing back is part of the process.

Identify the issue and why it’s a problem.

Talk about how this bad habit would really affect them in the future. Ask what they want to do – fix it or continue down the path they’re on.

If they choose to fix it, make a plan together for how to get through the problem. Be sure to include action steps that you can measure. Talk regularly about how the plan is going and measure their success. Celebrate when they’ve achieved their goal and un-done the problem.

If they don’t choose to fix it, then you may need to let them suffer the consequences of their financial mistake. The stakes during childhood and teenage years are usually much, much lower than in adulthood. Better they learn now than when they have a family of their own.

What if you’re the one with the bad habits? Look at it as an opportunity. You can learn together and even use yourself as an example of why it’s important to manage money well. Parents aren’t perfect, after all!

What better way to humbly show your kids how to do something than to learn and develop those great habits side-by-side.

money habitsFinal Thoughts on Teaching Smart Money Habits to Your Kids

Money is a fundamental part of life. It’s how we obtain basic necessities like food and shelter, as well as indulgences like travel and toys.

Parents and caregivers play a significant role in shaping their children’s habits around money. Managing money is a reality that every adult must deal with. Because of that, it’s better to be more transparent with your kids and help them learn the skills to manage their money rather than letting them think it, “grows on trees.”

People don’t just spontaneously know how to manage money. If you help your kids understand that early on, then they’ll have a head start in life. Every parent wants their child to be equipped to live a happy, healthy life. Money management is simply a part of that journey.

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10 Long Distance Date Ideas for Couples to Build Bonds


They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, primarily when you long distance date, your love. Perhaps you swooned over stories about lovelorn ladies writing to their beaus who were soldiers overseas. These heartfelt situations make some of the best romantic movies.

Some of the most common distant relationships still involve deployed military personnel and their lovers or spouses. Studies reveal that regular communication is vital to keep the bonds of love healthy while another partner is away. They found that hearing each other’s affirmation of love helped them cope with the difficulty of being apart.

Another familiar way that couples must love from a distance is while attending college. These couples realize that their education is essential to their future, so they sacrifice proximity for successful home life in the long run. For others, a lucrative out-of-town job may keep their partner away for days or weeks.

The temporary separation may be even more challenging for the partners who are away because they are homesick and lovesick at the same time. For centuries, love letters were the glue that kept distant relationships together. Today, computer applications like Zoom and Skype provide couples a chance to chat face-to-face in real-time.

How to Bring Your Hearts Closer When Your Lover Is Away

No one said that long-distance relationships are easy. It involves patience, understanding, and a lot of communication. However, relationship experts warn against constant contact because it could be perceived as controlling or desperately needy.

Are you cultivating a long-distance date night with your person? It’s not easy to be away from the one who holds your heart. However, you can still boost the romance factor in your relationship with long distance date ideas.

1. Watch a Movie Together

What were the movies you watched together when you first started to date? Surprisingly, not every couple bonded over romantic comedies or drama. Many found common ground while watching slap-stick comedy, adventure, and even thrillers.

Why not choose a flick from your favorite genre and watch it together on Zoom or Skype? Bring the total movie theater experience and suggest that your partner also makes some popcorn and snacks. Sit back, relax, and revel in each other’s company as you watch a beloved movie or pick a new one to view.

2. Have a Dinner for Two

Many treasured dates are spent around the table enjoying excellent food, drink, and romance. Food has been the language of love since the beginning. Even a lavish plate of delicacies and a vintage wine doesn’t taste the same when you dine alone.

You needn’t forego dinner reservations just because your sweetheart is miles away. Recreate the ambiance for dinner pour Deux over the computer, complete with candles and roses. Both of you dress in your most beautiful, have your preferred meal delivered, and dine together via Facetime.

3. Play Your Favorite Board Game or Video Game

Thanks to modern technology, you can play videos with other gaming enthusiasts from around the world. You can see the gaming scene, but specific programs allow you to see and talk to the other players. If you and your distant amour are gamers, it makes an ideal long distance date.

Ok, what if you both prefer traditional board games over high-tech video ones? Use a face-to-face program to play many of the classic games you love. These virtual games are just as easy to play as the real ones, and you can enjoy quality time with a little friendly competition.

pop meme

4. Enjoy a Beautiful Sunrise or Sunset

What is it about the heavenly bodies that mesmerize us or instantly put us in a romantic mood? Think of the sweet whispers of love you’ve shared while gazing at a breathless sunrise or sunset. The minutes between dusk and dawn have always had a magical quality that entrances lovers.

It’s comforting to know that wherever your darling is, you can see the same sun, moon, and stars. If you are both in different time zones, you can schedule a long distance date to revel in a sunrise or sunset. Even if you are a day behind, you can watch the sunrise while it sets where your lover is and wish each other good morning or sweet dreams.

5. Get Cozy with a Good Book

The famous author C.S. Lewis proclaimed that when we read, we know that we are not alone. If work, school, or military deployment has taken your partner to faraway places for a while, you know about lonely. A long-distance date idea you might consider is sharing a good book.

Think of it as a book club for two. Choose a title, get a copy for both of you, and then read and discuss it during your virtual date. Do you have a panache for poetry? Why not learn to each other from your favorite poet or share some sonnets of love.

If you love to read, you probably enjoy writing, too. Have you ever thought of penning a short love story with you and your partner as the main characters? You might also try your hand at writing a heartfelt poem dedicated to your darling.

6. Share a Night of Romance under the Stars

Imagine lying with your lover on the lawn, caressed by the moon under a blanket of stars. Have the two of you ever relaxed in a hammock on a balmy evening and wished on a shooting star? Stargazing is a heavenly way to spend your long-distance date.

Bring your computers outside and use your video camera to give each other a glimpse of the night skies as it appears on each other’s side of the world. Try to trace the constellations as you delight in your lover’s company. Imagine you both are whisked away into the Starry Night by Van Gogh during this extended distant date.

7. Bring Out your Inner Artists

Since nobody has figured out if life imitates art or the other way around, we can assume that the two are intimately connected. Are you or your distant sweetheart a budding artist? You needn’t be Leonardo Da Vinci to channel what inspires you onto paper.

While it’s attractive to use various mediums for your art, a simple pencil and a sheet of paper will do. Have fun on your virtual long-distance date and hone your artistic skills together. Have you ever considered posing for each other to draw romantic portraits? These inspiring drawings can be as intimate as you like since they are for your eyes only.

pop meme

8. Brainstorm and Daydream Together

Some of your fondest memories may have been the times you spent planning your future as a couple. Perhaps you lay on a blanket on the beach listening to the waves thunder their approval of your dreams. A long distance date may not have been on your plan, but you can still embrace the hopes and dreams that sparked your love.

While chatting live on your long-distance date, continue to share your dreams. You might need to adjust the goals and timing a bit, but they are still yours. Keep a journal together of your aspirations, and revisit them when you long to be together in person.

9. Fall in Love Again with Your Favorite Music

Just about every couple has an enduring song they claim as their own. Usually, this song invokes a particular time and place when you first heard it. Maybe it was played the first time you danced together or a song from your wedding.

Bring the magic of music into your time together and listen to some of your favorite songs. If you like to sing, you might surprise your distant mate with a karaoke version. If you are instrumentally talented, you can play the piano or guitar while you serenade each other.

10. Surprise Gift Exchange

Have you ever bought a gift for your lover just with the thoughts of the look on his face when he opens it? Unfortunately, you can’t have the same satisfaction when you send your gift through the mail, or can you? If you can resist the temptation and wait, you can open surprise gifts as a long distance date idea.

Send each other something thoughtful that each will love, and it needn’t be expensive. Are you a crafty person? Why not create a beautiful item by hand rather than to buy something? Handmade gifts are often more treasured than something from the department store.

On your face-to-face long distance date, open the gifts simultaneously to see the reactions. For some of these virtual gift exchanges, you both may consider gifting a humorous gag item for a memorable laugh. It doesn’t need to be a birthday or a holiday to send your special someone a gift that says you long to be with them again.

long distance dateFinal Thoughts of Keeping a Connection with These Long Distance Date Ideas

Modern technology and telecommunications have made virtual dating a reality. Whether your partner or spouse is in another city or across the globe, try some of these long distance date ideas. When you are in love, time and distance don’t matter.

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16 Ways Guided Meditation Helps You to Be Happy


Guided meditation has become increasingly popular due to its instant benefits in our lives.

You’ve probably heard about meditation from a friend or somewhere on the wide web, but you’ve been too swamped to find out more.

Well, here’s the brief gist:

Meditation is a simple activity of sitting or standing still and concentrating on your breath. It helps you avoid stress and boost your happiness. Many practitioners admit to using meditation to improve their overall quality of life.

In guided meditation, an instructor assists you step-by-step as you connect into your soul and reach the meditative state. It’s an optimal method for those who are new to meditating to get the hang of it. You’ll find countless smartphone apps, YouTube videos, and social media groups to help you get started.

Here are 16 science-backed ways guided meditation helps you become happier:

1 – Decreases stress and anxiety

Stress reduction perhaps the most important benefit of meditation. Stress happens when we become overwhelmed with the rigors of everyday life. There’s just so much to do with so little time.

Many times, these concerns are works of imagination, but we send stress hormones to our body. Such habits repeated over time lead to intense anxiety and chronic stress.

Here’s how meditation helps you get rid of stress.

Guided meditation gives you mental space and clarity to organize your mind. What’s more, studies show that meditation helps to reduce cortisol(stress hormones) levels. And increase happiness hormones in the body.

2 – Fights depression

Depression is an insidious sickness that slowly robs you of your happiness and vitality. Depression not only affects your happiness and general well-being, but it also affects your mind and your decision making.

When you sit down to meditate, you connect deeply with yourself. And let go of stress and depression.

Furthermore, this study shows how meditation can help you get rid of negative ruminations—giving you an inner glow of happiness and fulfillment.

3 – Greater empathy and kindness

One easy way to become happier is by simply sharing with others. A little kindness you show goes a long way.

So go ahead and try complimenting your coworker’s dress, donating to charity, or listening to your partner when he or she tells you about their day.

empathy class
Learn how schools in Denmark now include empathy training in the classroom.

4 – Stay in the present

Meditation makes you more present, calmer, and feel more connected to the world.

Studies show that certain kinds of guided meditation help you develop gratitude, understanding, and empathy for everyone.

Your attitude of gratitude will attract happiness to you.

5 – Develop more self-awareness

Research shows that when you see yourself clearly – you become more confident.

Have you ever been at a gathering with someone who always seems relaxed, calm, and collected as a coconut? He quickly connects with everyone. He never fazed by uncomfortable situations.

Don’t you sometimes wish you can be as fresh and calm as these people?

Yes, you can

The simple answer – you need to increase your self-awareness.

Guided meditation helps you remain fixed in the present moment. Brain-imaging research shows that meditation can help rid you of social anxiety. And make you more confident. You become a better communicator and build happier relationships.

6 – Improves your relationships

A secret that many of the most successful people know is developing quality relationships.

That’s right! Emphasis on quality.

“The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationship.”

Quality relationships could be the difference between a failed company and a successful one, a painful divorce, and a successful marriage.

Maintaining our happiness also means developing and maintaining quality relationships.

Guided meditations help us foster more quality relationships by giving us the means to monitor our thoughts.

By doing this, we have a clear picture of how we see ourselves and how others see us.

7 – Improves your creativity

What would you give to unleash creative energy like Leonardo da Vinci?

What would your work look like if you could summon your inner creativity? Would your home life look different if you could become more spontaneous?

Creativity has long been with enhanced performance at work and general happiness. Creativity promotes out-of-the-box style thinking to help you solve problems and overcome challenging situations.

In this study, scientists found the often-overlooked influence of meditation on creativity and improved cognitive function.

The results?

We’ll give you the breakdown.

They found out that while guided meditation helps to enhance our emotional cognition, we also benefit improved mood and high levels of creativity. This, in turn, helps us to boost our performance and we remain happy while doing our work.

8 – Sharpen your memory

Well, you might ask – how does a cutting-edge memory help you be happy?

Let me explain.

Imagine if you could remember peoples’ names on the spot, or remember a minute detail about them. Imagine what that would do for your relationships. Perhaps you’d seamlessly build quality relationships. Maybe you communicate effectively with your workers or connect deeply with your husband.

Still not convinced?

Studies suggest that guided meditation can sharpen your memory and attention.

9 – Enhances deeper sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation impairs attention and working memory, but it also affects other functions, such as long-term memory and decision-making.

On the other hand, quality sleep has long linked to improved performance.

Meditation can relax you and help to promote deeper sleep. In turn, you wake up in a glorious mood and high energy – ready to seize the day.

10 – Improves decision making and problem-solving

It’s no surprise that meditation practice is becoming more popular among top executives managing billion-dollar companies.

Indeed, many leaders attribute guided meditation as a way to build strong leadership skills.

And for a good reason too.

Studies show that people who meditate regularly assess different parts of their brains to make significant decisions.

You know how you sometimes get that gut feeling – the sudden burst of inspiration to a task that had been challenging. Many meditation specialists claim to experience intuitive guidance in their work.


11 – Mental clarity

We have all experienced fogginess and an inability to make decisions.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

When we sit down to meditate, we train our focus and concentration. Since the central practice of meditation is to anchor our attention on our breaths, it is no surprise that the same quality of awareness sips into other areas of our lives.

And on top of that, meditation improves our focus and allows clear thinking.

Multiple studies show higher performance with individuals that meditate as opposed to those who do not when carrying are varying cognitive tasks.

12 – Increases mental toughness and resilience

Having mental toughness and resilience means you can weather the storms in any situation. You can bear almost anything life throws at you.

Imagine if you could take on the toughest tasks like a navy SEAL. Will you get more work done?

Fortunately, you already know-how. Now here’s the exciting part.

Studies suggest that top athletes, politicians, and top CEOs practice meditation to develop resistance to stress and power through any stumbling blocks in their way.

13 – Boosts immunity

Ever notice how sluggish you feel after an exhausting day at work? That’s stress.

Do you know that a 10-minute meditation can help rid you of stress while boosting your immune system to fight diseases?

That’s right!

A UCLA study shows that HIV patients who practiced mindfulness were able to slow down the spread of the virus in their bodies.

Guided meditation also helps your body produce more disease-fighting immune cells that protect your body.

14 – Preserves the aging brain

The key to happiness is a healthier mind and body. Along with improving attention and clarity, meditation helps strengthen more neural connections in your brain.

There are positive results that long-term meditation practice helps to keep your mind sharp and clear. It also prevents age-related memory loss and dementia by strengthening your brain health.

15 – Helps you lose weight and achieve your body goals

Do you regularly try to lose weight, but you find that either:

  • You can’t maintain the healthy eating habit.
  • You’re unable to get yourself to go to the gym.
  • You can resist binge-eating unhealthy snacks.
  • You think – what’s the use?

Meditation helps you control your impulsive actions, and more so helps you stay on course to reaching your weight loss goals.

Furthermore, one reason that may contribute to is stress eating. By meditating regularly, you reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding unhealthy food and reach your health goals.

16 -Destroys addictive habits

We all struggle with our addictions, whether we enjoy more caffeine than we should or a bag of salty chips in the evening.

Here is why we all have cravings. These addictions produce “feel-good hormones,” which make us happy and satisfy our cravings in the short-term.

Succumbing to our addictions leaves us devastated and powerless in the long run.

There is continuous evidence that meditation helps us control our cravings. Whether you are looking to quit smoking or you are trying to stop overeating, this study shows that guided meditation played an essential role in helping recent dieters stick to their healthy eating plan.

More than that, meditation let’s rewire the pleasure centers of our brains.

guided meditationFinal thoughts on guided meditation and increasing your happiness.

Meditation is an age-old practice that powerful CEOs, top martial artists, famous Hollywood actors, influential bloggers, bestselling authors, well-known media personalities, high military ranks, revered artists, and gold medal Olympic athletes all employ to live happier lives.

But the truth is…

Anyone can use guided meditation to boost their happiness. Best of all, it is free, and you can carry it anywhere you go.

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Dalesha and Manny Are Creating Light For Others From Their Darkness


In these trying times, we need every ounce of positivity that we can grab and Dalesha and Manny are here doing exactly that along with spreading positive vibes all around them. They are showing the world how to find the silver lining.

Dalesha and Manny are a legally blind couple who started a YouTube channel entitled “Dalesha’s Life“ which shares the day-to-day life, achievements and sometimes struggles of being one of the America’s only legally blind interracial couples. They are showing everyone now that if they can get through this COVID-19 time and world in general – cleaning items, cooking, grocery shopping, joking around, etc. – while blind, so can they! They believe that opening up their life for everyone to see will help in beginning to change those misconceptions some have about blind people.

What do we know about Dalesha and Manny?

Dalesha Richardson was born in Belize and her life became complicated as soon as she was born. Dalesha was declared legally blind by the doctors and so eventually ended up moving to the United States in an attempt to receive better medical care for her low vision. Unfortunately, nothing could really improve her sight but she learned to adapt and continue her life with cards she was dealt.

Manuel Gimenez had a similar story. He was born in Carbondale, Illinois but his heritage lies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Manuel, or Manny, was declared legally blind as well and has been ever since.

How successful are Dalesha and Manny?

Considering the challenges that both of them grew up with, they have achieved a lot and consider themselves to be somewhat successful today. They believe that whatever they have done together so far are their greatest accomplishments. They have both overcome hurdles in their life as individuals and as a couple but they have always successfully come out the other side. But what they consider their best moments are buying their own home in 2012 and opening up their lives to millions of others on Youtube in 2016 as they teach them how to cope with legal blindness and how to continue leading a normal a life, as one can.

What is so unique about “Dalesha’s Life” on YouTube and what viewers get to see?

On Dalesha’s Life, they show their life as a legally blind couple. They share their adventures with cooking, shopping, house hunting, traveling, and everything in between. Viewers get to see them do all of these things without filtering anything out, they get to see their good and their bad, their struggles and their achievements. Everybody gets to be a part of their sorrow as well as their happiness.

They believe that their viewers want to see them being themselves and showing what life is really like for those that have severe visual impairments. In the future, they plan to take their viewers with them as they start a family and raise a child together because they want to show the world that no challenge can stop them from living the life they want and neither should it stop anyone else from living their dreams.

Have either Dalesha or Manny faced any tragedies in their personal or professional lives?

Since both of them are very family-oriented,they consider the deaths of their grandparents to be the most impactful tragedies in their lives, even to this day.

Dalesha’s grandfather passed away in 2006 when she was only 10 years old. She was very attached to her grandfather and misses him everyday of her life. With everything that her life has been, she still considers this to be the biggest tragedy of her life. In Manny’s case, it was his grandmother who passed away. She died in 2018 and Manny hasn’t felt the same without her.

Overcoming tragedies such as these is never easy and they both feel that they still haven’t fully discovered how to truly get over them. Moving on from the loss of loved ones is never easily accomplished and they are both still trying their best but it isn’t something one can ever move on from.

What are their hopes for Dalesha’s Life in the future?

Their biggest hope is that they can change the way the next generation sees legally blind individuals by entertaining them with their day-to-day life and letting them know that this medical condition is nothing but a hiccup in the bigger picture that is life.

They want to make the world laugh along with them as they encounter life’s biggest problems, and eventually overcome new obstacles.

In the end, they hope that sharing their life with the public will create a level of comfort with legal blindness that has never been experienced before.

Any Quote or “words of wisdom” that they both live by?

For Dalesha, the words of wisdom that she lives by are: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” She is kind and patient with the world and hopes that they do the same for her.

Manny chooses to live by a quote from his grandmother which is “Remember, there is always someone smarter than you out there.” This is why Manny always likes to ask questions from everybody he meets because one of those people may have some knowledge that he doesn’t already have.

How are they both making the world a better place today?

For years, Dalesha has volunteered at the local animal shelter for abandoned pets. Last year, Manny quit his job so that he could focus on reaching more of the public with their YouTube channel in the hopes that they would make life a little bit easier for others who are legally blind. And they continue to do so everyday so they can help the blind deal with every aspect of their lives without the struggles that Dalesha and Manny had to face while they went through it.

It is not about what they do everyday to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of people who can only see the dark, but everyday that Dalesha and Manny overcome something as an interracial blind couple, they make this world a better place and give hope to the people who had none.

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10 Ways Social Distancing Might Impact Your Company Culture


Socialization has always been a critical element in corporate culture. On your job, you probably enjoy chatting with your coworkers over a cup of coffee in the break room. Sharing a tidbit of gossip at the water fountain at work is also a classic example of employee camaraderie–and often part of company culture.

It’s Impossible to Have a Germ-Free Environment

Unless you work from home, it’s nearly impossible not to rub elbows with others a couple of times a day. However, proximity can spread germs and viruses exponentially, and therefore company culture must change. If one of your coworkers has the flu, he could easily share it with you and others by coughing, sneezing, or leaving germs on shared surfaces, like doorknobs and phones.

You already know how to keep your germs to yourself when you are ill. Actions such as washing your hands, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and keeping your distance from others are common sense. The best advice is to stay at home if you are down with something contagious.

Did you know that when you sneeze, you can expel as many as 40,000 microscopic particles up to 100 meters per second, and a cough can propel up to 3,000 droplets? If you also spray particles in the air when you talk, it is bound to reach those around you.

If you expel tiny particles up to 100 meters in a second, it would be the equivalent of one and a half football fields. In our Western culture, we tend to keep a personal space of about 2-3 feet from others. Even if we sneeze or cough inside our elbow or a tissue, others on your job could still be affected.

Read about the selfless act of a 90-year-old woman.

Understanding Presenteeism

It’s easy to assume that people who are sick will stay home until they are better. However, regulations vary by employer, and the solution to contagious employees isn’t that simple. Because of presenteeism, you may be seeing subtle changes in company culture around the nation.

Presenteeism is a newly coined word for those who are sick and decide to come to work anyway. Some of the reasons why suffering people come to work are they have inconsiderate employers, strict absence policies, no sick pay, or job loyalty. While these sick employees may think they are responsible, they are negligent by risking their coworkers’ health.

How can you go to work with the absurdity that someone isn’t going to share their sick germs? Will your company culture limit communication to smartphones and video conferencing? Here are ten ways that social distancing might affect your company culture and ways you can deal with the changes.

10 Changes Many Workers Will Witness in Their Company Culture

1. Closed Cubicles

Most large corporations have already changed to personal cubicle floor plans. Entry-level and middle management usually occupy rows of cubicles, while senior management generally has the traditional corner office space with a view. If this is the arrangement for your workspace, you are probably used to moderate social distancing already.

Closed cubicles may become the norm to protect employees, management, and clients’ well-being. Everyone may work in a plexiglass cubicle, with one person at a time permitted to enter. You would have a desk, and the other person would sit a few feet away from you.

You needn’t feel caged in a while working in a closed cubicle. Make good use of all the natural light you can and fix up your area to be warm, professional, and inviting. If you have a business to discuss with a coworker, try to do it in person rather than over the phone. Just makes sure you are at least six feet apart.

2. Limited In-Person Meetings

Remember watching George Jetson talk to his boss over a computer monitor? What was once amusing science fiction has been a reality for several years now. Video conferencing allows companies to meet with coworkers and clients all over the world in real-time. This technology saves money and time and will enable people to be in virtual meetings no matter where they are.

Video conferencing may replace most in-person meetings due to social distancing and convenience. Connect from a spot that is professional, yet friendly, for that touch of human warmth. If appropriate, a little humor goes a long way in these sterile-like meetings.

company culture

3. Regrouping Social Gatherings for Your Company

Traditionally, most companies have sponsored holiday parties and special occasions to keep high employee morale. Haven’t you attended parties at work for promotions, weddings, and baby showers over the years? These events are what often make coworkers feel like close friends and even family.

If social distancing issues prohibit office gatherings for a while, take heart. You can always gather in a public place or invite coworkers to your house. Even if you must leave a small cake and balloons in the honoree’s cubicle, you have shared your thoughts and kindness in some small way.

4. Breaks and Lunch at Your Desk

Every company has a break room or a shared kitchen where employees can rest, chat, and eat. What would an office do without the perennial box of stale donuts and burned coffee? Some of your best times at work may have been sitting around the break table laughing and blowing off steam.

If your workplace no longer offers an employee lounge or kitchen, consider keeping a minifridge in your cubicle for snacks, drinks, and meals. Personal size coffee makers don’t take a lot of space and are quite affordable.

5. Drinking Fountains and Coffee Pot Removals

One thing that will probably go is public drinking fountains and coffee pots. You will be encouraged to bring drinks to work. A public drinking fountain is one of the dirtiest places in the office. Did you know that you can catch E. coli and coliform from those commonly used fountains?

A study was conducted on various school fountains around the country. They found that there was an average of 2.7 million types of bacteria on these drinking stations. No wonder they are keeping these closed off as bottled water is much safer.

6. Staggering Work Shifts

To keep fewer people in the office, your company may rotate schedules so that some employees work from home on varying days. You may go to a plan where you work two days at home and three days at the office or vice versa. Consequently, on the days when you are home, other people will be in the office.

It sounds like a big hassle, but one of the advantages of working from home is that you might not have to fight the traffic and other daily commute issues. If you’ve always wanted to try telecommuting, then it might be your chance as corporate culture is changing.

company culture
Learn how to set boundaries when you work from home with the kids.

7. Temperature Checks

One of the downsides to social distancing is ensuring that every employee that comes to work is healthy enough to be there. You may be required to have routine temperature checks and answer a few questions about your health each day.

The goal is to ensure that you are not carrying a fever that could infect others. So a simple temperature check may be all it takes to prove that you’re not harboring an illness. Your company culture may now include temperature evaluations before you begin for the day.

8. Hand Washing

Another change that you will see in your corporate culture is an increased awareness to wash your hands and sanitize. You may see signs all around the building and in the restroom, reminding you of the importance of a good scrub.

Many people don’t wash their hands properly or don’t wash them at all after leaving the bathroom. It’s vital that you wash continuously throughout the day, even if you haven’t used the restroom. If you touch your face at your desk, then use sanitizer. It’s just another way to keep germs at bay and avoid any further changes to company culture.

9. One Way Traffic Patterns

Grocery stores and workplaces across the globe are going to one-way traffic patterns. While this won’t cause much of a problem to smaller offices, it may be a considerable shift in your company culture. You will be restricted to the places you can go and the flow of traffic down that aisle.

10. Wearing Masks

Whether you think they are essential or not, many companies are requiring their employees to wear masks. The best cover to use is an N95 that has capabilities to block every toxin you may breathe, but the homemade varieties are better than nothing.

If you opt for a cloth mask, make sure that you cannot smell anything through it. Also, it should comfortably cover your nose and mouth. While your glasses may fog up and you may feel as if you are suffocating, it’s a lot better than being on a ventilator from contracting a deadly virus.

company cultureFinal Thoughts on Learning About the New Company Culture

A few small inconveniences are worth your health. Each employer will evaluate the space, the number of employees, and mandates that they feel are necessary for their operation. Cooperation is the key, or it could cost you in terms of wellness.

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